Officer was wrong to arrest preacher for reading Bible at DMV, court rules

In April 2011, I told you about Mark Mackey, a member of the Calvary Chapel (Hemet, California), who was arrested outside of a DMV. He had showed up to read the Bible and introduce those waiting in line to the “gospel of Jesus Christ.” For about 15 minutes he was successful. That is until a California Highway Patrolman took the Bible from his hands, arrested him, and told him he was guilty of preaching to a “captive audience.”

Last Wednesday Mark was vindicated.

From Fox News: A police officer lacked probable cause to arrest a preacher for reading the Bible aloud at a California Department of Motor Vehicles office, a federal appeals court says. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling Wednesday rejected a lower court opinion that found in favor of California Highway Patrol Officer Darren Meyer.

Calvary Church pastor Mark Mackey had sued Meyer, saying his Fourth Amendment rights were violated when Meyer arrested him for preaching without a permit outside the Hemet DMV in 2011.

Meyer asserted that Mackey’s preaching led to a verbal altercation with people standing in line to get into the office. But the court said that assertion was “completely belied” by video. “You can preach on your own property,” Meyer is heard saying in the video.

“Folks, this is what the United States is coming to,” Mackey is heard saying. “You can talk about anything you want, but you can’t talk about the Bible.”

The video, which was featured on Fox News, went viral online, the Riverside Press Enterprise reported Thursday.

Mackey’s reaction to the ruling was “justice still prevails,” while Meyer declined comment, the paper reported.

Mackey was eventually cleared of the misdemeanor criminal charges brought against him.


22 responses to “Officer was wrong to arrest preacher for reading Bible at DMV, court rules

  1. Raise your hand if you think California Highway Patrol Officer Darren Meyer would have arrested Mark Mackey if the latter were reading from the Koran or the Talmud!

    Sound of crickets….

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    • You are right on the money . . . Christians have been singled out for harassment. How many of us have been somewhere, a parking lot, on the public street when a car either drove by, or was parked . . . they were playing “gansta” music with such vile lirics, usking the “n” word, the “f” word, the “h” word and many other words that are still objectionable in police society. Why are these types not arrested for harassment of a captive audience??? They should be if this kind of thinking on the part of this officer were to prevail. I hope that both officers, that ended up arresting three suspects had to pay some type of financial penalties for their stupid thinking.

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  2. I work for a county government. I am waiting for the day when I am told to remove it.

    It should be interesting!

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  3. The real problem here was the officer NEVER asked the preacher to leave. He just walked up after speaking to the guard and arrested the preacher. Most officers that are not infected with “BLUE LIGHT FEVER” would have asked the preacher to leave first. Of course you are dealing with a police officer from the most liberal state in our Union. Liberal that is except when it comes to the rights of non-liberals. I think we should give Californication back to Mexico.

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    • David . . . that is a very astute observation. I was wondering myself why he did not ask the gentleman to leave. He had already decided that he wanted a confrontational exchange, well before he arrived at that location.

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    • Dave, I think you have hit on the very heart of the matter. I think this preacher reading ALOUD was begging for a confrontation. Very bad judgement, or expecting someone to say something and?or pitch a fit.
      Especially in Califailure! You could start a ruckus there by reading from the Constitution. DMV Gestapo are “sping-loaded” to take “offense” & call the Staties.
      The Trooper should have politely said he was in a public office and reading aloud was creating a distraction, confusion, or whatever. Arresting the guy seems “Jack-booted Thug” to me. Totally unwarranted, even if some of the Bureau-weenies put him up to it, as I suspect.
      I call a “Lack of common sense” all around on this one.

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    • Maybe he used to be a cop in Sonoma county. There are places where the whole town is filled with devil worshippers. Years ago I ran into a lady who said she lived in Northern CA, she said she rented an apartment where you could see in from all sides, she said she found later they were watching her. They also gave her ‘drugs’, or she though they were street drugs, but when she got pulled over and had them in the ash tray the cop didn’t even know what they were. Somehow she found out that they were going to sacrifice her (apparently they like blondes) and she and her husband threw whatever they could in their truck, grabbed their dog and sped away. She said she was paranoid for years thinking they were going to find her. CA is infested with devil worshippers.


  4. amazing! the officer just showed up and arrested him…no questioning, no verifying…no nothing…when were his rights read to him?
    Mr. Mackey had a 1st Amendment Right to speak, whether the speaking is reading aloud or talking…and he was on public property, not someone’s private property. I am surprised the 9th circuit court of appeals actually sided with him.
    It was disappointing to see a man tell Mackey to stop preaching.
    It was disappointing to hear some people in the background LAUGHING while Mackey was preaching on the trial of Jesus and his crucifixion.
    It seemed as though satan had possessed them, including the officer (probably a hillary voter).
    A parallel existed between the audience of jews who decried Christ as Lord during Jesus’ trial and said “His blood be upon us and our children” Matthew 27:25, and with the laughing audience of 2011 that called the CHP on a preacher who was reading from the bible about Jesus’ unjust trial as the preacher himself was unjustly arrested. Many people have suffered these parallels the world over, in Jesus’ name, some to the point of death. “And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me” Matthew 10:38
    That moment the laughing audience turned its back to the Word of God, they became part of a long line of spiritual descendants (the “children”) of the audience of Jews who rejected Christ; and since 2011, more have joined that ‘family’.
    I pray for those who reject Jesus to open their hearts and feel
    His True Love through the Holy Spirit before it’s too late.
    In reality, Jesus’ blood is on all of us. Only through acceptance of Him as Lord and Savior and repentance of sins can we be washed clean by His blood and be made holy by our Triune God.
    “But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. ” Matthew 5:44-45

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  5. No other sacred text offends people, because no other sacred text is “sharper than a two-edged sword”.

    Which is going to pierce hearts:

    “You can get a prize for suffering some inconveniences”, or

    “You are bad and virtually irredeemable, you killed your own loving and blameless God with your evil ways, yet He will still have mercy on you so long as you choose to relinquish to Him all claims of how good you really are, and all plans for your life and future?”?

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  6. All selfish plans, that is…


  7. Libtards love spitting on, burning, and stomping the flag but allow someone to read aloud from the Bible? Get me my pearls and fainting couch.


  8. Last night I watched Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion of the the Christ’ for the first time ever. Though it came out in 2004, I was living in Sidney, BC which has a very small theatre, and controversial as the movie was the owners may have decided not to chance its rejection.

    I had to pause it halfway through and take a much needed break. As I’ve read much history, it made me feel the entire setting was authentic, and how different cultures behaved during the events. I cannot for the life of me see why it could be damned as ‘anti-Judaic’ or whatever, as it sounds & feels very much ‘there’.

    Apropos of this posting, as MomOfIV wrote above, “It was disappointing to hear some people in the background LAUGHING while Mackey was preaching on the trial of Jesus and his crucifixion. It seemed as though Satan had possessed them, including the officer… A parallel existed between the audience of Jews who decried Christ as Lord during Jesus’ trial and said ‘His blood be upon us and our children.’ Matthew 27:25” And so it came to pass, just as they prayed for!

    I was amazed to see how very closely the movie script followed what I wrote in a poem, ‘a child went forth’ in the early 1990s, to describe the Crucifixion from Mary’s PoV, which I sent to Eo last year. She may decide to post it at the appropriate time of year.

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    • Joseph,
      I have “The Passion of the Christ” on DVD and I cry every time I watch the scene of Jesus’ trial and crucifixion (passion). People really haven’t changed much in over 2,000 years, we either love Jesus or we reject him…
      I, personally, prefer to be on the side of real Love, our Lord and Savior.

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    • “I cannot for the life of me see why it could be damned as ‘anti-Judaic’”

      That’s because we’ve been intimidated and brainwashed into equating anything critical about any Jew(s) to be “anti-Semitic” or “anti-Judaic,” which (the inability to countenance any criticism) is a defining attribute of pathological narcissism. When IN FACT it was the Judaic clerical elite who conspired to have Jesus, a fellow Jew, arrested and who demanded that Jesus, who had committed no crime, be executed. Pleasing the ADL would require the rewriting & perversion of history, something that the Left are very good at.

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      • “That’s because we’ve been intimidated and brainwashed into equating anything critical about any Jew(s) to be “anti-Semitic” or “anti-Judaic,”
        Unfortunately, that is entirely too true!
        Also please note that the Biggest Cry Babies are usually the irreligious, and even “Stateless”(no loyalty), Jews (but usually devout Marxist)s that hide behind their “heritage”, but are too “modern” to actually practice any religion. Well, maybe a little Satanism for the entertainment value.

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      • “Pleasing the ADL would require the rewriting and perversion of history, something the left are very good at”.

        You must be referring to this Dr Eowyn ?
        But it isn’t just the just the ADL or the leftists, I’m afraid its’ the whole Zionist lot who more often than not are conservative. There are many Jews involved with trying to edit out parts of the New Testament that attest to their complicity in the murder of Christ and more. They have the ability too with the fact that they own all the publishing houses and there are so many week sellout Christians willing to cave. Jews says the NT is responsible for anti-Semitism. So really when it comes down to it anti-Semitism = truth. I can only conclude that the Jews who think like this have no regard whatsoever for the truth and only tolerate things that support their glowing self image( as you said , pathological narcissism). It would be laughable if it were not for the fact that such huge numbers of Jews are in places of power willing and able to subvert and change. E. Michael Jones has it right when he says that our culture is destroyed, we are no longer living in a Christian culture but a Jewish culture.See Jones vids, ” A Goy Guide to World History”.

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        • My favorite editing out is when they try and keep inserting “BCE” and “CE’ instead of A.D. and B.C. I just think of BCE as “Before Christ’s Era” and “CE” ” as “Christ’s Era”.


  9. Maybe the Cop wasn’t a Christian


  10. I could never imagine that a person who is supposed to be a Peace keeper of the law, found time to arrest a pastor for sharing his faith. You have to wonder! Why isn’t this officer working on tracking down real criminals instead of arresting a pastor for sharing God’s word with the public? It is almost laughable that the officer had nothing better to do. I have nothing against Police officers. My dad worked for the CHP and my son was a Police officer for 8 year’s until he passed.
    This has everything to do with a person who hates Christianity. The situation doesn’t surprise me though. As the Bible says, “In the Last Days, there will be mockers and haters of God…”
    I pray this CHP officer comes to the Saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


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