Mukilteo shooter: ‘I wish they never sold me a firearm’


What a coincidence the timing of the criminal’s statement: This will give ammunition to the Washington state attorney general, Bob Ferguson, who is trying to push an “assault” weapons ban through legislation. How convenient to have this talking point for an anti-gun agenda.

From The convicted murderer in a tragic Mukilteo (Washington) shooting last year was granted his right to make a statement before his sentencing Thursday. He used the time to say that the access to a gun was a factor in his crime.

“I will never speak to the public again, I forfeited that right,” Allen Ivanov told the courtroom Thursday. “But I would like everyone to hear loud and clear that it was the ease of acquiring a gun that enabled me to act on my emotion. I don’t mean to absolve myself of guilt or dodge responsibility, but I know for a fact that given the feverish state I was in, I never could have done this with my hands. I wish they never sold me a firearm. And I wish I was never legally allowed to buy one.”

Ivanov, 20, shot and killed three people, and wounded a fourth on July 30, 2016 — shortly after purchasing an AR-15 rifle. He was angry over his ex-girlfriend Anna Bui, and how she had moved on with her life after their breakup. Ivanov shot and killed Bui, Jake Long, Jordan Ebner — all 19 years old — at a small party at a Mukilteo home. Will Kramer was shot and wounded during the incident.

Saying that “life is precious” and that he was “hopeless, suicidal and outraged” on the day of the Mukilteo shooting, Ivanov provided additional details about what happened on the tragic day. He reportedly read the user’s manual for the AR-15 in the car before he used it to take the three teenagers’ lives. In court, he said he waited for hours outside the home before the shooting.

Ivanov said he pulled the trigger in a moment of shock and that “Satan was in control.” Since the murders, he said he has cried his eyes out every day and that his ex-girlfriend, Bui, visits him and talks to him in his dreams.

“I have ruined my life,” Ivanov said in court. “I have caused my family a lifetime of sadness and loss. I have ended all my friendships.”

“Even though I can’t put myself in any of your places, I do have an idea of how awful my actions were and the damage I have caused,” he said to the victims’ families. “A damage which cannot be undone. I want to apologize wholeheartedly for all those whose lives I have taken — Hannah, Jordan and Jake — and all of you whose lives have been so darkened by my actions, parents, relatives, friends as well as Will and his loved ones. I understand this has been a nightmare for all of you. It certainly has been for me.



20 responses to “Mukilteo shooter: ‘I wish they never sold me a firearm’

  1. Can anyone find out if this person was taking SSRI drugs prior to the incident?

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  2. Unless it is admitted by the shooter or his family, I believe it is illegal to publicize the medical information of a living person because of HIPAA. If the victim’s estates were to sue, it might come out in discovery, but IANAL.

    Have you been to the SSRI Stories website?

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  3. When did Bob Ferguson purchase the AR-15? – before or after he was dumped by girlfriend? If there’s no record of him being suicidal/homicidal, why should the AR-15 seller be blamed for selling it to him?

    “I don’t mean to absolve myself of guilt or dodge responsibility” contradicts “I wish they never sold me a firearm. And I wish I was never legally allowed to buy one” and “Ivanov said he pulled the trigger in a moment of shock and that ‘Satan was in control.’”

    Ferguson says he’s not dodging responsibility, but he clearly is.

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    • He bought the gun the day of the shooting.


      • OK, I get it, as I can see the paper’s headline: ‘Impulse Buying Leads to “Shooter’s Regret” ‘ Sub-text: “WA State to pass laws requiring anyone with an impulse to buy ANYTHING to be reviewed by three state-certified psychiatrists 72 hours before making any future ‘on the spot’ decisions, as buying has been proven to be the single greatest cause of death in all murders tracked for five years running, says state-certified U of Wa head of Department.”

        Dr Elmo Fuddle-Duddle, the state’s expert witness called by the Prosecutor said that “We’ve seen extreme cases where killers buy and use a new car to carry out their evil schemes. Pre-meditation in every case demands the only reasonable solution: lock ’em up for life and provide state-certified expertise in Mind Reform.”

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    • I would imagine that this shooter is the very sorriest of people . . . because he know has to pay the consequences of HIS ACTIONS. There are many people who suffer from depression, anxiety, etc . . .(let’s face it life is not for the faint hearted) not everyone goes out and acts on deadly impulses. It is far easier to say “Satan was in control,” than to admit that you are personally responsible for shedding innocent blood.

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  4. This is plain “Blame the gun, not the shooter” ploy to get special treatment from the LibTARDs.
    Flipping out for getting dumped by his girlfriend just reeks of “I’m a Special Snowflake Syndrome”.. Our totally idiotic “Public Screwools” teach kids to be such helpless & hopeless little dependents on everything being perfect for them, that this kind of crap is practically inevitable.
    Kids have to be taught they are responsible for their actions, hurt feelings are not an excuse for temper tantrums, much less murder. The Libtard Counselors didn’t get him to the Play-dough and coloring books fast enough, so it must be their fault, too.
    Does he still get his Participation Trophy?
    When are they gonna start teaching kids, “Shit Happens!”? And it happens more and worse to cry-babies. Most of it is just “Life”, not that bad.
    Doofus kid should have enlisted in the Marines, that would have “fixed” it.

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    • I absolutely agree with you Longknife 21! You are right on the money. This little dwebe should have enlisted in the military, so that someone could shape him into a real man, in stead of the useless coward he is.

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  5. Why do libtards believe that banning guns will stop criminals from killing people and making us safer? Does Chicago, NY, DC, Detroit seem like models to emulate?

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    • It’s not about making us safer. It’s about control, IMO.

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      • DCG . . . thank you for speaking out . . . yes, indeed . . . it is all about control!!!

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      • That’s absolutely true for the “Leadership”, but the doofuses and Snowflakes accept it because they been “conditioned” to believe, instead of thinking rationally.
        To answer Angus, it is LibTARD Propaganda, from Public Screwools, Media, and their “Knee-jerk” conditioning. Criminals are going to threaten and kill victims, if no guns, knives sticks, or rocks will do. Guns just “level the playing field” a bit for the little guy, ladies, and us old farts that don’t care to go “hand to hand” anymore.
        If done correctly, self-defense saves time, money, paperwork, and confusing the Judge with multiple stories. Libs and lawyers hate that.
        Also with Libs, the armed citizen that can and will defend themselves from criminal attack is scary! They might even defend themselves from attack by a criminal govt.

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        • “If done correctly, self-defense saves time, money, paperwork, and confusing the Judge with multiple stories.” Now that sounds right to me, and likely most regular readers. Can I have a show of hands of those for whom this is NOT a Good Idea?

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  6. Cry me a river! This world (not only this country!) is going to the dogs because there is a never ending sense of entitlement created and promoted for over half a century or even longer by libtards and welfare pussies and socialists/communists! Yes, it’s all about assuming responsibility for one’s actions and owning it! But how can most people grow up with a sense of responsibility when the system is cushioning and pampering and weakening their will? Not possible. “Useful idiots,” Lenin called these people, and he was spot on; he knew what to do to undermine the minds of a generation, just enough that they would welcome oppression and control and a false sense of security. Sad.


  7. I wonder what kind of deal the DNC made with this freak and his legal team. These talking points are straight out of their playbook. I kinda wish that evidence was out for the world to see… Росси́я, would you kindly do the honors?


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