Alibaba aims to create a million US jobs with Trump’s help


From NY Post: President-elect Donald Trump made an appearance with Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, Monday — and expressed unreserved confidence in his own Cabinet picks.

“Jack and I are going to do great things — small business,” Trump said, towering over Ma in the lobby of Trump Tower. Trump praised the Chinese businessman, saying, “He loves this country and he loves China.”

“I do, China, and I love America,” Ma said, in total agreement.

Asked about a variety of topics — like the intelligence briefing on Russia hacking he received Friday — Trump demurred. “We’ll talk to you about that at another time,” the president-elect said, referring to a planned press conference Wednesday.

“We had a great meeting. It’s jobs,” Trump said, turning the conversation back to his meeting with Ma, who built Alibaba into a forceful Web sales platform. “Jack and I are going to do some great things.”

Ma told reporters that the two discussed allowing US products such as “garments, wine and fruit” to be sold on the Alibaba platform. CNBC reported that Alibaba wants to create 1 million jobs in the US over the next five years. The company had 36,446 full time employees as of March 32, according to SEC filings.

Ma also said that the discussion included talk on the need for China and US to improve their relationship.

Asked about his pending Cabinet picks — some of which will sit for public confirmation hearings later this week on Capitol Hill — Trump was bullish. “Confirmation is going great. I think they’ll all pass,” said the president-elect, praising in particular his selection for attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.).


8 responses to “Alibaba aims to create a million US jobs with Trump’s help

  1. (a) “Alibaba wants to create 1 million jobs in the US over the next five years.”
    (b) “The company has 36,446 full time employees”

    (a) and (b) don’t compute. I think Jack Ma, covertly representing the Chinese Communist Party government, is sucking up to Tramp so that he won’t impose punishing tariffs on China-made imports because that would devastate the Chinese economy. The CCP has long said if China’s economy growth rate falls below 7%, there would be political unrest that could topple its rule.

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . thank you for expanding our understanding on why the Chinese are so bullish on maintaining a robust economy. I was unaware of the CCP ever being uneasy from fear of their people “revolting” under certain circumstances. I suppose that now that the Chinese people have gotten a taste of the good life . . . they want to maintain that standard of living. But, I grieve over the fact that the Chinese have being raping and plundering the UN for some time now by the shenanigans they have pulled regarding devaluing their money . . . all to the disadvantage of our citizens. It is high time that there be a leveling of the playing field.

      When I think of all the Chinese junk stuff being sold at Walmart and other retailers . . . it just makes me sick to my stomach. Every where you look the merchandise in our stores has junk made in China . . . and so many of our citizens have no work, and are dependent on their neighbors’ tax monies to support their families. It really is high time to rev up production in our country, and our citizens need to buy “Made in the USA.”

      I just purchased floor mats for the RAV4 I got in December . . . I was thrilled to see the tag displaying the American flag, and the wording–“Made in the USA.” The companies name is “Weather Tech,” and if you ever wanted a precision product in floor mats for your vehicle–you would do well to check them out. They fit like a glove. I was thrilled after placing them in the car, and I thought . . . “this is how all the stuff we used to buy 30 years ago was, “well made, top quality, first grade materials, really premo stuff . . . then we let the Chinese camel get its nose under the edge of the tent–and everything slid downhill so that now we produce very little clothing or other items here. I certainly hope that Trump can turn things around, and unfortunately, I guess I have to say–I am more concerned about the circumstances in the lives of American, than I am concerned about the circumstances in the lives of Chinese citizens. So much of what they foist off on us is garbage, plain and simple!


    • I fully agree with you on this. I think I saw just a short time ago that alibaba is not doing all that well. I think time will tell and like you, I fear he is using Trump to achieve his goal. With the Chinese, it is now and always has been about the dollar.
      We have to be more vigilant on what we bring into this country from China, for not only the cleaning our clocks on trade difference, but they achieve this using dangerous materials that are cheap.
      A dear Japanese friend told a us years ago, never buy anything that you can eat from China.
      From poisoned dog treats, to drywall put into pickled products, to formaldehyde in wood flooring products sold heavily here, to the water they use to water their crops. You don’t want to know what is in that water.
      And be very careful from ever buying farmed fish.

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  2. I’d like to see retailers start putting a small American Flag sticker with “Made in the USA” on them next to the price tag on the shelf for all products made in the US. Or they could just print the American Flag on the price-tag when they print the bar-code. This would give consumers a heads up without have to search the product for point of origin. Anything without the flag. NOT MADE IN THE US.

    Vote with your dollars and your feet!

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    • That Made in the USA does warm the heart. We once took on the challenge to go into a Walmart store, after their campaign of being an American company to see if we could find any product with the Made in USA on it. It took a us an hour. That is shameful.

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  3. Dr. Eowyn is correct: the numbers just don’t compute. But I think this signals Donald Trump’s clear intention of creating real jobs, and it’s going to take a lot of maneuvering to bump this old locomotive in the rear to get it moving again and build up some steam.
    The entire world needs a radical paradigm shift: There ARE enough resources to go around for everyone on the planet. Furthermore, Planet Earth IS NOT “overpopulated”: That is a myth the Oligarchy has peddled—straight out of the British Cabal and academia—for over 70 years. There ARE enough resources to go around, and the planet CAN sustain double or even triple the population it has now. But the sad truth is that demographers expect the population to peak at some 9 to 10 billion around mid-Century and then level off. The population and the culture will notice a hollow feeling and a dearth of achievement from this long-term eugenic “accomplishment.”


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