Fiat Chrysler Spends $1 Billion on U.S. Amid Trump Squeeze


Via Bloomberg: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV will invest $1 billion toward making three new Jeep models in the U.S., plus a Ram pickup now built in Mexico, as President-elect Donald Trump pressures the auto industry to hire workers and produce vehicles above the border.

The outlays planned by 2020 include retooling factories in Michigan and Ohio and adding 2,000 jobs, according to a company statement. The Italian-American automaker confirmed the Jeep brand will add the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer sport utility vehicles and a truck model to its lineup. After improvements to a plant in Warren, Michigan, the site will be able to assemble heavy-duty Ram pickups now made in Saltillo, Mexico.

Fiat Chrysler is circulating the plans before any potential criticism of the company by Trump, who last week threatened General Motors Co. with import taxes for importing a version of its Chevrolet Cruze from Mexico. Ford Motor Co. last week canceled a $1.6 billion factory in the country and said it’ll invest $700 million into a Michigan plant.

“The expansion of our Jeep lineup has been and continues to be the key pillar of our strategy,” Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne said in the statement. He also highlighted plans to export the SUVs and trucks. “We will finally have the capacity to successfully penetrate markets other than the U.S. which have historically been denied product due to capacity constraints.”

Fiat Chrysler employs more than 11,800 workers in Mexico at seven manufacturing facilities, which shipped 477,000 vehicles in 2015, according to the company’s website. Its models built south of the border include Ram trucks and vans in Saltillo and Fiat 500 small cars and Dodge Journey SUVs in Toluca.

The company is set to start producing a new version of its Jeep Compass SUV for the U.S. market at the Toluca plant. Its factory in Belvidere, Illinois, which used to assemble the model, is being retooled to make Jeep Cherokees SUVs.


9 responses to “Fiat Chrysler Spends $1 Billion on U.S. Amid Trump Squeeze

  1. It would be great to have the Jeep line brought up to date, and made more practical. Too much silly style and not enough substance has been plaguing all US automakers for too long. Why is it that so many vehicles look to me to be replicas of extra-terrestial insectoid movie monsters come to destroy humans?

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  2. All of this re-investment by manufacturers just proves that having Pro-American businessmen in Govt is far better than Liberal Globalist politicians willing to sell out American jobs for campaign contributions.

    I also hope manufacturers will see that if they want the ‘Big American Market’ to sell to, there has to be JOBS for Americans to buy the things they sell.

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    • Longknife 21 . . . I could not possibly agree with you more! We have had greedy politicians in charge of everytlhing for far too long! Let’s see what businessmen can accomplish . . . I just bet that it will be an improvement!


  3. Off topic but important:
    San Francisco willfully ignore Federal Law but Judge says they can’t be sued? How is that? “Someone” made the decision to willfully, knowingly, and intentionally release a known criminal on the unsuspecting innocent population. Their refusal to obey the Law constitutes Gross Negligence, Malfeasance, and Misprision of Felony releasing a known violent felon that had been deported numerous times before. Aiding and abetting a known criminal that commits murder is arguably an Accessory Before the Fact charge.
    I hope someone does something with this..


    • Longknife 21 . . . Well! If they cannot be sued . . . then cut ALL FEDERAL MONIES until such time as they start obeying the law, and protecting citizens who have a legal right to be in the State of California! I kind of think something may very well come of this gross disregard for the health and safety of US citizens.


  4. I hope all the auto dealerships that BO forced to close get to start up again. There were more than 1000. Which also forced closed parts companies.
    I watched the video of the dealerships owners meetings and almost everyone was a top seller in their community, providing thousands of jobs which trickled down through out their communities. They had no answers as to why they were forced closed and the only thing they could find in common was, they all donated to Republicans.


    • Glenn47 . . . this travesty should be addressed. It is wickedness that Obummer was able to do this very thing at the snap of his fingers! I had forgotten about this situation until you brought it up . . . the owners of these dealerships should be referred to the New Dept of Justice for redress! This kind of thing should never be allowed to happen again . . . . . that is what we get when a POTUS starts thinking he is a King!

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      • Many forget BOs attack on small businesses, even organic farms around the country. And then there were the land grabs from ranchers, especially in Texas that fronted rivers. And other places like in WYO where the EPA was forcing legal permitted pond owners to empty their ponds or pay a left fine for every day.
        Of course the EPA totally destroyed a dam in CO and contaminating the river for miles. Nothing was done.
        I hope they also look into the two debacles involving Nev and Oregon, grabbing land from ranchers.
        I took notes on the Nev on and I was so POd afterwards.
        Then there are the wild horse scam between a senator in Co. And a friend that were buying them up for cheap, then selling them to Mexico for meat, against all rules dealing with our wild horses.
        Trump won’t have enough time to get all the crimes committed against this country, in four years.

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