Hollyweird libtard tweets sick joke about abortion


A serious case of TARD: Michael Ian Black

Michael Ian black is an American comedian (which I’m sure will probably enable him to use the “it was a joke” non-apology for his tweet, if his PR agent deems it necessary), actor, writer and director. Yesterday he tweeted the following:

“Not a recommendation to the Republicans trying to replace Obamacare, but aborted babies are A LOT cheaper than babies carried to term.”

All because he’s got butt hurt about the republicans trying to repeal Obamacare, which he’ll never have to purchase in his life seeing that his net worth is $1.5 million.

Ugly man, inside and out.

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18 responses to “Hollyweird libtard tweets sick joke about abortion

  1. Mr Black, contraception is very inexpensive, men and women taking responsibility when having sex is a must now days with all the promiscuity! We have become a nation known to kill babies because men don’t want to take the responsibility, it’s not the man that’s going to get the abortion, nor feel what the baby feels being ripped to pieces. A life is formed at the time of conception. Grow up and be a positive role model for others, not a baby butcher..Nothing funny about your statement. You are a sad human.

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  2. Black speaks the factual truth in stating that “an aborted fetus is… cheaper than a baby carried to term.” In other words, the PLAIN FACT is that abortion DOES NOT BENEFIT the woman; It benefits the MAN. Abortion allows men to escape their legal and financial repsonsibilities. So OF COURSE men are in the POSITION to favor it.
    Abortion DOES NOT benefit the woman: Women were created to bear children, and biology is destiny, all things being normal.
    There IS a sociology behind contraception and abortion, and, MAKE NO MISTAKE: More contraception WILL NOT REDUCE the number or the rate of abortion: To the contrary, contraception will only INCREASE the demand for it. This has already been documented around the world.
    Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and other factions within medicine pushed, covertly, for legal abortion in the 1960s. Medicine pushed for it as cost-effective: Prior to legalized abortion in the United States, the only source available for fetuses for research was Sweden; They had to be flown in on ice, and the cost was prohibitive (more than $2,800 each, according to a figure I read some years back).
    MAKE NO MISTAKE: The world will not notice the disappearance of Mr. Black: It really doesn’t even recognize his fame now. I have never heard of him, and with everything going so fast these days, real infamy may be the only road to fame really soon. But beyond that, the ENTIRE WORLD is Under the Judgment of God Almighty. He SHALL NOT be mocked, His Justice SHALL be served, and things are going to get very ugly, and it WILL HAPPEN in THIS Century.

    May God Have Mercy on us all.

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    • Steven . . . I have come to rely on you to come up with the most sane and common sense replies to these goons who rail at Our God, and seek to mock him. Congratulations, as usual you are 100% right in the above reply. Thank you and God Bless You!

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  3. This is another reason the Federal Govt has to be removed fro the Abortion Issue and all all things not mandated by the Constitution.
    Federal Politicians can not be trusted. The Mass Media has way to much influence on Political Opinion in Sodom-on-the-Potomac, And these Entertainment Doofuses and Sports Doofuses have way to much influence in the Mass Media.
    Twits like Cher, Streep, and this “nobody” offer their uninformed, irresponsible, and often selfish “opinion” on something, and the Media treats it like Moses coming down from the mountain. The Low Info Voters lap it up like puppies.

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    • Longknife 21 . . . Your last sentence says it all. Yes, indeed the Low Info Voters rely on the Hollyweird types, and the Athletic stars to glean all the information they feel is pertinent in order to make “an informed decision” on those things that are going on in our society. We have so many voters who should not be allowed to vote . . . because they cannot engage in critical thinking. The Hollyweird types truly think that when the New World Order is ushered in–they will have reserved spots at the very top of the pyramid, by virtue of their position in society. When the rest of us all know . . . they are but useful idiots who will be disposed of if and when the NWO comes about. They are the only ones who are clueless about their own precarious position. This very fact is both pitiful, and laughable at the same time!

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      • Auntie Lulu, it simply boggles the mind, if you think about it. These are people that are “Professional Pretenders”, and people that “play games for a living”. neither require any intellectual ability, logic, rational or critical thinking. Both industries embrace “Lifestyles” that are at odds with normal American values, normal economic realities, and common sense. They produce nothing of value other than “Entertainment”.
        However, that seems to demand more money than the production of real wealth, intellectual or scientific development, or any service of lasting value. Why these people are hailed as “Social Lions”, “Experts”, or authorities on anything is simply ludicrous. They are like the super-specialized College Professors that learn more and more about less and less in such a narrowly controlled environment, until they are experts on such a narrow bit of knowledge that they know practically nothing about reality. But they feel the right and the need to pontificate on everything.
        What is really mind-boggling is why anyone listens or cares?
        The Miracle of Media influence. And these people will parrot anything to get Media coverage for their egos and careers. It is a vicious circle of mindless babbling: the more they do it, the more “famous” they become, the more the Media panders to their ravings, and seeks them out for more mindless babbling. Endless.

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    • I disagree vociferously, and I’ll tell you why: Our rights DO NOT COME from government or men—They are granted to us, prior to our individual existence, BY GOD. Therefore, rights are to be protected, and not granted, by government. I am in agreement with Madison that “if men were angels,” government would not be necessary.
      Therefore, it is the DUTY of the Supreme Court of the United States (and, failing that august body, an Executive or Legislative Action) to reverse the Roe Vs. Wade decision, toss it into the Ash Bin of History, and declare unborn persons full citizenship rights. This would also apply to the Right to Life for persons not to be born of American citizen parents, until the event of their birth, at the least.
      The decision to “pass the decision back unto the various states,” which is equivalent to what you propose, would, legally, socially and morally, DO NOTHING to solve the false conundrum the Supreme Court pushed us all into with its Roe Vs. Wade decision.
      And, to be frank, given Donald Trump’s 2016 Campaign statement(s) on this issue, I do not believe he understands this subtlety, either.

      The World is UNDER JUDGMENT until people and nations wake up and OBEY GOD’S WILL in the matter. (II Chronicles 2:14!)

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  4. Off Topic Thought: This admin may be leading to a great Religious Revival. My wife saw a comment that Mike Pense has even atheists praying, that nothing bad happens to Trump.

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  5. Michael Ian Black. Who’s dat? Never heard of him, and I’ll make sure he’ll never get even one penny of my $.

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    • As far as I’m concerned, this nobody has a net worth of about US$2.50, once all the water is removed from him and he’s separated into his elemental constituents. Don’t be concerned for his immortal soul: it will be found next to Broom Hilda’s in the Ninth Circle.

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . I have never heard of him either. Obviously, he is just another person who is a legend in his own mind!

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  6. Re. unknown, pretty boy, Michael Ian Black: “Beauty is skin deep, but UGLY is to the bone.”

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  7. When people sell their souls for money this is the result. Idiots such as this spouting the most cruel statements. Hollywood types are alienating themselves further and further from the American people. I personally have long ago quit buying movies, movie tickets and records by these people. I refuse to support their irresponsible actions and the disrespect with which they refer to those of us not living in LaLa Land.

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  8. When we start discussing how “some people just shouldn’t be allowed to vote”,it kinds falls into the same bin as “some people shouldn’t be allowed to have guns”. While I whole-heartedly agree in concept,if we look to Constitutional and God given Rights,we can’t make that distinction until someone mis-uses their Right in a manner that violates the Law. Until that happens,everyone has the very same Rights;this is where the phrase,”With greater Freedom comes greater Responsibility.” becomes relevant.

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  9. BTW-This is just MY opinion.


  10. There is nothing even remotely funny when it comes to the murder of innocent babies.

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