Designer Gabbana praises Mrs. Trump for wearing D&G dress and fires back at ‘ignorant’ trolls who criticized him


More tolerance from the NOH8 brigade.

From Daily Mail: One of the biggest names in the design world has very publicly thrown their support behind Melania Trump while taking on some internet trolls. 

Stefano Gabbana, one half of the Italian design duo Dolce & Gabbana, posted a photo four days ago of Melania wearing a $3,000 wool sheath with jewel-encrusted bows from the fashion house. ‘Melania Trump #DGwoman thank you #madeinitaly,’ wrote Gabanna, along with multiple heart emojis.

Almost as soon as he posted the photo, Instagram users began to attack him in the comment section of his post.

‘Discussing you dressed her shame on you!!!!’ wrote one user. Gabbana then fired back at the woman: ‘Ignorant.’

‘Yuck. I think I just bought my last Dolce piece,’ wrote another individual. Gabbana replied to that by writing: ‘Great.’ He also included a heart emoji.

‘So disappointed,’ said one person. ‘I don’t care,’ replied Gabbana.

One woman went after Melania repeatedly, leading Gabbana to write: ‘I like Melania. She’s a beautiful woman.’ He also wrote to another commenter: ‘I loooooove Melania.’

To yet another person, who told Gabbana that he would never see her in one of his store again, the designer wrote back: ‘u?? never again what?? i never see you in my store…’

That comment from Gabbana also contained a number of emojis of faces laughing so hard that they were crying. And then there was the person who told Gabbana: ‘Clearly I can’t buy you clothes any more. Good luck’. Gabbana responded by writing: ‘good luck yo you too.’

Finally, there was one person who wrote that Gabbana should not support Melania because he is gay. ‘Sad when a gay designer doesn’t care about other groups being repressed,’ wrote the person.;

Gabbana was not happy with that comment, and told the person: ‘Dont call me gay please!! I’m a man!!! Who I love its my private life.’

Later in the week Gabbana continued to post stories about the uproar over him pointing out that Melania, a former model, wore one of his dresses and looked good in the frock.


25 responses to “Designer Gabbana praises Mrs. Trump for wearing D&G dress and fires back at ‘ignorant’ trolls who criticized him

  1. Good for Stefano Gabbana for standing up to the Left bullies. And good for Gabbana for refusing to be identified as “gay” because he is a whole person who is more than his sexual orientation.

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  2. It is going to be most interesting to see how this plays out . . . when Melania no doubt will choose to wear more D & G items. Are all the other fashionista’s really going to hold firm in refusing to wear D & G? I rather doubt it. Any designer who would prefer to see their creations on Moochell, rather than Melania must be out of their minds. Moochell is an extremely large woman, very broad shouldered, wide hips, and extremely tall . . . unfortunately, she has physical characteristics that are not “feminine,” and that designers have to go out of their way to disguise. We saw Moochelle in wide, full skirts. . . and yet that did not seem to be a style that was prevalent in our current society as a whole. (Gosh! That was the style I remember from 1958 thru the early 1960’s.)
    Congratulations to Gabbana, I hope his fashion house thrives, at least we know he is one designer who will not be cowed by the mouths and written words of leftists! If I could afford his clothing, I would love to support him. Certainly, there will be those who will .. . after all the whole world is not all made up of libtards.

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    • “Any designer who would prefer to see their creations on Moochell, rather than Melania must be out of their minds.” ABSOLUTELY kee-reckt!

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      • Joseph . . . It really is a “No Brainer” isn’t it. Put those two women (?????) side by side and anyone who would deliberately choose Moochelle over Melania must not think much of their fashion house.


  3. 5 thumbs up!
    ‘Dont call me gay please!! I’m a man!!! Who I love it’s my private life.’
    Wasn’t D&G who also came out saying some time ago that gays should not be allowed to adopt children?
    Another 5 thumbs up!

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  4. I would bet ten to one, none of those people have ever stepped foot inside a D&G store.
    Can you imagine the uproar if we attacked the designer working hard to outfit MO?
    When it comes to the left, leave the women and children alone, now, they attack the women and children on the right.
    The biggest hypocrites in the world.
    Have you ever seen a happy and smiling liberal? They are some of the unhappiest people in the world.

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  5. LOL – At least we are going to have a First Lady that doesn’t look like the spawn of a gorilla and a wookie. 🙂

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  6. I wish he wouldn’t have commented although it’s his right to do so. All those people who are not filthy rich who protesting will be watching Melania and copying her style or buying D&G in boutique re-sales! I hope D&G’s sales quadruple like singer Jackie Evancho’s record sales!

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