If Earth is warming, why is Arctic sea ice as thick as in 1940?

Government agencies and corporate media bemoan the melting and thinning of Arctic sea ice — indicative of the scourge of man-made global warming:

Extraordinary melting of Arctic sea ice in 2012!

Arctic sea ice declining at a rate of 13.3% per decade!

The Arctic to be devoid of sea ice by September 2016!

[But then…] Record low Arctic sea ice, November 2016!

Here’s a screenshot of the first page of results when I Google-searched for “Arctic sea ice melting”:


Writing for The Deplorable Climate Science Blog on Jan. 3, 2017, tonyheller provides the screenshot below of government and news agencies claiming that Arctic sea ice is getting thinner:


But is that true?

Tonyheller presents the empirical evidence, which I verified and updated.

(1) In 1940, Arctic sea ice was about 2 meters thick

On February 23, 1940, the Townsville Daily Bulletin of Queensland, Australia, reported that Soviet explorers to the North (Arctic) Pole obtained ice measurements of an average 6½ feet (1.98 meters).

townsville-daily-bulletin-2-23-1940(Source: Trove – National Library of Australia)

(2) In 1958, Arctic sea ice was about 2 meters thick

On October 19, 1958, the New York Times reported that Arctic sea ice was “on the whole” about 7 ft. (2.13 meters) thick.


(3) In 2017, Arctic sea ice is — wait for it — about two meters thick

Below is the Danish Meteorological Institute‘s map-diagram of the Arctic Sea Thickness for January 6, 2017, which shows that most of the Arctic sea is covered by ice from 2 to 3 meters thick.


But Jeff Nesbit of U.S. News wrote on Dec. 28, 2016:

“global warming is now permanently altering the region in ways that will have untold consequences. In fact, the Arctic system has changed so dramatically that it may now be vulnerable to tipping points that affect the entire planet.

For instance, a significant portion of the ice that covers the Arctic Ocean during the long winter used to be ‘multi-year’ ice – which means that it was there over a long period of time and never melted. That’s no longer the case, and partially explains why sea ice in the Arctic right now is dramatically lower than it’s ever been at this time of year.

NASA satellites (the ones that would likely be shuttered if the incoming Trump administration shifts the agency’s mission completely away from earth sciences) and scientists on the ground estimate that multi-year ice used to make up a fifth of the ice cover in the Arctic just 30 or 40 years ago. Today, it’s at 3 percent.

The implications of this should be obvious, even to people who think climate change is a hoax or a political invention by progressives. The planet has warmed rapidly in a very short period of time, over decades. And in the region most sensitive to that warming, the ice at the top of the world that used to remain there all the time is now disappearing almost entirely during the summer. The ‘multi-year’ ice that served as a barrier against ice disappearing entirely is now gone. We will see essentially ice-free summers in the Arctic soon.”

The only problem with the claim that multi-year ice has diminished to just 3% of the Arctic sea ice is this GIF map of the ages of Arctic sea ice in March 2016, from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) of the University of Colorado, which shows nearly half of the Arctic sea was covered by multi-year ice (colors that are not dark blue).


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26 responses to “If Earth is warming, why is Arctic sea ice as thick as in 1940?

  1. If water expands when it freezes then the melt from the icecap theoretically would take up less space than it would frozen. Also when ice in a glass of water melts it doesn’t make the water go any higher. The ice cap is floating isn’t it? So what does any of this have to do with sea levels rising. Give something beside ‘Who’s on first’.

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    • YouKnowWho . . . that analogy is absolutely fabulous, and one that can be thrown in the faces of all those who haven’t really thought about . . . the melting ice is going to cover all the continents!!!! (Or, as Chicken Little would say . . . the sky is falling! the sky is falling!) I have always known that this whole “warming climate” thing was a scam, but you have refuted it so eloquently.

      I truly believe that Obama, and the other Progressives have pushed this “theory” because they want all the land which comprise the United States of America to be handed over to the United Nations. In the meantime, what better way of weakening the general population than by dragging them down financially with taxes and fees to cover this colossal, impending doom. People who can make it financially with the current income they have are much better able to withstand the psychological and financial rigors of the New World Order gang. The NWO folks wait in the wings, all the while knowing that “they and they alone will inherit special positions of preference” once the s _ _t hits the fan. This whole thing is a hoax on a major scale; our young people, starting in their earliest years of public education have been beat over the head with the choruses of “climate change is going to kill us all,” and those who oppose it “are villains of the highest order.”

      Years ago I heard the adage . . . . . “get the US out of the UN, and the UN out of the US!” Sarah Palin recently cited this again, and as far as I can see, that would be the best for our country. The UN has raped the US financially, and continues to do so, with no end in sight.

      Dr Eowyn, thank you for bringing us this important reminder about what a hoax all this “climate change” bologna is . . . excellent article!

      When you really think about it .. . does man really think that his puny arm could really withhold whatever destiny Our Eternal Father has in store for the Earth that He created. This Earth, and all who dwell therein are His, and He alone can make the decisions regarding what will or will not happen to the Earth. If you are righteous, ye need not fear, just have faith . . . . .

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    • The global warming science is quite complex – temperatures rise and fall, uv radiation levels change, and greenhouse gas emitter’s rates change. Remember the “hole in the ozone layer” from the 70’s, and its effect on the environment? What happened to that? No one mentions it, yet it could be harming us, causing more skin cancer. Also, read Graham Hancock’s “Fingerprints of the Gods”, which proves Antarctica was free of Ice before the 1500’s, as their accurate maps prove (Piri Reis). The way the Earth’s temperature changes is so complex, you and I cannot fathom the complexity of the system, unless we dedicate our careers to it.

      I think the point is, REGARDLESS of global warming, burning oil is NOT a good way to get our power. It’s highly polluting, and dangerous, and we ought to get the hell off of it. We need to go to solar and other clean, sustainable technologies, ASAP. Earth could be (and remain) a paradise, if we stop treating it like a whore, waiting to get fucked by us, or worse, a beautiful creature, being raped by humanity – especially materialist industrialists who put the acquisition of wealth above all else.


  2. Great article. Global warming/climate change is a lie and it’s always nice to get even more evidence of it.

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  3. Global warming is a Soviet idea, originating in the 1930’s, as an incremental attack on property rights: By advancing the idea of an endangered ecology, actions of free enterprise and private property could be taxed.
    Regardless of the actual documented facts of the thickness of arctic—or antarctic—ice, science has proved, yet again, that it is for sale to the highest bidder! If you’re my benefactor, I will certainly do my best to create the evidence—and conclusions—that support your ideology!
    Al Gore: Pseudo-science pimp!

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  4. I refuse to believe one word about global warming until each of it’s pushers give up their massive houses, and move into 1100 sq. ft homes, stop flying in private jets and stop using wasteful yachts, stop driving huge SUVs for each and every trip, not just during photo ops.
    So far, I am seeing nothing.
    We now know the scammer Gore couldn’t even come up with enough proof on his own, but had to plagiarize his “movie.” He knew he could become insanely wealthy by selling credits.
    Many scientists in Europe have told us, there has been no change for over 20 years. Several NASA scientist say it isn’t so, even the developer of the weather channel said no and NASA has admitted to fudging numbers.
    Last night there was a scientist denier saying the proof isn’t there and has back away from her job.
    And now, you have given them even more evidence. Job well done.

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    • Apropos of Glenn47 and Auntie Lulu, not only do I agree w/what you & others have written, but please consider these tidbits which are NEVER offered to the masses, as scare tactics produce more soiled diapers:

      Why do we NEVER hear of ‘the Little Ice Age’ so perfectly captured by highly realistic Dutch painters from the 16th century onward? Oh, I forgot: it must be ‘an inconvenient truth’. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Ice_Age
      Why are the sun’s immense cycles never taken into consideration? When I took a year [1990] of what’s now termed ‘Earth science’, solar cycles were deemed THE primary cause of ALL weather [never mind life!] on planet Earth. Hello out there in MSM land: is any one awake or aware?
      Finally –tho’ I could go on– fifty+ years ago when I was in school the predominant fear tactic was global cooling and a nuclear Winter that would do in 90% or more of life forever. Whatever happened to that? Have tens of millions died from Winter?

      Oy weh, forget about it and pay yer taxes!

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  5. Fake news, fake news, fake news, conspiracy theory. 😀

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  6. Conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura: Global Warming.

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  7. Remember back in the 60s & 70s, it was “Global Cooling” and “Nuclear Winter” that was the excuse for these Over-educated Egg-heads to get Govt Grants to make up BS excuses for More Govt.
    Govts must have an “Enemy” to con people into paying more taxes.
    This is perfect. It can’t be defeated because no matter what we do, we can’t change it. Their premises of “Hockey-stick Temp Rise” and “rising seas” are impossible to prove, but also impossible to “dis-prove” over any short length of time. Less than several centuries. “Islands sinking” is ‘tectonic plate shifting’ not seas rising. Only a major Ice Age can reduce the sea levels.

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    • You can disprove the hockey stick model very easily. Back up 200 years, plug in the known data and compare to the known temps. The results NEVER match reality. They are never even close.


      • You are using a logical scientific comparison. Totally unacceptable to those that have been conditioned to “believe”not think, and that Western Civilization started when John F. Kennedy was elected. Anything before that must be disregarded.


  8. Weather is cyclical. Believe it or not, we are entering into a mini iceage cycle. If you want to prepare for the next 30 years, you should cut more firewood and knit more wool socks.

    I recommend you read Dark Winter: How the Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell
    ISBN-13: 978-1630060350, ISBN-10: 1630060356

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    • Most excellent suggestion! Thank you! I had forgotten the name.
      A short and well written book explaining the shortest of the solar cycles – the ones that can be verified.
      Please go to your local library, if they don’t have, ask them to buy it. Tell your friends to do the same. Be an Educational Guerilla Warrior! Get the word out to the Sheeple: Wake the Flock UP!
      Thanks again to RLJ for the title and brief description.

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  9. Dang! There goes my plan to buy tropical beachfront property in Greenland while the costs are cheap.

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  10. It’s time the destructive and wasteful man-made climate change scam was destroyed once-and-for-all.

    Enough is enough.

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  11. they are a bunch of liars and deceivers

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  12. Like everything else, the Global Warming Hoax is all about CONTROL.
    More taxes and more Bureaucracy writing more Regulations and finding more reasons to tell everyone what they can’t do.

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  13. Earth doesn’t follow Media Matters’ talking points memos…


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