Local Democrats practically begging Hillary to run for NYC mayor


The most qualified womyn…

What are they putting in the NYC water supply system?

From NY Post: Run, Hillary, run — for mayor. Local Democratic activists said they would rally to Clinton’s side if she decided to take on Mayor de Blasio in a ­primary this year.

If Hillary entered the race, she would be the best candidate. I would support her because we need a change in New York City,” said Gregory Floyd, president of Teamsters Local 237. Floyd, who represents school safety officers and Housing Authority workers, has clashed repeatedly with City Hall over policy. “Hillary would be a better mayor than de Blasio. Every week we hear about investigations about fund-raising and city property being given away to real estate developers,” he said.

Clinton captured 79 percent of the vote in the five boroughs during her failed November presidential run.

The Rev. Patrick Young, pastor of First Baptist Church in East Elmhurst, Queens, said Clinton could make history by shattering the mayoral glass ceiling in Gotham. “Hillary would have been the first female president. She would be the first woman mayor in the history of New York City,” he said. “She would be better at working with people and engaging people. She would be a breath of fresh air. We have a cloud over our leadership right now.”

The Rev. Johnny Green, pastor of Harlem’s Mount Neboh Baptist Church, said Clinton would have his vote. “Hillary over de Blasio. Anybody against de Blasio. De Blasio is a repeat offender when it comes to stupidity,” Green said.

One de Blasio critic claimed de Blasio would be toast if Clinton runs. “I’m not sure she would have an opponent. De Blasio would have to drop out if she ran,” said former Mike Bloomberg campaign manager Bradley Tusk, who is hunting for a viable foe against the mayor.

The Clinton-for-mayor rumors lit up social media. “Ummm, this may be the BEST news of 2017 yet!!! I’m fine with a pantsuit city,” ­Ladychampagneb posted on Instagram.

Clinton allies are pushing talk of her possibly running for mayor to “torture” de Blasio for waiting so long to back Clinton in the presidential race, according to one Democratic Party official. “Trust me. People don’t forget,” said a Clinton Democratic National Committee delegate from New York.

A source said Clinton did not discourage her backers from discussing a City Hall bid. “She wants to remain relevant,” the source said.


18 responses to “Local Democrats practically begging Hillary to run for NYC mayor

  1. This is political wishful thinking. This is what Freud would call wish fulfillment, or what Maureen Dowd would call “thinking out loud.” It’s all pyrotechnics, and it’s a dud, because, as Mrs. Clinton is not a legal New York City resident, for a certain length of time, she is ineligible to run. Were she to run, as corrupt as New York State is, the Attorney General would have NO CHOICE but to step in and stop her.
    But “Pink Floyd” does get one thing right: Kaiser Wilhelm the Laughing Horse’s Ass has been a HORRIBLE Mayor. Deblasio is the WHITE DINKINS!

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  2. Oh I’ll be so happy if she runs. Then I don’t have to take the RUN….Hilllary… RUN bumper sticker….


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  3. By all means, NYC demonrats!

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  4. I think Hillary and NYC deserve each other. The Clinton’s own a “Residence” there that Chelsea where her husband currently live, so I’m sure they can “get around” the residency requirement.
    The Libs will be practically orgasmic to elect her, and within a year will want her removed. Maybe a real “Learning Experience”.
    Also something for the Clinton’s to do until she gets indited for a great “Laundry List” of crimes as Sec State and the The Clinton Crime Family Foundation.

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  5. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    You’ve heard of a hole in one? Well, this is different.


  6. Wait a minute, and back up the truck… slowly. ‘A source said Clinton did not discourage her backers from discussing a City Hall bid. “She wants to remain relevant,” the source said.’

    Will someone show me when Broom Hilda has ever done a single relevant act? Maybe she knows enough to change a roll of toilet paper, BUT ONLY if she needs it!

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    • Joseph . . . I needed a good laugh, and really got it when I read . . . Will someone show me when Broom HIlda has ever done a single relevant act? Maybe she knows enough to change a roll of toilet paper, BUT ONLY if she needs it!” That is so true, it just blew me away! I doubt that anyone, any where can list even one thing that she has done that has been of any value to anyone but herself. Yet, we see idiots clamoring right and left, telling us all that she has had DECADES of relevant acts that make her the most meaningful woman of all time. Some people are certainly easy to fool!


  7. Funny how these “supporters” don’t seem to mind that Crooked Hillary has a CRIMINAL HISTORY. I wouldn’t want that kind of person running my city or the US.

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    • Sorry, Kerry, but historically sociopaths are drawn to the urbs, as that’s where the easiest pickings are, aside from the feral gubbmint. But if one is not born into an already large criminal family such as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and other Masters of the Luniverse, then one has to work up to that level, as the Clintons & the Obaminations did.

      Or as my friend Dr Tom OBrien told me: when he pointed out to the Clintons he felt they should not be moving the tens of millions he legally made for them in cattle and corn futures into offshore accounts, as one day the feral gubbmint might not like that, they told him “Don’t worry; we are the gubbmint.” Keep in mind they were only state players, making money after being backed by the owner of Tyson Foods, immense chicken factory farm systems that polluted Arkansas soil & water in toxic amounts.

      The first Rothschild embezzled the gold entrusted to him by his Prince, made a private fortune for himself -NOT the Prince!- and then returned only the principal. Take a look at how Jeshua chided the foolish steward in the parable of the talents [https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew+25%3A14-30&version=ESV]. Less than 1800 years later Rothschild made vice into a selfish virtue.

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  8. DeBlasio is such a failure and brought so much damage to NY, there are those that would be content with Clinton. Not very high standards.

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    • Glenn, dontcha think that for Broom Hilda –especially for her!– the lower the better? Bottom of a slimey barrel should be PURR-feckt!


      • Joseph, it tells me I want nothing to do with ever living anywhere near that city and its degenerate leadership. If the people won’t stand up for themselves and demand better, why would I?

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        • I hear you, brother, big time! I damned near killed myself and certainly was financially devastated by such people. I got the part about being as gentle as doves, but was 73 before I understood what serpent smarts were… which is kinda late, imo.


  9. LOL – I hope comrade Broom Hilda runs and wins. 😉

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  10. It’s my opinion, killary doesn’t have the physical stamina or level of health required to work a high pressure daily job. Anything she says about running is just a smoke screen.

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