More Libtard Butthurt: Multiple days of anti-Trump protests planned in Seattle


The TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) is going to blow the BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) off the charts.

From Seattle voters did not come out in favor of President-elect Donald Trump during the last election. Protests erupted in the city after he defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton. Now that Trump is slated to take over the Oval Office on Jan. 20, people in Seattle plan to continue their opposition with a series of anti-Trump protests and events.

There are three major events planned and targeted at President-elect Trump.

Brothers and Sisters,

We don’t have a moment to waste in getting organized against Trump’s racist, misogynistic, anti-immigrant, anti-muslim, anti-lgbtq rhetoric, proposals, and cabinet members.

Join the Resist Trump Coalition and my office at City Hall to help build the biggest possible protests against Trump on January 20th and 21st.

Detailed information about the agenda for this meeting will be provided asap.

Solidarity! Kshama

The event specifically cites opposition to building a wall on the Mexican border, stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline, ending rape culture, and supporting Black Lives Matter. The Facebook event page reads:

The Democratic Party has proven they are incapable of stopping Trump. It is time to build a new party for the 99% based on the united power of all exploited and oppressed people, on movements for social and economic justice, on the belief that we CAN do better than this corrupt and rotten system!

#ResistTrump !! #OccupyInauguration !!

  • Jan. 21: The day after the inauguration, the “Women’s March on Seattle” is planned between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. for downtown Seattle. A route for the march has yet to be released, but the Facebook event page states it will be announced once approved by city officials. The women’s march is organized be four private citizens. As of Tuesday morning, the event has 29,000 people signed on for the Seattle march, with 41,000 more people interested in attending.

The event announcement reads:

In solidarity with the march taking place in Washington, DC, we will march in Seattle. ALL women, femme, trans, gender non-conforming, and feminist people (including men and boys) are invited to march. We are showing our support for the community members who have been marginalized by the recent election.

The Seattle women’s march is meant to coincide with the larger, national march on Washington D.C. that same day.


17 responses to “More Libtard Butthurt: Multiple days of anti-Trump protests planned in Seattle

  1. All these idiots ought focus on occupying or tearing up everything with a Starbuck or Planned Paremthood logo on it.
    See how that plays.

    The failure of police to control demonstrations like this is troubling.
    1/20/2017 in DC is a big concern.

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  2. Good.
    I think they all ought to RIOT and burn the city down!

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  3. I hope Trump sends this filthy communist “Kshama” back to her home country, India, where she belongs. I find it despicable that this evil bitch would bring her left wing bullshit to this country when her own homeland is already a disaster, but leave it to Seattle and their taxpayers to fund her stay… Stupid liberal scum.

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  4. This A-Hole is going to waste city money and police&fire services just to whine about the swearing in of the NEXT president, President Elect Trump, which is going to happen whether he likes it or not. Once he gets this garbage started you can bet that his whinny followers will go all out and start looting and burning parts of Seattle to the ground. When that happens I hope the new president refuses to allocate Federal Tax money to rebuild that city. Let the same tax payers that do the damages pay more taxes to rebuild the city. I also hope that anyone injured or has losses because of this sues Mr Sawant personally and the city for not stopping it. Some people are just too STUPID for their own good! This should also apply to any other city with like plans!

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  5. So sorry, I can’t possibly attend either of these events . . . as I am washing my hair on the 20th, and watching my wall paper dry on the 21sr!

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  6. These anti-American Marxist are just being “Themselves”. If they don’t get their way, then go full blown “Anarchist”!
    Call out the “Cossacks”. No problemo.
    Obama let these people get away with murder and inciting others to murder. Time to put a stop to it. Now! From day one. We are not going to tolerate this Community Organizer “Street Theater” that always degenerates into riot and looting. “Undocumented Shopping.”
    That is not “Social Justice”. It is Criminal Anarchy. Not to be tolerated. Any law-breaking should be met with overwhelming force. National Guard, whatever.
    A few thumps, and a few days in jail, plus a substantial fine and probation will make them think about it next time.

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  7. OOOOOOOOOOOO Seattle , send us to the burn unit !!!!!!!!!!

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  8. I don’t know if this is true or not but Rosie O Donnell wants martial law to stop Trump inauguration. If that’s true it’s hilarious!

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  9. Do they really think anyone gives a rat’s patootie on what they do?

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  10. I hope Mr. Trump cuts off federal funds to all of these cities who’s leadership stand in protest to a rightfully, legally elected administration. Cut off their money and chop em off at the knees. They are mentally disturbed and should be medicated and institutionalized for the safety of everybody else. I can’t decide if they are funny or just sad.

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  11. I understand but still resent politicians who grandstand, because it is at someone else’s expense while the pretense is patriotism or human rights or some other mallarky. Like McCain spreading the libelous crap the day before yesterday. But now I just read Little Marco is posturing to screw up Rex’s appointment, and I’m thinking Marco will leverage his vote and when Trump kills that anti-Cuban action BHO slipped in, Marco will take credit. Maybe I am overthinking.
    Rex will get the nod, and the Cubans will still get to achieve residency (I MO If there were ever valid refugees, it’s Cubans).
    Finally, there’s going to be big trouble in DC at the inauguration. I think Trump should call in his acceptance from an undisclosed location.

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