A husband proclaims, “I’m a normal guy. I just fancy six-year-olds.”


Gary Gibson: “Normal, everyday person” attracted to young girls.

Just because he doesn’t “act” on his urges doesn’t make him normal.

From Daily Mail: A self-described ‘virtuous pedophile’ who admits to being sexually attracted to girls as young as six has spoken about how he lives with his urges – and his plans to help other people cope with theirs.

Gary Gibson, 65, of Oregon, has set up a non-profit organisation – the Association for Sexual Abuse Prevention – to help people like him who choose not to offend. The Christian ex-teacher, whose family has a history of incestual child abuse, is one of 1,800 members of an online forum for non-offending pedophiles.

He detailed some of his alleged family history in a series of online videos.

‘My grandfather sexually abused my mother and I think at least one of his sisters, and my father’s woman was known on the streets to be one that invited the little boys into her house and did things with them,’ he said in a video published last month. ‘So, I think, she is a pedophile. I know for a fact my father sexually abused several of my sisters – nearly all of them.’

‘When I was six, my two older sisters taught me to play “go to sleep”. My understanding was I was to get them to take their panties off and get them ready to sleep. I don’t think it was abuse, but it left me with the impression that little girls want to be touched.

‘When I was about 12, I spent a summer with my cousins and there was some sexual games that went on there… both of these girls were five years younger. I was 12, I think one of them was seven and one of them was five. I knew that it was wrong, but frankly in the fifties, every male I knew was sexually attracted to children and little girls.’

In the speech, he then questioned whether pedophilia was something that could be passed down among a family, before saying he never considered himself to be one throughout most of his adult life. ‘I had never called myself a pedophile, but for more than 50 years I have been sexually attracted to little girls. I choose not to act on it,’ he said.

‘I knew I was attracted to little girls, I was always a little close, maybe I hugged them too tight, or did some things I shouldn’t have done, but I never penetrated a child, never – what I would call – had sex with a child. I choose not to do that, but I struggle with it.’

His struggles intensified when his first marriage broke down in the nineties, and he decided to ‘spend some time out in the South Pacific’, where he said there were ‘a lot of little girls running around naked’. 

After a couple of years he returned home, and met British nurse Tabitha Abel – woman who would become his wife – through a Christian singles dating site in 2004. They married in 2005. Eventually, they built a log cabin in Oregon, which included rooms for their grandchildren.

But he was still dogged by his desires. ‘The first time I remember changing my daughter’s diaper I thought, “Am I going to touch her” or something, but I made the decision right there that was not going to happen,’ he said in the video, before explaining how he and his wife chose to adopt foster children because their grandchildren did not visit enough.

Gibson says the children eventually moved on for ‘other reasons’, however a 10-year-old girl who had lived with him and Abel developed what he called ‘false memories’.

‘Now you tell me, I mean society says children never lie about sexual abuse. But here the Oregon State Police show up at our door one day and say, “Do you know why I’m here?”‘ the 65-year-old said. ‘They proceeded to tell me this girl disclosed that I lay on the bed naked with her. I said that never happened, and then they said: “Well, she said you put your penis inside of her.” I said that never happened, and they asked me to do a polygraph.

‘So I contacted a lawyer, this was like two days before Christmas 2010, the attorney said don’t do the polygraph.’ He said it was that brush with the police that forced him to ‘come out’ to his wife. ‘I told her I didn’t do it, but this is where I’m at… I’m attracted to kids,’ he said.

During a recent interview, Gibson explained why he is attracted to young girls – but not young boys or teenagers. The ‘comfortably out’ pedophile, whose wife is a nurse, said he is normally not aroused by teenage girls and does not have any desire for young boys. ‘When they pass 12 they tend to get into themselves, start to make themselves look older, and I like things natural – so there we are,’ he told The Sun in the UK.

‘When they start wearing lipstick and stuff like that I don’t find it very appealing.’ Despite his attractions, Gibson added he is ‘a normal everyday person’.

Read the rest of the story here.


25 responses to “A husband proclaims, “I’m a normal guy. I just fancy six-year-olds.”

  1. Sickening.

    “he and his wife chose to adopt foster children because their grandchildren did not visit enough. Gibson says the children eventually moved on for ‘other reasons’, however a 10-year-old girl who had lived with him and Abel developed what he called ‘false memories’.”
    I was always a little close, maybe I hugged them too tight, or did some things I shouldn’t have done, but I never penetrated a child, never – what I would call – had sex with a child.”

    I don’t believe, for even a minute, Gary Gibson’s claim that he’s never acted on his pedophilia. Notice that, like Bill Clinton, Gibson defines “sex” strictly as penetration, which means he could have engaged in a whole range of behaviors, e.g., oral sex, touching, masturbating, which he conveniently does not call “sex” but in fact is sexual molestation.

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  2. Something to look forward to at retirement? Geez.

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  3. Not surprising his grand kids don’t visit that often. This person needs some serious psychological counseling. I too believe that he likely has acted on his pedophilia.

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  4. To say this is alarming is an understatement.

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  5. He says in the 50’s every man he knew was sexually attracted to little girls. I don’t believe that for one second. I have never known a grown man that was sexually attracted to little girls. I think this man need some serious counseling and a lot of therapy before he, one day, acts on his urges.

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  6. Publishing articles detailing the “struggle” of these people is not only irresponsible, it is extremely dangerous.

    Shame on you DCG.

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    • Gibson is the one that publicly spoke about his desire for young girls. Did you not see that he spoke exclusively with the Sun (link is in the article)?

      Spare me your faux outrage with my reposting the article. The extreme danger lies in Gibson and his desires.

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      • Posting the article also puts this mans name and picture out front so others can watch out for him! The danger lies in this kind of stuff remaining hidden!

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        • Excellent point, David!

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        • The danger is from those pedophiles who you do not know. You don’t know who to trust or not trust anymore…though relying on your ‘gut instinct’ is a good one to go with.
          If you read about all the foster kids (who are the true victims of many abuses) who go missing every year, signs point to Hollywood, as well as other higher up echelons of sickness. Don’t forget Bill Clinton and his buddy Epstein and their little island they flew to. All those missing kids, and the number of them is way underestimated.

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    • @Vra Haya:

      By posting the Sun article on Gibson, DCG in no way approves of or justifies or asks us to “understand” the pedophile — which makes your rebuke unjust and way out of line.

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  7. well, yeah, “normal” for a liberal is mentally ill hypocritical intolerant HATER (but frequently a pedophile)

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  8. This guy needs some help, that is true. But, pedophilia is a learned behavior for the most part though some pedophiles were never abused as children. Any attempt to make this sickness as ‘normal’ is pure evil intent. Look at Corey Feldman’s interview before he was ‘suicided’. He said that perversion is rampant in Hollywood and admitted that his molester was watching the tv interview as well.
    It is a sickness it is NOT NORMAL. Pretty soon the MSM will be saying that bestiality is okay and NAMBLA is ‘okay’.

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  9. theboldcorsicanflame

    Moron 😱
    I won’t write what final solution this monster deserves regardless his sick family history. Keep your mouth shut you sicko!!!!

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  10. Total creep-out material that needs to be reported.

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  11. Kevin J Lankford

    Dang!! more and more, we are being enticed by the notion that our most perverse thoughts are normal. Lord, Jesus, help us all, if we ever succumb, or in any way give way to these evils.

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    • UGH! Agree….and this “normalizing of perversity ” is becoming more and more widespread in not just this area of sexuality—but almost EVERY quarter of sexual relationships, gender “identifications,” EVEN down into the middle and elementary schools…& then on into what USED to be thought of as criminal behavior on the streets of our country, & bad behavior in school, “normal” college/university pursuits/feelings/behaviors, social expressions of political thought, “normal” academic acheivement (i.e., my middle school kids CHEER aloud when they ask me what their grade average is and I reply “D.” They think “passing” is just GREAT!)….

      Here’s a thought along this line: I love that Donald Trump wants to beef up the military but I know what he doesn’t…yet….We don’t have an American public of young citizens who can or will present themselves and PASS the criteria in order to do this….They are weak of spirit, will, and motivation, and physically unfit. They have been given too much “free” (including all the “participation” medals from age 2 onward in anything and everything)…..and they are so UNFIT physically and nutritionally for “duty” that the US Military will have to follow the lead of the community colleges: so many HS kids can not pass the entry math or English requirements to enter even a community college that they have to offer “remedial” courses and tests to get them up to “par” so they can attend a community college. Betting that the millitary will have to set up similar “remedial boot camps” just to net the numbers needed into “real” boot camp training/enlistment in the armed forces. Sadly, ALL the reasons for this situation became “normalized” in American schools and culture LONG LONG ago…..along with the normalization of all-over body tattoos, multiple body-piercings, multiple sexual partners starting from age 12-13 onward, families of children of many numbers with each being fathered by different “fathers,” (who are all ABSENT), the “normalization” of transgender “identities” even in elementary and middle schools…, and on and on.

      I sometimes think I went to bed the night before the first Obama inauguration, and woke up in a strange new world IMMEDIATELY the next day. I am not alone….others have related this same feeling to me without my initiation of this thought……In eight years, indeed…as promised….Obama brought CHANGE (but, forget the HOPE….back at ya’ Michelle….).

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      • A few things that will help. remove all liberal professors from our colleges. Give the rest of then a curriculum instead of THEIR ideas of what should be taught. Do the same for all lower levels of schools. keep politics out of the class rooms. Teachers need to go back to teaching the 3 “R’s” instead of other crap. I know that teachers do NOT enjoy spending their off time doing parent teacher conferences, especially when parents refuse to attend. I think that after the second request for a parent to attend a conference and that don’t show up a subpoena should be served on that parent by the Sheriff’s office. If they don’t show up then they go to jail. Parents refuse to get involved with their children’s school then want the teacher fired when their “POOR BABY” fails the class or grade. Here in Georgia it use to be mandatory for kids to go to school at least until they turned 17. One of our liberal “dumbocrat” governors though that was wrong and got rid if that law in the 70’s. That started the down fall of education in Georgia.

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  12. Friends,
    This guy is seriously delusional, but you don’t need me to tell you that. It is possible that he’s sincere, but all the sincerity in the world will not erase his delusional ill-thinking, imo, of course, but what the Hell do I know, as I’ve only had four courses of psychotherapy.

    In a few weeks I’ll start on a fifth, as I became depressed after 2016 started in a stellar way but ended in a near reversal of fortune, albeit my employees responded heroically and we all pulled through, ages 19, 20, 28, 48, 63, and myself, 74, God willing on the 17th February next.

    54 years as a self-employed idiot… maybe I’m as delusional as what’s his name up above!

    And I thank ALL of you [except the trolls] –esp. frequent contributors, and you know who you are!– for being the wonderful part of my life that you’ve become. I cherish each of your individual natures, and daily thank God for Eo’s devotion, praying that she has a long and very healthy life. We are all her children, to my way of thinking.

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  13. This is revolting and stomach-turning. But Gibson does say one thing that matters: He says that incest ran in his family. Whether he is telling the truth or not, there are, unfortunately, some families in which anything goes.
    This is terrible and disgusting. But as a former teacher, and from my travels in the cab industry, I can tell you that incest—once thought to be very rare—is widespread. It affects every race, creed, color and socio-economic class and profession.
    We are living in a society and culture that Dr. Henry Makow says is affected by the Illuminati program of inversion where sick is promoted as the new healthy, where everything is inverted. We are living in a Culture of Death.
    When it will turn around is anyone’s guess. Donald Trump may be able to turn the economy around, but he won’t be able to force a religious revival or a mass repentance. We must stay informed and on guard.

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  14. Incest does seem to run in families, from talking to people over the years. Curiously, by my observations, it is more prevalent among “insular” rich people than “middle class”, but also among dirt-poor “tribes”. Large, tight knit families.
    This original story seems to strongly endorse the “decriminalization” of current laws about pedophilia. I think this is very dangerous.
    They managed to decriminalize Homosexuality and in two generations it has become “normalized”, militantly defended, and even taught in schools as an “Alternative Lifestyle. It is cultural suicide. The law has become inverted – it can be a “Hate Crime” to resist a homosexuals ‘unwanted advances’ with what most guys would consider “normal violence” – a quick, but not really serious punch. A kind of “Keep you hands of me and I’ll keep my fists off of you” warning.
    This looks like another effort to treat a dangerous perversion as some sort “personality disorder trait” that deserves nothing but a “talking to” by some libtard “Counselor”, and everyone is told to forgive and feel sorry for the creep, because he is “not quite normal”, but it is not “really his fault.” (Whine!)
    If the kids molested have a real tendency when adults to molest kids, the spread will become obvious. This all part of the Liberal Hedonist “If it feels good, do it!” philosophy. No individual or cultural control until rampant promiscuity starts in childhood, and refusing to participate is the “New Aberration”.
    “Brave New World” is not supposed to be an Instruction Manual, but the Lib/Progs seem to regard it as such.
    Those of us that object may soon be the ones “demonized” and sent to be ‘Reeducated’ for our ‘resistance’ to the the New Humanism.
    Be warned,that is what I think this is all about.

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  15. He’s a sick fuck who in healthier times would be hunted into a grave.


  16. With things like “b4u-act” (met around april 22nd just last year, other members might notice the april 20th timeframe and evil’s apparent agendas) and nambla still in operation, and the schools sexualizing the kids at even elementary grades, they’re basically setting up culture the same way those filthy greeks, romans, and egyptians did… all with incest and pedophilia recognized as civil (even “high-minded” with regard to pederasts/homosexual child molestors) and “normal”. Remember the U.S. is tryign to emulate, not repudate those ancient rotten cultures.

    For every other reader’s information, theres new buzzwords being used instead of “pedophile” (“virtueous” or not). hebephile or hebephilia, ephebophile or ephebophilia, and most recently the decidedly PC “minor-attracted persons” or MAPs is being utilized. It is also disturbing that while there is a faction of the group called Anonymous that regularly busts pedophiles etc. The news, nbeither maisntream or alt ever seems to aknowledge this, and in recent years Anon’s efforts have been hampered directly, as corporations such as twitter often whack the Anonymous group’s active accounts as opposed to nailing the pedophilic accoutns that Anonymous often exposes… a bit telling of the corporation perhaps?

    Consider that when yahoo bought tumblr, they had the option of eradicating all the porn on that service, which may well have included pedophilic content, and instead yahoo corporate opted to keep the porn. This is the same corporation that took out a decided chunk of the internet when they axed Geocities, mind you, had no compunction about doing so, and has had repeated problems with pedophilia… often favoring a non-aggressive action, when a response is even taken. Such as axing all user-made rooms which were very popular back in the day, as a response to the pedophilia problem, instead of actually taking measures to stop the problem itself, and then only doing so after mainstream news started making bad press for yahoo about the issue.

    This, pizzagate, the franklin coverup, the incident involving brazilian children’s TV star xuxa (xuxa used to be a “model” and started her career in pornographic magazines. even acting in a pedophile movie, “amor estranho amor” where she was filmed naked in bed with a 12 year old, revealing much later on in a TV show that she herself had been abused by friends of her family when she was a pre-teen), the holly greig case, the “finders”, and the saville case along with the dutrox affair are all tips of an iceberg (or is that sea-glacier at this point?) that nobody seems willing to address.

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  17. I think it is very important to see the other side of things. We need to understand this issue better in order to help solve it. Many young people have been sexually abused- this is not a new occurrence- which continues the negative trends in society today. Knowing what causes this and ACTUALLY figuring out what is going on will help us solve the issue!

    Thank you for the information. I appreciate the difference in perspective


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