An attempt to foster trust: Seattle-area transgender cops featured in HBO documentary

I’m sure this will foster more trust with the Seattle Police…until a victim has to wait more than an hour for the police to respond.

From The News Tribune: Two local transgender law enforcement officers — one a Seattle police officer and the other a King County sheriff’s deputy — are the subjects of a documentary on HBO.

“VICE News Tonight” correspondent Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani interviewed Officer Tori Newburn and sheriff’s Deputy Jamie Deer for the program.

Newburn is the first openly transgender officer on Seattle’s force. He had begun his transition to male when he enrolled in a police academy in 2014. “People wouldn’t know I was transgender unless I told them,” Newburn said.

Deer began his career in the Sheriff’s Office as a woman. When he began to transition he knew he had to come out as transgender.  “I would rather face an armed suspect … than having to come out to 700 co-workers,” Deer said. “To open yourself up like that was terrifying.”

Newburn and Deer said they hope their coming out will foster trust between the transgender community and law enforcement agencies. “It’s a long process to earn trust back when trust has been broken in the past,” Newburn said. “My hope is that me coming out as a transgender police officer will be another layer in building that bridge.”

“Trans Law Enforcement” premiered Thursday on “VICE News Tonight.” It is available on HBO Go, HBO Now and HBO On Demand.

As the transgender community has gained visibility, legislation affecting them has increased in the form of so-called “bathroom bills” that require transgender people in public buildings to use the bathroom that corresponds with the sex on their birth certificate.

In Washington, proponents failed to get a measure on the ballot in 2016.

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11 responses to “An attempt to foster trust: Seattle-area transgender cops featured in HBO documentary

  1. More lib/Prog propaganda to get the Sheeple to accept the “unacceptable”.
    Why do these people want to be police and in the military?
    Is it some psycho “need” to have physical power over others? This deserves some study by ‘honest psychiatrists’, if such a thing exists anymore.
    I seriously question the wisdom, much less the “need” for putting such “confused people” in any position of power, especially where they can use force against “normal people”.
    And there is no getting around the fact that a “transgendered man” is still genetically a woman, regardless of the “cosmetic effects”. This whole thing seems rife with “Unintended Consequences”, but the Libtards are famous for ignoring them and common sense.
    It is a “good” way for Trannys to get Tax-payer supported medical “care” and support for their perversion, forever.

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    • Longknife 21 . . . I agree 100% with what you have written. I think when you wrote . . . “It is a ‘good way’ for Trannys to get Tax-payer supported medical ‘care’ and support for their perversion, forever,” what could be more true than that. I have an issue with “confused” people being able to have power and authority over the rest of society . . . something is severely wrong with this picture.

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      • Seattle gives all police officer candidates a full one day psychological evaluation before they even let them into the academy. A mile of test questionnaires, inkblots, and a psychological interview. But of course we are now in the days of “a-pill-for-your-mental-ills!”…So it is possible that a candidate today, that would have failed in the past, gets a pass with a prescription today?
        —GAD, with all of the side effects that go with those pills, who knows what may be pulling you over for a traffic violation? Maybe an Eric Harris, or Dylan Klebold (Trans-Whatever), with a badge, and gun, on Luvox or Paxil.
        Side Effects Are:
        Anxiety, Agitation, Panic Attacks, Insomnia, Irritability, Hostility, Impulsivity, Severe Restlessness, Hypomania (Abnormal Excitement), and Mania with Psychotic Feelings of Grandeur, with an Overproduction of Strange Ideas (what a nightmare?)

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  2. Oh…that’s just special, ain’t it? TG LEO’s. Dare I ask WTF is next….? (never mind)

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    Doesn’t do a thing for fostering trust, faith, or respect for law enforcement any where.

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  4. I’m sorry, but I’m not even going to watch what they have to say…Unacceptable…PERIOD!

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  5. There is a profound sadness to this whole story, in particular the interview with the second officer . . . who admits that he had suffered with extreme depression, anxiety, and did not wish to go on living. How is it that in any number of cases, guns are being mandated to be removed from the homes of VA benefit recipients, also Social Security, and Disability recipients . . . tell me how is it that a gun in their hands is such a flamin’ “safety issue,” but a gun in the hands of someone who as recently as a couple of years ago had thoughts of “not wanting to be around anymore” but it’s okay for this person to be brandishing a handgun in society. I am sorry, but something is WRONG here. Do we have a double standard? One for LBGQT people, and quite another for straight people? I would rather not have either of these officers respond if I needed a police presence. Unfortunately, one, if not both of these officers comes pre-packed with their own set of mental issues. Here in the Pacific Northwest, our governmental bodies just have to pander every “PC” issue there is, that’s because liberals have invaded and taken over the governmental bodies of the Seattle area, as well as the Portland and surrounding areas.

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    • spot on, Auntie!
      they all have mental issues….the people in seattle govt and the cops.
      she rejected her puny female form and disguised herself as a male…mental problems don’t change because a person changes their appearance and the double-standard is sickening and dangerous.

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  6. I knew there was a good reason to not have HBO.

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  7. so, is this “violence” against lgbtqrstuv people committed by lgbtqrstuv people? the 3 trannies and sjw interviewer are mum on gay-on-gay abuse, and this lack of forthcoming information leads the viewer to believe the “abuse” that is/has occurred is the result of “hate” crimes with homosexuals/trannies as “victims”….which is pure propaganda.
    I do know there is a high rate of violence among gays in their community, here is one example:

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  8. I they just spoke with a friend who lives at a HUD sponsored apartment building. She told me that a LBGT (whatever) man moved into the apartment next door to her. It seems that he has his boyfriend over and they engage in yelling and screaming at each other. The other day, she went out into the hallway and told him if they didn’t tone it down, she would call the police. Since that time, it has been pretty quiet. Why would anyone, gay or straight think it is okay to yell and scream and disturb the peace in this manner. Perhaps the problem is that these individuals really feel that they are entitled under the law to act out in any manner they see fit . . . I say call the cops. They need to shut up and stand down, or be evicted!


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