Cat defends baby from babysitter

One of the boons of technology is that we no longer must rely on ethologists (scientists who study animal behavior) for knowledge about non-human creatures.

The widespread availability of recording devices — cell phone and surveillance cameras — now makes possible the collection by everyday people of visual evidence of animal behaviors pointing to hitherto unknown and, in some cases, astonishing attributes.

An example is this video, from a post I’d published two years ago, of a turtle in the Taipei zoo helping another turtle who had been flipped on its back (an act committed by a human?), which is indicative of the turtle’s empathy and compassion.

We tend to think that, among our pets, only dogs are protective of their humans.

Not so.

Here are two videos of cats being fiercely protective of their humans.

You likely have seen the first one because it was all over the news — of a brave cat named Tara who tackled and chased away a dog that was attacking a young boy.

After chasing away the dog, Tara returned to check on the boy!

Below is a video of another fiercely protective cat, who clearly believes the young woman (babysitter?) was harming the toddler.

Watch how the black-and-white cat, with the heart of a lion, repeatedly attacks a human being who’s more than 10 times its size and weight.

H/t FOTM‘s josephbc69


15 responses to “Cat defends baby from babysitter

  1. If only mankind would emulate nature….

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  2. What I saw was a babysitter trying to clean up broken glass and a cat attacking her for nothing she did to the child. She even gets attacked again when she picked up the child to protect him/her from stepping on the broken glass.

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    • Thanks, David, that’s what I seem to see as well, but we don’t know the history of the babysitter.

      What we do know is that somebody uploaded the video to the net for a reason. Since it was taken by a surveillance videocam, maybe a hidden cam, then it must be the baby’s parents who uploaded the video.

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    • I do agree w/you, David, that it may have been the babysitter attempting to keep her charge off broken glass. My vision’s not as good as it was two years ago, but after watching it twice I saw the grey area here.

      What really impressed me –and the reason I sent it in– was something I’d never heard of or seen before: a domestic cat defending its human companion. I’d never thought of a domestic cat that way before, never in 70+ years.

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      • I thought it was a funny , but I, almost 70 myself, did not see the babysitter doing anything to the child outside of blocking him from getting into the broken glass. The cat probably thought it was doing its job. More than likely the cat just did not like the babysitter! FYI, I do like cats. I have had many over my lifetime, but after the last one died my wife took that so hard we decided not to adopt anymore cats!

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  3. I had not seen the video of the turtles before . . . I found myself rooting with all my might that the one turtle would be successful in getting the other turtle turned over. It seems nip n’ tuck for a few seconds there.

    That was amazing the video of the cat protecting the baby from the baby sitter. Wow! I wonder if that particular baby-sitter was ever employed by these parents again? I would not want to engage in battle with that cat.

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  4. No audio. The babysitter probably hollered at the little kid for making a mess, and the cat heard that on the way to scene and arrived already “cocked & locked”. Great cat, great video. The cat looked to be calming down, and then she picked up the kid. She means to protect the kid, possibly to comfort him (was he crying? no audio, but reasonable for a little kid in a scary situation that the kid started by breaking the glass) The cat thinks the the kid is crying BECAUSE of the babysitter and is already “spring-loaded in the Pissed-Off Position”, so goes after her again, but actually appears less aggressive, like the cat is starting to question the situation.
    Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but it is a great cat that is very attached to the kid. No audio, but it appears to be little or no growling, yowling, and hissing, just ‘Cat sees Threat, Cat attacks Threat’. Pretty cool. Not quite as good as the first one though. That cat hit that dog as hard as it could, really “guts, balls” cat!

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  5. Interesting videos, but my favorite is definitely the cat rushing the dog…that was amazing!

    I watched the cat attacking the babysitter pretty carefully and I couldn’t see any wrong-doing on the sitter’s part. She played gently with the baby and did everything she could to protect him. I’ve both owned cats (a dozen, at least, over the years) and been attacked by them; they can be NASTY and unpredictable. I’ve seen them be territorial, but never so protective as in the second vid.

    I loved the turtle video, too (I hope it wasn’t altered).

    Thanks for sharing…I needed it today.

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  6. As a child, my dog and my grandmother’s cat protected me on two separate occasions. The dog attacked my grandfather for trying to reach across where I was sitting ( he got treats) and the cat attacked my grandmother’s friend (a physician) when he tried to check my neck for swollen glands.

    No serious harm done, I recall everyone praising the animals on each occasion. So many children today don’t have pets, which is such a shame. Animals can teach children so many things, e.g. loyalty, obedience, empathy, forgiveness – and the list goes on.

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  7. Cats can be very protective of their humans. My little 8 lb female cat was absolutely fearless getting between my husband and I,after he punched a hole in a wall in a fit of rage. He threatened to spatter her against the wall too. Coward.

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  8. Cats are dismissed as aloof and selfish, but I say cats give what they get. If you love and cherish them that is the way they treat you too. I had cats that were similarly protective. When we as a family were out on the driveway in front of our house, our sweet little Kitty charged after a dog who was passing by the driveway to let him know he was not welcome. It was clear she was protecting us. I also had another female kitty who did not like her former owners next door and adopted me as her new owner. One day sitting on the bench close to the fence petting her, we heard their voices over the fence. She got up and growled at them. It was clearly a display to me of where her loyalties lay. She was telling me that she would protect me from those former owners who she did not like.

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  9. Cats are great companions. Due to health reasons I was unable to have children so my little four-legged kids I consider mine. Cats really are loyal. When I have the flu, I always have at least one little furry Florence or Frank Nightingale who stays with me!

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  10. Our kitty took a bat out of midair after it had flown into our bedroom in the middle of the night (found a hole in chimney that allowed access to attic). The whole aerial engagement took only a second but woke us up, and the mortally wounded bat was found behind our headboard. Vaccinate indoor cats!


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