More Libtard Butthurt: Celebrities demand Congress oppose Trump

More celebrities to add to your #BoycottHollywood list. As if you even gave these “celebrities” any of your hard-earned money in the first place.


11 responses to “More Libtard Butthurt: Celebrities demand Congress oppose Trump

  1. “Women have been attacked in Trump’s name”?
    “People of color attacked in his name”?

    On the contrary, it’s a woman named Ivanka Trump who was verbally attacked on JetBlue by two anti-Trump homosexual men. It’s a mentally disabled white man who was savagely attacked by 4 anti-Trump black “people of color”.

    I don’t recognize most of the Hollyweirdo liars in this video, but the video’s YouTube site names the following: Lea Delaria, senile dementia Sally Field, Tavi Gevinson, Keegan-Michael Key, Janet Mock, and Rosie Perez.

    Make sure you shun these liars.

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  2. Wait, didn’t a white guy just get kidnapped, toilet dunked, knife whipped in Chicago in Bo’s name?

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  3. Captain America

    The only violence in all instances has been liberals and people of color attacking white people, whether they support President Trump or not. No, wait, there was the one instance where the older white guy punched the black agitator in the face at a President Trump rally. Just want to be fair.

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  4. people with brains demand that celebrities do a massive murder/suicide for their whole group


  5. “We demand!” Who is “we?” A fictional majority that exists and gains its wealth and fame through fiction.

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  6. Seeing as Holly Weird is run by a bunch of pedophile (expletives), this just proves my point even more.
    Remember a looooooong time ago when actors and theater freaks were actually LOOKED DOWN ON? It was way before any of our times. I think we should start doing that again.

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  7. Kwitchurbitchin’ commie-libs.

    You lost.

    Get the hell over it.

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  8. More…

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