California Agrees to Fund the Country’s First Inmate Sex-Reassignment Surgery


The murderer can finally feel complete. Don’t think I can say the same for his victim and the family members.

From Yahoo: A 57-year-old convicted killer serving a life sentence in California became the first U.S. inmate to receive state-funded sex-reassignment surgery, the prisoner’s attorneys confirmed Friday to The Associated Press.

California prison officials agreed in August 2015 to pay for the surgery for Shiloh Heavenly Quine, who was convicted of first-degree murder, kidnapping and robbery for ransom and has no possibility of parole.

Quine’s case led the state to become the first to set standards that will allow other transgender to inmates apply to receive state-funded sex-reassignment surgery. It also prompted a federal magistrate to require California to provide transgender female inmates housed in men’s facilities with more female-oriented items such as nightgowns, scarves and necklaces.

“For too long, institutions have ignored doctors and casually dismissed medically necessary and life-saving care for transgender people just because of who we are,” said Kris Hayashi, executive director of the Transgender Law Center, which represents Quine and other transgender inmates. Completion of the surgery not only fulfills a landmark legal settlement but marks a victory “for all transgender people who have ever been denied the medical care we need,” Hayashi said.

Quine will be moved to a women’s prison after the operation, which was performed at a hospital in San Francisco, her attorneys said. Quine told a prison psychologist who recommended her him for the operation that it would bring a “drastic, internal completeness.”

She He expects it will end a dysfunction and depression so deep that she he tried to cut and hang herself himself in prison five times, most recently in 2014 when she he was initially told she he could not have the operation. Quine said she he tried unsuccessfully to amputate her his genitalia when she was about 19, three years before she he went to prison and roughly the same time she he tried self-medicating with illegally purchased female hormones.

She He and an accomplice are serving life terms for kidnapping and fatally shooting 33-year-old Shahid Ali Baig in downtown Los Angeles in February 1980, stealing $80 and his car during a drug- and alcohol-fueled rampage. Baig left behind two young daughters and a son.

Joyce Hayhoe, a spokeswoman for the federal court-appointed official who controls California’s prison medical care, said the cost of sex-reassignment surgeries could approach $100,000, including procedures and medications before and after the operation. Attorneys at the Oakland-based Transgender Law Center said that figure is exaggerated.

A portion of the state’s expense will generally be reimbursed by the federal government, Hayhoe said. The percentage varies depending on individual circumstances, but it can cover up to 95 percent of allowable charges.


30 responses to “California Agrees to Fund the Country’s First Inmate Sex-Reassignment Surgery

  1. California is cursed by the useful idiots who keep voting Democrat. I feel sorry for the Californians who didn’t vote Democrat and are stuck there.

    As for Shiloh Heavenly Quine, the only comfort I take from his using taxpayer dollars to mutilate himself is to regard his voluntary castration as part of the punishment for his crimes.

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    • Dr. Eowyn,
      I believe CA’s voting system is as corrupt as the people running the state [into the ground]. The voting results we get are the voting results they give us. I never really thought about it that way until a few years ago when the CA anti-GMO proposition…Prop 37…was up for votes and while the state was counting the votes and it was looking good for Prop 37, then, all of a sudden, the media/internet went black and stopped showing results.
      Then, the next thing you know, Prop 37 was “defeated”…..and we haven’t had an anti-GMO proposition since…and GMO crops in CA increased.
      I had no doubt in my mind what they presented to the public was B.S.
      and many election results since then, and before, have basically been the result of the CA Secretary of State informing the public of election results that suits the needs of the demorat party and RINOs….
      CA a liberal-lunatic luciferian haven.

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  2. NOPE, NOPE, NOPE……there should be NO Federal monies be given for such stupidness! If this guy wants to kill himself, then let his will be done! One less criminal to support! There is just a whole lot wrong with this picture when there are people who are homeless and starving!

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    • While it is true that there are homeless and starving people . . . why not donate this same 100,000 to the children of the man he killed. They have had to live their whole lives without a father.

      As far as worrying about his five failed attempts at taking his life . . . if that was his wish, he should have been allowed to off himself.

      I for one am dying to know how the female inmates will react to having him among their population.

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  3. Gee whizz! Let’s spend a fortune on making an ugly woman out of a psycho criminal dude so we can lock him up until he dies. Right??
    Califailure crazy “social conscientiousness”.
    Is there anything remotely sane about that?
    Are all of those “Judges” totally dedicated to the Cloward-Pivens Strategy of driving the Govt into bankruptcy, to create chaos that will lead to a communist revolution? Is there any other explanation? Let them pay for it.

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  4. Unbelievable! I really don’t even know what to say anymore. This man is sentenced to life. What difference should it make what gender he/she is? It’s not like he’s getting out anytime soon! Does DOC really think that the women inmates are going to accept him/her after surgery? This crap is getting so out of hand it’s absurd!

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    • As you’ve written what I would have, Hollowpoint [my favourite rounds!], I won’t comment except to say be assured that the girls in Maximum will deal with him inside of an hour, once he’s in General Population. That’s truly God’s justice, as it will be done by people who were damaged by his ilk. PUKE!


  5. The Union is contemplating leaving California.

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  6. The surgery is called a

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  7. His eyes tell it all.

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  8. So,..this situation raises the question, as to whether or not, a biologically intact male prisoner, who,..IDENTIFIES,.. as a woman, but wishes to keep his,..’stuf’f,..intact, can demand a transfer to a woman’s prison,..

    Ya think,.?

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  9. I was born in California. Can I have a birth-place reassignment please?

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  10. No, not “california”. That would include ALL Kalifornians. Who is approving it is the mentally ill liberal hypocrite intolerant haters (don’t think they’re haters? read up on what they plan for Trump’s inauguration)

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  11. Since when was hacking off something you were born with healthcare. Kinda like abortion. Except too late or in reverse.

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  12. Medicine cashing in on tax dollars! Inmates make money in prison, let them foot the bill!

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  13. I have to say, that is some serious butt ugly there.

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  14. Wait a minute: “…a victory “for all transgender people who have ever been denied the medical care we need,” is an oxymoron, as NO TRANS PERSON NEEDS that kind of medical attention. It is NOT necessary except to placate trans ideology. BS, BS, and BS, all paid for by people who are repelled by the idea. Where is the justice in that?

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    • And don’t you need “medical care” only if you have an illness? No illness = no treatment. Sounds like this surgery is elective…

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      • And if the surgeon took the Hippocratic Oath to ‘do no harm’, didn’t s/he harm the patient by removing what was a birthright? The whole subject and discussion is crazy-making to my weak brain.

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        • Joseph . . . I’m 100% with you on this one. It really is a crazy-making situation to anyone born after about 1960! I just cannot wrap any degree of understanding around it. If a joker is assigned to prison for the rest of HIS life, he should not be rewarded by the expenditure of this kind of money to appease what can only be described as “a mental defect” on his part!


    • A lot of the Transgender news we are seeing is smoke, and BS, but there is a fire that is not going away!
      1. The amount of cases where the doctor and parents have to make a decision at birth is increasing due to genital defects.
      2. Environmental toxicants, involving those that mimic hormones used in plastics is just one source of the problem.
      3. Plus their is an increase in Hypospades showing-up in baby boys in the USA and Europe. A friend of mine who is a nurse told me she had seen an increase in Hypospades operations in just the hospital where she worked, and she was alarmed!

      —Genital Defects – Children’s Health Issues – Merck Manuals Consumer › … › Birth Defects

      —Male reprotoxicity and endocrine disruption › NCBI › Literature › PubMed Central (PMC) by S Campion – ‎2012 – ‎Cited by 12 – ‎Related articles
      Indeed, the impacts of developmental exposure to certain toxicants may not be fully … mimic endogenous hormones, effectively disrupting hormone homeostasis. potential transgenerational effects of toxicants [13].

      —Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals: An Endocrine Society Scientific …
      by E Diamanti-Kandarakis – ‎2009 – ‎Cited by 1766 – ‎Related articles
      D. Environmental chemicals impacting the thyroid hormone receptor … suggesting that these compounds are EDCs as well as more generalized toxicants. …. as a result of EDC effects that overall mimic estrogens and/or antagonize androgens. ….. defects, and mature animals exposed in utero have an increase

      —Common chemical increases risk of boys genital deformity ……/phthalates-increase-hypospadias-ri...
      Jan 19, 2009 – About 1 out of 300 infants in the US are born with the condition in which the … Severe hypospadias can be associated with a suite of other problems, … This study found an increased risk of hypospadias that was 2-3 times ..


  15. During the lengthy procedure could they sew his anus shut?


  16. You can’t fool me. That is a picture of Alec Baldwin doing the Kaitlin.

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  17. He is already terrifying, no need to make it worse with surgery.

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  18. The people who agreed to pay for this need a lobotomy immediately!

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  19. You can remove it with an organ grinder but your DNA will still say MALE. Leave him in the male lock up and let the boys treat him like a lady.

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  20. Boo-hoo, poor you…

    1st sex reassignment inmate says women’s prison is ‘torture’


    • HAHA!
      so, not only does this ugly felon think he is female, but he thinks he is better than the female inmates at the prison….he shouldn’t have to wait like everyone else….
      they can cut off his penis, but they can’t cut out the narcissism.
      he is not a woman, he is a eunuch; a narcissistic eunuch.


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