California professor Joseph Palermo: Trump should be banned from Twitter for not believing in global warming

green is the new red

Global warming, aka climate change, is a cult.

And like any fanatic cultist, if they have their way, proponents of global warming will silence, arrest, imprison, even kill those who disagree with them. See:

Like the good Nazi that he is, Joseph A. Palermo, a professor of history at California State University, Sacramento, says in an op/ed in the Huffington Post that Donald Trump and other skeptics should be banned from Twitter for rejecting “the science of climate change” — never mind the fact that:

  1. Scientists disagree about whether there is man-made global warming, now renamed “climate change”. See “Ex-Warmist Scientist Calls Global Warming a Contrived Myth“; “Green Peace co-founder now admits no scientific proof of man-made global warming“; “UN admits the sun may cause global warming“; “UK’s national weather service: Global cooling for last 10 years“; “Even a cat knows Al Gore is full of it: CO2 is good for Earth“; “New emails of global warming scientists show them to be frauds“.
  2. There is plenty of counter-evidence against global warming, such as the fact that instead of thinning, Arctic sea ice today is as thick as it was in 1940, more than three-quarters of a century ago.


Below are excerpts from Joseph Palermo‘s op/ed, “Republicans, Climate Change, And The New Reality,” Huffington Post, Dec. 27, 2016:

“Through his public statements and personnel choices Trump has made it clear that he rejects the science of climate change. I’ve always believed that people who dismiss science in one area shouldn’t be able to benefit from science in others. If Trump and his cohort believe the science of global warming is bogus then they shouldn’t be allowed to use the science of the Internet for their Twitter accounts, the science of global positioning for their drones, or the science of nuclear power for their weaponry. […]

It’s not just the people around Trump who reject the science of climate change. The leadership of the Republican Party — from House Speaker Paul Ryan to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, to the chairs of the key science and technology committees in Congress, to the Republicans’ favorite think tanks — all share the fossil fuel industry’s preference that the U.S. government does nothing to address the most serious planetary crisis humanity has ever faced. […]

We’re now entering a period where the U.S. military’s 22nd Century weapons technology is in the hands of those whose mentality hasn’t really left the Bronze Age. […]

Climate change is real. […]”

See also:

H/t FOTM‘s Anon


24 responses to “California professor Joseph Palermo: Trump should be banned from Twitter for not believing in global warming

  1. I have a better idea-lets remove him from his teaching position,
    remove his license to practice, and do the same for all the subversives in our country attempting to orchestrate sedition against the President-Elect

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  2. All Right, Mr. Jerk, you’ve had your TWO SECONDS of fame, now get over it. You, Mr. Palermo, should have your head painted black with a big number 8 on it!

    As was noted by a respondent to another post, the 16th Century was known as the Little Ice Age, and science has confirmed the documented lack of sunspot activity was responsible for the Big Chill. The same has been going on for over ten years now.

    As far as Twitter was concerned, Mr. Trump has seen Opportunity, heard it knock, and opened the door: He has utilized the latest social media to his advantage. Unlike Ronald Reagan who utilized mass mailings, he used the latest social media available, and it cost him NOTHING. But that’s the Left for you: When they lose fair and square, they cry foul!

    Twitter is the best platform for news, because it is instantaneous and UNFILTERED. So it provides the good, the bad and the ugly. It provides both fact and fiction, as well as bias and emotional warp-speed. And that is what is good about it: It is UNFILTERED.
    My understanding (and correct me if I am wrong or imprecise) is that social media like Facebook and Twitter are PUBLIC COMMONS, left for anyone to use. I certainly hope that as President, Mr. Trump will have this enforced by law and, while he is at it, DRIVE A STAKE through the “heart” of that VAMPIRE, the “Fairness Doctrine” ONCE AND FOR ALL.
    The Left has been delegitimized. Now it must be defunded and driven into EXTINCTION! By any means necessary! Once and for All!!!

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  3. Perhaps the good professor should do his homework and see where, not so long ago, his cohorts were telling the world global cooling was going to freeze us to death. So which is it? They can’t have it both ways.
    Last I heard, we were free to listen and read about both sides and come to our own conclusion. Not be harassed and threatened by a wacko getting paid way to much.
    So tell us good professor, what do you get out of this?

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  4. Professor(?) Palermo needs to understand that one of the GREATEST thing about the United States of America is the fact that we have a constitutional “RIGHT” to our own opinions and beliefs. His idea of banning people that don’t agree with him is a communist way of thinking that one day could backfire on him and all that think his way. How would he like it if HE was banned from Twitter or some of the other social networks because someone disagreed with him????? Like Glenn 47 said, first it was global warming. It started getting cooler so they called it global cooling. Neither of those held water so now they are calling it climate change. This one even I agree with. There is summer, fall, winter then spring. That is climate change I can see and it has been going on since the Earth was Created!

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  5. I don’t think Trump ever said Global Warming was not real.


  6. Oh doncha just love it, if you don’t agree with the left, you should be silenced, their tolerance always amazes me. True science shows that everything is cyclical, that’s the way God made it you stupid freak!

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  7. It started as global warming! Then when the insanity of the GW (global warming) was shown for the insanity it is then morphed into global change. I propose we call it GLOBAL INBETWEENING!!!!!!!! Personally i likeglobal warming with co2 as the culprit and a warming planet. Send me more co2 as my plants will eat all u can send and we will increase our food production and greenery. Besides the fact remains that the planet is heated by the
    Sun which is in and has been for some time a low level of energy since about the highs of 2004 when the planet was receiving x20-50+ flares. Look to the history of the satalites observing the sun.

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  8. What will they do when Trump takes over the Emergency Alert System? ? Banned from Twitter would mean nothing, all his tweets would be on everyone’s devices. And there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Just imagining these idiot libs having to deal with the. Barrage of Trump tweets is beyond, well you can imagine.

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  9. It matters not to me if the libatards burst into flames because of global warming or freeze hard as stone because of global cooling. We got 8 inches of snow yesterday and the sun is shining today, melting it into runoff. If winter’s here spring ain’t far behind. Everybody complains about the weather but nobody can do anything about it.

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    • We got 3 inches of snow yesterday in Oklahoma. It’s funny watching people try to drive in it 😊 It’s sunny here today too and now melting.

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      • Here in Coastal Texas it was 75 Thursday, Friday had a high of 34. Friday night was 2o when there was light enough to see the thermometer. We had numerous power outages that night and throughout the next day. Pump quit and lines froze. Was after noon before the temps got above freezing.
        Joys of living in the boonies! And this is Sub-tropical? Where is all the “Global Warming” when you need it.

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  10. Whenever the the LibTARD cry-babies start screaming about “Fascists!”, this is what they are really talking about – An International Totalitarian, probably Marxist, that thinks his belief and limited experience somehow gives him “some right” to dictate policy to the whole country.
    If this guy actually knew anything about science, he would know “Climate Change” is cyclical, based upon changes in the sun. Man may cause very local impact by pollution, but that’s about it.
    CO2 is not a poisonous gas, but a necessary building block of life – plants use it to grow.
    If he knew about history, he would know it was warmer longer from about 900AD to 1200AD than it was in the last shorter ‘Warm Cycle’ that peaked in the 1990s. How was that “Man Caused” in pre-industrial times? All those sweaty Vikings rowing all over Europe, raping, pillaging, and burning?
    And a moderate to big volcano can put more pollution in the air in a couple of days than all the Industrial nations can in a year. And China and India are the worst offenders. Cow farts are infinitesimal compared to a lightening started forest fire.
    These Professional “Chicken Littles” have their knickers in a knot because their hoax, and their ‘Grants’, are over because we are in a “cooling” part of the cycles now. Their “Con-game” is simply overtaken by actual events.

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  11. NO ONE listens to Commiefornia professor’s !

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  12. Lol. That’s kinda like being barred from celebrating Christmas for not believing in Santa Claus. Funny how liberals want to punish everyone that doesn’t live in their make believe world.

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  13. So much for freedom of thought and discussion at these universities. I see no proof of global warming.

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  14. Yeah and Obama should be in prison for his Global Warmongering.

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  15. another mentally ill liberal hypocritical intolerant HATER

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  16. This idiot perfesser should be banned from the classroom.

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  17. More like return to (Orwell’s) 1984!



  19. nickreality65

    RGHE theory exists only to explain why the earth is 33 C warmer with an atmosphere than without. Not so. The average global temperature of 288 K is a massive WAG at the ”surface.” The w/o temperature of 255 K is a theoretical S-B ideal BB OLR calculation at the top of – the atmosphere. An obviously flawed RGHE faux-thermodynamic “theory” pretends to explain a mechanism behind this non-existent phenomenon, the difference between two made up atmospheric numbers.

    But with such great personal, professional and capital investment in this failed premise, like the man with only a hammer, assorted climate “experts” pontificate that every extreme, newsworthy weather or biospheric flora or fauna variation just must be due to “climate change.”

    The Earth’s albedo/atmosphere doesn’t keep the Earth warm, it keeps the Earth cool. As albedo increases, heating and temperature decrease. As albedo decreases, heating and temperature increase.

    Over 10,200 views of my five WriterBeat papers and zero rebuttals. There was one lecture on water vapor, but that kind of misses the CO2 point.

    Step right up, bring science, I did.—We-don-t-need-no-stinkin-greenhouse-Warning-science-ahead-

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