Washington Post reporter sneakily took pics of Rex Tillerson’s personal notes at Senate hearing

Yesterday, Trump nominee Rex Tillerson was at a Senate confirmation hearing on his candidacy for U.S. secretary of state.

During a break, a reporter for the Washington Post — that formerly credible newspaper that’s become a piece of garbage specializing in gross partisanship, malicious accusations and fake news — sneakily took photos of Tillerson’s personal notes.

Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit says:

The Washington Post says the reporter is not Doris Truong their homepage editor.

It is not clear at this point who the reporter was but she was friendly with the men in the video.

Washington Post lied.

Here’s a pic I found when I Google-searched for images of Doris Truong. It’s a pic of her with Sarah Blazucki at the 2015 annual Dateline:DC event of the Association of LGBTQ Journalists on November 19, 2015, in Washington, DC. (Blazucki is the VP of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association.)


Sarah Blazucki (l) and Doris Truong (r) at the annual Dateline:DC event of Association of LGBTQ Journalists, Nov. 19, 2015, Washington, DC

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of LGBTQ Doris Truong and the sneaky WaPo reporter who took pics of Tillerson’s notes. Note that the pic of LGBTQ Truong was taken more than two years ago in 2015, and she had makeup on.


It’s the same woman. The probability that Washington Post has on its staff two pudgy, Asian-American, female reporters with similarly-styled long hair and a bulge on the forehead, is so infinitesimally small as to approach zero.

Here’s Washington Post’s lie, in the form of a tweet by Kris Coratti, Washington Post‘s Vice President of Communications, which was retweeted by Doris Truong:


A look at Truong’s Twitter feed shows she’s an anti-Trump leftist who makes no pretense at being an objective journalist.

H/t FOTM‘s Glenn47 and Big Lug


26 responses to “Washington Post reporter sneakily took pics of Rex Tillerson’s personal notes at Senate hearing

  1. You say formerly credible.

    When I lived and worked in DC in the late 1980’s and again in the mid-1990’s, the Washington Compost was also known by many as Pravda on the Potomac. Always Leftist hit pieces, diatribes and sneering condescension. Perhaps it wasn’t so apparent outside the Beltway.

    Reference: THE WORDS THEY USE:

    Luckily there was the Washington Times, which was closer to middle of the road. Of course, that made it a target by WaPo, calling it a Mooney Paper, publishing the home address of the main editor, along with photos of his house, same-same for OIlie North, who was the first to blow the Whistle on Osama bin Laden (with the implication being: protest / harass / attack HERE.)

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  2. She denies on Twitter that she was anywhere near the hearings. Well, we know how HONEST today’s media is. /snarc

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  3. Typical tactics of Jeff Bezos WaPo rag.

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  5. The two “different” women even have the same forehead bump and small eyebrows. If WaPo really did deny she was theirs, this needs to be blown up! It’s one thing to “accidentally” publish fake news, arguing that you did it in good faith. Lying when you’re caught with your hand in the cookie jar and crumbs on your face should precipitate mass shaming and demands for an apology and plenty of groveling from those lawless liars!

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    • You are so observant, Jurist!
      Indeed, the women in the side-by-side pics do have the same forehead bump.
      Here’s Washington Post‘s lie that Doris Truong is not the woman who took pics of Tillerson’s notes — a tweet by Kris Coratti, Washington Post‘s VP of Communications:
      Washington Post lies about Doris Truong


  6. Someone needs to id the men in the vid. Ask them who the Woman is.

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  7. Can’t they use facial recognition software or something and compare the two?

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  8. It seems just incredible that she would have the hutzpah to walk up to the area where Tillerson had been seated and snap a picture of his private notes. There should have been a Sargent at Arms that threw her out of the proceedings.

    An interesting note from my work history; when I worked for Maury Packer, the Manager of Fred Meyer Dairy/Swan Island Dairy in Portland, OR . . .if a person walked into his office, and he was reading a document–he would turn the document face down and place it on his desk until his conversation with you was over. I know that he had no fear of me personally delving into his private matters, because as time went on he finally had me write letters without any instruction, and then I would have him sign them. Then finally, he said, “Just write the letter, and sign my name.” So it wasn’t something he did to protect himself from me personally. It was just a smart thing to do, so that other’s could not view sensitive material.

    I think perhaps it would be a lesson well learned for people who are appearing before Congress . . . if you have to leave the table to take a break . . . . .turn your notes over and place them face down before leaving your seat! This will eliminate snoops like this dog from being able to snap any pictures of interest.

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  9. What do you expect? They are LIBS – – “The end justifies the means, so violate peoples trust, privacy, even laws, then deny it and get others to lie too.
    Typical “Standard Operating Procedure”.

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  10. I’ve seen some disagreement about who this woman might be. Now I’m convinced it’s the WaPo CIA asset.

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    • The WaPo has been a CIA asset just slightly less than ‘the Company’ has been around. “The newspaper was purchased in a bankruptcy auction in 1933 by the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve’s board of governors, Eugene Meyer, who restored the newspaper’s health and reputation.” [In reality, his ties to the CIA did that!] One can’t get any tighter w/deep government than that! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_E._Graham will show you the deep involvement of the two families that made it the CIA’s major rag.

      Also note that “In the early 1970s, in the best-known episode in newspaper’s history, reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein led the American press’ investigation into what became known as the Watergate scandal; reporting in the newspaper greatly contributed to the resignation of President Richard Nixon.” [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Washington_Post’]

      In my day this was promoted as ‘great journalism’. In fact it was part of a huge orchestration by deep government to get rid of Nixon and install more compliant clones of what the masters of the Luniverse wanted.

      Nixon was a good man, a true Republican, not one of the new models that were being groomed, vilified for his strong anti-Communist stand. That, coupled w/his & John Connelly’s taking the US off the Rothschild-controlled London Gold Exchage standard, set in motion the wheels to topple him. It NEVER stops w/the banksters and their minions!

      And how’s this for a lie to beat out all other lies hollow: “In 1980, the newspaper published a dramatic story called “Jimmy’s World”,[33] describing the life of an eight-year-old heroin addict in Washington, for which reporter Janet Cooke won acclaim and a Pulitzer Prize. Subsequent investigation, however, revealed the story to be a fabrication. The Pulitzer Prize was returned.” The lies have NEVER stopped and the beat goes on and on and on! [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Washington_Post]

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      • Joseph . . . I must concur with you regarding Nixon. At the time, we all thought . . . this is just awful! Now that we have been subjected to all the criminal acts which have been committed by Slick Willy, the Bush boys, and the infamous traitor to America–Barack Hussein Obama . . . I can only look back in complete disgust that a man who was evidently far and away more honorable than these other Presidents was railroaded out of office. It leaves me scratching my head . . . why haven’t the likes of Clinton, and Obama been thrown out of office for their numerous instances of deviant and illegal behaviors. I guess there is no justice in this life. I just hope that they will be held accountable in the next life for all the criminal activity they initiated and participated in!

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        • And you’ll want to know that booger-eating Herr Doktor Kissinger disliked Nixon because he felt Nixon wasn’t a LOT tougher on the Chinese, esp, in long-term monetary policies, instead of opening to trade. But really, how can the US disregard 1/3rd of humankind? I believe Nixon was the better statesman by a country mile and did what was long-term best for the nation, rather than “mass murderer cum Nobel Peace Prize Winner Herr Doktor Heinz “Henry” Kissinger [who] supervised production of National Security Study Memo 200.” [http://www.smirkingchimp.com/thread/12888, which was posted on my birthday!]


        • And as for “…why haven’t the likes of Clinton, and Obama been thrown out of office for their numerous instances of deviant and illegal behaviors” it’s because all the time since has been the unwinding of our Masters of the Luniverse Bizarro New World Disorder, now very near full bloom.

          I pray that Trump’s as much of a NY maverick as I think he is, with the strength to stay the course, as it will be Hell for him from now on, and NEVER gives up his personal security. However, I’d have them vetted every six months, just in case one is made an offer s/he can’t refuse, as the Clintons did to my friend Dr Tom OBrien, who is surely in Heaven enjoying Broom Hilda’s reversal of fortune at long last!


      • Thank you so much, Josephbc69 – I’ve copied your comments into my notes so that I can go through all the links properly and learn the background to how things really happened. Every day of this election cycle has taught me how little I know about the real background behind events like Watergate. I remember as a child being on a boat ride going past the infamous Watergate. To think I was fed a line about President Nixon for all these years. I have a grown son now, and based on all the scandal during B.O’s faux-presidency, my son recently asked me “why exactly was Watergate such a scandal” (compared to #44 scandals) – will I ever have a story to tell him now. My gratitude for taking the time to share your knowledge and insight, thank you so much.


    • filia.aurea . . . I tend to agree with you. I cannot imagine that the WaPo would have two women who look so much alike. She is rather a dog, and she acts as one without scruples!

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      • Hi Auntie Lulu, spot on. It’s her all the way. Those side-by-side images removed any doubt. No scruples whatsoever. I saw a couple of people apologize for ‘fingering’ her incorrectly – they were right the first time!


  11. I would like to know who her look out chump was and I noticed she carried two phones. Nothing like hiding your actions.

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  12. I spent more time looking up and comparing images of Truong vs. the woman at the hearing. Hearing woman parts her hair on the opposite side from where Truong does and appears to have a smaller chin. I’m leaning towards “not Truong”.

    However, it bothers me that Truong and her supporters say only that she was “nowhere near” there. Why won’t they offer instead where she WAS, so her alibi can be confirmed? Public figures don’t get to have the same amount of privacy as non-public.

    Furthermore, why won’t the real spying woman step forward, or why will nobody ID her? Doesn’t smell right.

    Finally, the backlash from the left is contemptible (surprise), with one race-baiter spewing that this is evidence of “the right’s deep hatred of Asians”. What a crock! Show me a conservative upset about all those legally-immigrating, low-crime and high-achieving Asians! You can’t. There’s one side filled with hatred, and it sure isn’t the right!

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    • As much as I like & appreciate yr sharp insights, it’s hard for me to think Eo’s erred in re that woman ‘reporter’/photographer: my eyesight’s not what it was 2.3 years ago, and Eo looks to have very good eyeglass-less vision, thank God!

      Anyhow, I up-voted you, but I feel the probability is that it’s the same perp. Please see my comments as to how devious the WaPo has been for a VERY long time.


  13. Is it me or does that bulge on her forehead look like a bulls-eye?


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