Two good reasons to avoid the Lifetime movie about the Flint Water Crisis


1: It will star crazy libtard Cher.

2: One of the executive producers is the lying libtard Katie Couric, who is currently facing a $12 million defamation lawsuit for her anti-gun documentary.

From Hollywood Reporter: Cher is headed for Lifetime. The iconic singer-actress has been tapped to star in Flint, a TV movie based on the Flint, Mich., water crisis, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

Craig Zadan, Neil Meron and Katie Couric will executive produce, alongside Cher. Bruce Beresford will direct the movie from Sony Pictures Television. Barbara Stepansky will pen the script.

Cher will portray a Flint resident whose family is impacted by the water crisis.

The drama is based on events in Flint about the poor management that led to water poisoning as well as the human elements of the residents who suffered — and whose voices were ignored. The movie was inspired by a February 2016 cover story in Time magazine called “The Toxic Tap,” by Josh Sanburn.  Zadan and Meron’s Sony Pictures TV-based Storyline Entertainment optioned the rights to the story.  This is Cher’s second TV movie role, following HBO’s 1996 If These Walls Could Talk, for which she scored a Golden Globe nomination.

She has been actively involved in helping Flint residents, including donating thousands of bottles of water. “This is a tragedy of staggering proportion and shocking that it’s happening in the middle of our country,” the Oscar winner said at the time.


11 responses to “Two good reasons to avoid the Lifetime movie about the Flint Water Crisis

  1. Mostly, I agree with FOTM’s stand on most anything it reports on. Not sure I agree with this one; let’s not throw away the baby with the water. My suggestion is different, “By all means, watch the movie! Don’t miss it! Then judge it, and if it good, say so, and if it is bad, say so!”
    1st, libtards are libtards. I have no doubt about that; but they change.
    2nd, people do repent and change. Christians know that better than anyone, so, until the fruit is available, make sure you do not cut down the tree and lose hope change may take place.
    The Flint crisis was real, so let’s see how true to the crisis they shoot this film.

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  2. If Cher is involved, turn off your mobile device and run in the opposite direction.
    She ought to hook up with Michael Moore an save the planet from the white heterosexuals.

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  3. This film already seems rather incredulous . . . if Cher is playing (I would suppose the Mother) whose family is impacted by the water crisis . . . for goodness sakes, Cher is 70 years old, or thereabouts. It would seem rather stupid for her to play the “Mother,” when she is old enough to be a “Grandmother.” I’ll just bet that Cher’s sense of pride would never allow her to play a grandmother on screen.

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  4. I was under the impression that most of the Flint water victims were black people. Isn’t Cher white? ;>

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  5. I’m glad somebody is finally doing a movie that exposes how the situation in Flint was all the republican’s fault…… oh wait. Not a lot of republicans running the government up there. never mind.

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  6. Another flop in the making. But will probably win “tons of awards”. I hope they lose a “ton” of money.
    How can any reasonable person any honesty out that bunch?

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