Didga the cat does amazing tricks

A common belief is that cats, unlike dogs, cannot be trained to do things on command.

Didga the cat defies that conventional belief — spectacularly.

H/t maziel


11 responses to “Didga the cat does amazing tricks

  1. My late parents’ cat, Dr. Shoestrings (long gone) liked to ride in the car with them, but I never saw a cat walk in the water! I think cats are more intelligent than we give them credit for. This video really made my day!

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  2. This is really amazing. I know cats are more trainable than most people think, but I think it is important to start them young, make it a form of play, and use ‘treats’. Being raised with dogs that are trained instead of cats is a big plus also.
    prior to this, I thought having a reliable response to ‘Come’, ‘Sit/Stay’, ‘Load up’, ‘Shake hands’, ‘Sit up/beg’, ‘Lie down, roll/over’ and ‘Bang, you’re dead’ was very good and about the limit for a cat, but this little guy shows truly amazing ability! His owner has spent hundreds, maybe thousands of hours working with him.

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  3. After seeing this video I felt that a cat could be a good companion for Dakota, now 8+ years and starting to slow down a bit. However, the fact is surely as Longknife 21 points out, his human companion must have spent a LOT of time training him, and I’d not be able to do that now. Great to see and know about!

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  4. Cool cat. 😂

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  5. I first saw Didga a while back and was amazed. Many cats can be trained, but this cat is off the charts. Kudos to his owner.
    Just like some cats don’t have the catnip gene and refuses to play with it. We had a cat that was appalled if he gave her catnip. She hated toys and was totally detached, but, not mean. She loved us, but from a distance.
    Good ole Didga is a joy to,watch.

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  7. We had a cat that would wait on the dock for Grandpa while he put the row boat in the water. Then Tinkerbell would get in and ride on the bow while Grandpa rowed. Grandpa would fish and give the small ones to Tinker. Tinker also swam in the lake near the dock. Animals are the Best!



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