More Libtard Butthurt: Chelsea Handler to Lead Anti-Trump ‘Women’s March’ at Sundance


Let’s hope Handler wears more clothing during this women’s march…

Why isn’t this womyn leading a march in Spain, where she insisted she’d move to if Trump became president? Hypocrite. And liar.

From Yahoo: Chelsea Handler will lead a “women’s march” on Jan. 21 in Park City, Utah, during the Sundance Film Festival as part of hundreds of similar events planned on the same day.

Handler, who hosts the late-night talk show “Chelsea” on Netflix, will also host a post-march rally. “Sundance has always been a platform for change: not only for filmmakers and filmmaking, but also for big ideas for the future,” she said in a statement.

The “Women’s March on Main” in Park City, which will take place at 9 a.m., is one of more than 200 sister marches being planned in all 50 states and in 20 countries on the day after the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, as a protest against Trump’s policies.

“If there’s anything I learned in the last year, it’s that we need to be louder and stronger than ever about what we believe in, so I joined some incredible women from around the country to bring our voices together in the streets of Park City,” Handler said. “The Women’s March on Main will be an opportunity for the creative community and those in Utah to stand beside those in D.C.”

The festival opens Jan. 19 in Park City and runs through Jan. 29.


8 responses to “More Libtard Butthurt: Chelsea Handler to Lead Anti-Trump ‘Women’s March’ at Sundance

  1. Another bunch of silly twits spending a bunch of money trying to impress each other.
    Who cares?

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  2. That woman is butt ugly!

    Have yall heard about Obongo federalizing elections? What is going to happen? Gabe Zolna has a short video about it: It’s Over, Obama Federalizes Elections! Obama, Will Remain In Power!

    Be afraid, be very afraid!


  3. Another example of you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.

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  4. Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.
    A meeting of a group of losers comforting each other while patting themselves on their backs.
    Should be a delightful time.

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  5. Are these women protesting a crackdown on free sex from Muslim rapists?

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  6. I’ve concluded these people are acting solely on their fears, as they have nothing of a negative nature from President-elect Trump to go on. To FDR’s remark about what we have to fear is fear itself, I’d add as its corollary “and the delusional behaviours of fear-infected people.”

    After our Meeting for Worship yesterday I was left with four senior women whom I’d believed were all of above average intelligence, education, and well-informed in a balanced way. First they started in about their fears of guns and violence in general, then they moved on to repeat and nod in agreement to all the lies, disinfo, and propaganda alleged by Democrats et al. of Russian interference in the federal election.

    I had a VERY hard time to not enter this chain of repeated nonsense, as they already knew of and disapproved my attitudes on firearms as personal protection, both from myself and my full page guest editorial published in the Times-Colonist on the December 6, 1989 massacre at École Polytechnique, an engineering school affiliated with the Université de Montréal, Quebec [].

    I’ve already lost friends of more than forty-five years over my support for Trump rather than the Hilda Beast, now it looks as if these will also distance themselves from me. I guess progressive liberalism’s core beliefs go far beyond mere rationality and my evidential behaviour, which they all knew for more than ten years. It’s really sad to see good people taken in by never-ending MSM and other BS streams.

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