Sheriff offering inmates to help build Trump’s proposed border wall



Sheriff Thomas Hodgson

Works for me.

From Fox News: A Massachusetts sheriff wants to help President-elect Donald Trump build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border — by offering up inmates to work on the project.

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, a long-time proponent of strict immigration enforcement, presented his idea at an inauguration speech on Wednesday marking his fourth six-year term in office.

On Thursday, the sheriff told Boston’s Herald Radio that he has not heard from Trump himself, but his idea is being reviewed by the new administration’s staff. “They have it, I believe it’s going over to their domestic policy advisers,” Hodgson said. “We will have to wait to see if it’s something the president-elect is interested in.”

Advocates of more lenient immigration policies quickly denounced the sheriff’s proposal, according to the Fox affiliate in Boston. The American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts is threatening to go all out to block the sheriff’s plans, reports.

Carol Rose, the executive director of the state’s ACLU chapter, said in a statement: “Sheriff Hodgson’s proposal to use the labor of the men and women in his custody to ‘build the wall’ is perverse, inhumane and likely unconstitutional.”

“Not only is Sheriff Hodgson willing to get involved with Trump’s racially discriminatory plan to build a wall along the US-Mexico border, he is proposing to use modern-day slave labor to do it,” Rose said in the statement, according to

From the outset of his campaign, Trump made immigration a focus, vowing to build a wall along the Mexican border, and to make Mexico pay for it. Mexican officials have balked at the idea of funding the wall.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker has expressed misgivings over Hodgson’s proposal, according to the Boston Herald. The Herald quoted a statement from the governor’s spokesman saying Baker prefers that inmates provide services “closer to home.”

Hodgson says other sheriffs would like to send inmates to help construct a wall, the Herald reported. “This is what government ought to be doing,” the Herald quoted him as saying. “It ought to be using whatever resources as creatively as we can to save taxpayer money and make sure our taxpayers are safe, which is another responsibility.”

“These inmates, they’re skilled, they want to be able to do these things,” he said. “They get it, they don’t want to be where they are, they made mistakes, but they feel good about themselves when someone does something that’s challenging, that gives them more skills that sets them up to succeed.”


10 responses to “Sheriff offering inmates to help build Trump’s proposed border wall

  1. Great idea!
    Protestations from the ACLU or some other outfit in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 . . . .

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  3. Slave labor would be chaining up the ACLU and making them build the wall. What happened to the Liberal mantra that we should be giving to least of us the same chances as our betters? Let the guys in lockup learn to to be good citizens.

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  4. I like this idea. This has the opportunity for these people to give back to the community, to feel a sense of accomplishment that they’re helping others be in a safe environment, and could help them feel better about themselves as a giving, responsible person in society. It might be what some of them need to help turn them around. I’m all for it.

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  5. Well I can almost guarantee he’s out of a job now; Soros will make sure of it. I feel like conservatives should start organizing a counter-protest movement to keep liberal scum from filling the streets with their whining; my recommendation? Buy an FN-303 and several hundred pepper-spray rounds. Liberals are pussies, so all it takes is a mere whiff and they’ll disperse. Keep our streets clean!

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  6. Unfortunately, I have a nephew who is serving time in an Oregon State Prison . . . no he did not commit any crimes against others, or harm anyone else. ANY chance he gets he signs up to be on a crew that works outside the walls; he has been used to clean up areas in the Columbia River Gorge, local parks that sustain severe damage due to limbs and leaves blowing off evergreen trees in our famous wind storms (winds blowing down the Gorge,) he has worked on a crew of two inmates who worked at an Air Force base doing landscaping, etc. He yearns to Work, Work, Work . . . he is the hardest working individual I know. How many of these men (and perhaps women) who are incarcerated would also yearn to be allowed to contribute to some effort that is meaningful? I would dare say a lot of them. Certainly, such an undertaking should be strictly on a voluntary basis, not forced labor. This kind of opportunity would also give inmates an opportunity to build a resume of having achieved something of note for when they are released. The ACLU should not be allowed to snatch an opportunity from any inmate who truly wishes to engage in this work. Of course, in order that the community not be endangered, only those who do not pose a risk to the lives, and properties of those outside the confines of the prison should be allowed to seek such worth while “employment,” Yes, inmates who work on various crews do receive a small stipend for their labor, depending on the kind of job they hold–it could amount to $2 to $3 dollars an hour. This allows them to purchase things they need, soap, shower slippers, various food items from the canteen. I am sure that the various “Unions” don’t want inmates to “muscle in on their territory.” We’ve seen how union projects become bloated, and over-budget. Since, as a nation, we are already knee deep in debt–we need to find ways to achieve building this wall, all the while not breaking the bank. I certainly do hope that the ACLU is not allowed to stand in the way of any inmate who of their own volition wants to work on this project!

    DCG . . . great post! Thank you.

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  7. Thanks, Auntie Lulu. A very good explanation of why this is good for prisoners. Outside work is voluntary and really a reward for good behavior usually.

    Why do the LibTARDs hate it so?
    Anything that benefits the individual, and Society in General, that the Govt doesn’t micro-manage or tax?

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    • Longknife 21 . . . you are spot on. The Liberals do not want anything that lifts and creates individual freedom on a personal basis . . . they feel it is better than everyone be tied into relying on the government!

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  8. How is is any different than the weekend crews in jail picking up trash? What is wrong is letting them earn their keep and maybe learn a trade and some discipline?
    BTW Carol Rose of the ACLU is an idiot. A little exercise over stagnation is just fine.

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  9. Guess the ACLU has never heard of “work-release”. The prisoners get paid and it is a very coveted opportunity among the inmates. But then the ACLU has had its collective head up its collective a$$ since the day it was conceived in hell.

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