My entire neighborhood could go to jail!

We just had a major snowstorm in Massachusetts.

People here even start their cars and heat them up without stepping out of the house. Gasp!! The horror!

Just in case we were hoping that the mentally deranged had moved to Canada following the Trump victory, here comes this story from Michigan, a state where cold happens.


WXYZ DETROIT: Roseville man gets $128 ticket for heating up car in own driveway

ROSEVILLE, Mich. (WXYZ) – Did you know you could get fined for heating up your car? One man’s parking ticket has gone viral, with thousands of views after he was ticketed for heating up his car in his own driveway.

Read the article here:

Heaven help us!

18 responses to “My entire neighborhood could go to jail!

  1. Power out of control. I think Judge Napolitano has said it best.

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  2. It is more than obvious that this city is using this “law” to fill up their coffers. Just another law like “blame the car owner” rather than “blame the car thief.”. I would be ashamed if I were the Chief of Police . . . he makes himself look like a major A$$.

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  3. I hope the man contests the ticket!

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  4. As a libertarian leaning conservative, I don’t give a damn about so-called local ordinances, particularly one as blatantly unconstitutional as this one.

    If armed government goons come on my property and give me a ticket for warming up my car on a friged day, I’m having the cop arrested and prosecuted for criminal trespass, and I’m suing said cop’s tyrannical employer as well.

    Do these cops have nothing better to do with their time?

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    • Whatever made you think that a city has a police department to fight CRIME? Cops are evaluated by how many tickets they write, and the Police Chief by how much money the department brings in with tickets, fines, and asset seizures. “Policing for Profit” is as old as police departments themselves.

      Of course, the taxpayers of the hapless municipality still get saddled with crushing legacy pension costs, based themselves on runaway salaries.


  5. This sounds like a corrupt, power hungry Homeowners’ Association called the cops. I got fined once for leaving my car in my own driveway (not running), with the garage door open. I should have sued then, but with all other priorities, I didn’t. I hope this man has the time and means to challenge this ticket.

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  6. This is a safety issue. Especially so if you are located in a plains or northern state. If it’s 20º below zero in your car how can you operate it safely when even gloved hands are frozen. Think of the children…ohh the children. 😆 Seriously though… if you need a block warmer just to keep your vehicle operational during the winter months then you know driving a subzero freezer down the street is not a bright idea. Hence, a public safety issue. Get a ticket, argue safety to the D.J. Do we not have enough distractions without having to suffer this type of moronic indignity?

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  7. I worked in ski country, where there were days when it was 20 below zero at the base of the mountain, not the top, and no accounting for “wind chill.” Twenty below. And on days like that, Volvos and Saabs were stranded along the road, cars made in Viking countries! In places like that, you had to start your car and let it run a while, just to have a fully functioning vehicle when navigating at road speed.

    But I now live in Massachusetts, just a short drive from the Peoples’ Republic of Cambridge. I have tried to reason with such people. There is no way. They are either mentally deranged, or simple not actually human, but something… else, something less, or something demonic.

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    • Demonic would make sense ever since Michigan put up a satanic baphomet statue.

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    • Believe me, I understand, after 15 years on the US prairies, 17 in the Kootenays, and here in idyllic Esquimalt at 50′ F degrees!

      Do what I had to do to start my old Mercedes 220 Diesel: install a block heater element into yr vehicle’s water jacket, then use an extension cord to connect it overnight if it drops below -20 [I told you I know cold]. If not, you may be able to get away w/it on a timer and 1 to 2 hours prewarm time. I hope this helps. Really.


  8. If I was this gentleman, I would be at the city and county garages and parking lots, filming the hundreds of vehicles which will be preheated over the next few months.


  9. Like Detroit doesn’t have better things to be concerned about…

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  10. Yes, the REVENUE GENERATORS are out there once again with their Annual Fund Drive. I just got two moving violations and one ticket for blocking an intersection (no points). So $130 x 2 plus $117.87 plus $250 for the attorney’s fees will cost me $627.87 if I am found guilty on all three. Which means I worked a week for nothing.


  11. I can see the point for not leaving a running car unattended, but not $100 worth. It only takes a few seconds for some ass to steal a car, even less when all they have to do is break a window or open the unlocked door to a running but unoccupied car, which of course will result in a police call, insurance, etc etc. Also, the laws aren’t the cops fault, you need to talk to your city council and mayor for that. That being said, if the city/county has a true revenue generation/law enforcement agency, that needs addressed.


  12. The truth is….with so many laws we do not even know about, you or i or anyone else sitting on the couch commit an average of 3 federal laws now.

    Sickening to say the least!

    I ‘am so sorry that your a victim of the ones who will continue to take your substance little by little for the stooopidist crap on earth.


  13. I mean break 3 of them….yikes! We don’t even know it either….


  14. Esther Bunny Brown

    The man should have objected to the jurisdiction of the ticketers.

    Source: “Always Challenge Jurisdiction” by M. R. Hamilton (Using Microsoft Edge, I bypassed what could be a measure to discourage potential readers.)


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