Singer Jennifer Hudson hit with abuse from trolls telling her to ‘kill herself’ after appearing in music video campaign for Shell

From Daily Mail: Jennifer Hudson has faced abuse from cruel trolls after appearing in a music video campaign for Shell.  The singer, 35, performs a song called Best Day Of My Life alongside Pixie Lott and four other musicians, in order to promote the brand’s support of clean energy.

However the Daily Star reports that the new judge of The Voice UK has been attacked by environmentalists for participating in the Make The Future campaign – with one particularly abusive user even telling her to kill herself.

Jennifer and her co-stars are seen singing against demonstrations of six different green energy resources from across the globe, to highlight the worldwide support of less damaging fuel sources for the campaign. Yet the video, which has been watched more than 100 million times on Shell’s Facebook page, has received huge backlash – with the Dreamgirls star particularly being targeted for working with the ‘evil’ oil firm.

One user however, whose name and photo have not been verified, made a string of highly abusive posts on the video, which called for Jennifer to put ‘a rope round her neck’ and ‘jump’.

He continued in another comment: ‘Jennifer Hudson how’s about you innovate some white phosphorus all over your body and roll around until your skin melts off your bones.’ He also deemed her the ‘scum of the earth’ and suggested she ‘eat a broken glass sandwich and put it on Instagram.’

Other users admitted their disappointment in the singer – with one criticising her for supporting a company ‘who loves f****** up the sealife/wildlife/planet’ in exchange for a fee. Another added that she had ‘signed a deal with the devil’ and had ‘wasted her talent by selling out’.

MailOnline has contacted representatives of Jennifer Hudson for comment.

Meanwhile endless other users criticised Shell themselves, for spending money on the project rather than the global task at hand.

Additional critics slammed Shell for focusing on ‘celebrities’ rather than ‘science’ – with Jennifer and Pixie joined in the video by Steve Aoki, Brazilian singer Luan Santana, Steve Aoki, China’s Tan WeiWei and Yemi Alade.

Read the rest of the story here.


8 responses to “Singer Jennifer Hudson hit with abuse from trolls telling her to ‘kill herself’ after appearing in music video campaign for Shell

  1. Liberals are such nice people!


  2. It is amazing! LibTARDs hate Shell for trying to do successfully what the Obamunist Green Energy projects wasted almost a TRILLION DOLLARS on and failed miserably.
    They don’t want a successful Outcome unless it is wrapped in Liberal waste of Tax Dollars and Bureaucratic Micromanaging.
    It is all about Totalitarian Socialism and their Neo-Marxist Theories. It is still Communism, just better make-up and stage management. And the self-appointed, over-indoctrinated & under-experienced, Ivory Tower Intellectuals are still the ones to be the New Aristocracy.
    Unfortunately, if they win it only lasts until some experienced devious & violent psychopaths take over.

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  3. Its ok as long as they line their own pockets


  4. This add is promoting CLEAN ENERGY from a company that sells oil. If they were really against Clean Energy they would NOT be promoting clean energy. The scumbags that are bad mouthing Ms. Hudson probably walk around wasting energy and throwing trash on the streets instead of trying to help solve problems. Also these scumbags are probably STUPID enough the think that clean energy will be free for everyone. Got news for them. Not only will it not be free, but it will also cost more in the long run! Watch them cry then also!


  5. What about the libatards using libatard celebrities to promote their left wing, progressive, socialist agenda. I remember people criticizing those celebrities but I don’t remember death threats or invitations of suicide. Mostly people wanting them to live up to their promise of leaving the U.S.

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  6. Seriously, can’t these trolls grow up? If I don’t like something, I don’t buy it, watch it, or think about it.

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  7. Do any of these sweet smiling people ever work? Do they drive cars or fly to their next location, or use electricity? Do they use any products that depend on oil products, like just about everything in our homes?
    Such ignorance.

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  8. And I’ll just bet that every single one of these Luddite trolls have cars that use petroleum, along with a host of other products, too.

    Flaming hypocrites all.

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