More Hollyweird Libtard Butthurt: Actors Sing “I Will Survive” in anticipation of Trump’s Inauguration

Make. Them. Stop.


17 responses to “More Hollyweird Libtard Butthurt: Actors Sing “I Will Survive” in anticipation of Trump’s Inauguration

  1. Should be singing the more appropriate, “The Battle Hymn of the Republic!”

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  3. I just could not click that play button. Why torture oneself ?

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    They should know that their prospects are more promising now.

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  5. DCG . . . you have really outdone yourself in find this little gem.

    It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that 95% of the Hollywood crowd DO NOY HAVE ANY TALENT. They are unable to carry a tune, and they make incredible A$$ES of themselves when attempting to sing. Gloria Gaynor (if I have the name of the author of this song right) should bring suit of all the participants of this little dittie disaster. It really is a pretty good song when performed by someone, anyone who has a modicum of talent. This was a monumental disaster, and really shows just how lacking in talent the majority of those who participated in “singing” this version really have. Send these no talent folks home!

    To see so many of the Hollyweird actors who brought shame upon themselves by participating in this fiasco . . . we just added quite a few names to the list of “Films to Boycott in the Future” by no-talent types!

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  6. They don’t even know this song? These over-paid, liberal bleeding heart make millions to memorize paragraphs and pages of text, and they have to look at a stupid song lyric sheet and act like a bunch of idiots. Great point.

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  7. I saw a short report on this on TV and seriously thought it was a joke.
    What a waste of good time and money. What a pathetic group of nambey pambeys.

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  8. Please jump off the Hollywood sign and don’t survive.

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  9. I’m sure they will “survive” and probably not remember too much of the next four, five six, seven,….Oh, who are we kidding? They’re stoners, they aren’t going to even remember making this video!

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  10. This will be a major project for mental professionals!

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  11. Each time I see these brainwashed Libtards spouting this kind of nonsense, I make a note in my head to boycott their work. Will not watch, listen to or purchase anything they’ve been in. If enough people did this, they would be unemployed and on food stamps which is the policy of the Hillary Clinton campaign.


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