Obama’s pal catches major break in for-profit college deal

O's Chicago friends - Martin Nesbitt, Valerie Jarrett, Dr. Eric Whitaker

Nesbitt (far left) with Obama and fellow pals.

The “ethical fog” has been a permanent fixture in Obama’s administration. Just two more weeks…

From NY Post: A close pal of President Obama will be able to buy the for-profit parent of the University of Phoenix after federal regulators cut him and other buyers a major break, The Post has learned.

Marty Nesbitt — a Chicago business mogul who is widely considered Obama’s best friend — has won a loosening of stiff capital requirements that had threatened to derail the $1.1 billion deal for him and his partners, according to public filings reviewed by The Post.

The lowered capital strictures, quietly eased by the Department of Education in an unusual regulatory move last month, effectively seal the pending agreement by Nesbitt’s private equity firm, Vistria Group, to buy University of Phoenix owner Apollo Education at a fire-sale price, critics charge.

“I think every way you look at this transaction is questionable and suspicious,” said Diane Jones, the former assistant secretary for post-secondary education at the Education Department under President George W. Bush. Jones said the DOE typically does not change terms after making a public recommendation.

Adding to the potential controversy surrounding the DoE’s rare move to lower capital requirements, former Deputy Education Secretary Tony Miller — formerly a tough regulator of for-profit schools — is now a partner at Vistria Group.

On Dec. 20, the DoE lowered to 10 percent of the school’s Title IV federal student-aid funding from 25 percent the capital Apollo had to keep in a letter of credit, according to public filings. The other 15 percent can be put in escrow. The higher capital requirements were handed down just two weeks before the cut.

The lightened restrictions will allow Nesbitt to avoid triggering a provision that would allow the school’s owner to walk away from the deal if the DoE requires a letter of credit greater than 10 percent, the documents show. “I do believe the restrictions were going to kill the deal,” Mark Schneider, a former education official under President George W. Bush, told The Post. “I think there is a cloud of ethical fog.”

The for-profit college’s value could soar under Nesbitt’s ownership, critics say, as President-elect Donald Trump is expected to lighten rules that govern such schools after years of tough regulation by Obama administration officials.

Rival DeVry Education’s shares have risen by more than a third since the election, recently trading above $31 a share.

Obama had been on a crusade against for-profit schools, cracking down on predatory practices and blasting some colleges for “making out like a bandit” while their debt-riddled students struggled to find good jobs. He didn’t name any schools specifically.

Other curbs imposed on the deal Dec. 7 have remained, such as barring Apollo from adding any new programs or locations and capping enrollment at current levels. “The final terms, developed by legal and financial aid professionals, were not loosened,” a DoE spokeswoman insisted to The Post.

A Vistria spokeswoman said, “No one at Vistria has contacted the White House to advocate for an outcome of this transaction.”

Apollo Education declined comment beyond saying the deal was expected to close by February 1.


8 responses to “Obama’s pal catches major break in for-profit college deal

  1. ” Widely considered Barry’s best friend “…Hmmmmmmm…..
    Was he a “pitcher ” or a ” catcher ” ?????????? ………” Stiff capital ” ?
    Another hmmmmmmmm ……. I guess the bath house makes for strange bedfellows .

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  2. Smells of “Scam”. Selling “Degrees” in made up fields like Women’s Studies and Race Relations that are only good for getting Gubbermint Jobs.
    The Dept of Education is a loser and needs to be shut down. Public schools need to be controlled by local school board somewhat overseen by State agencies, not dictated to by Federal Agencies thousands of miles away.
    Colleges should compete for students based on their educational excellence and value of their degrees in the job market, not sucking up for Govt grants for teaching Marxist Political Slavery, Perversion as “Human Sexuality”, New World Order Totalitarianism, Anti-Christian Cultural suicide, and Phony Global Warming nonsense.

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  4. Some say Marty Nesbitt and his OBGYN wife are the real parents of Obama’s daughters:

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    • I saw that video a couple weeks ago.I find it very convincing, the same as the videos that show Obama looks just like Frank Marshall Davis. Malia is the image of Nesbit. The fraud on the American people continues.


    • the resemblance of the obama girls to the nesbitt’s is spot on…what are the odds that the ‘children’ of the obamas are spitting images of their “best friends”? considering we are dealing with shady, chicago obama……..pretty high


  5. An black OBGYN and her black business mogul husband proved their value as the best of friends. The deal looks like some last minute icing on the Chicagoan home-baked goodies. http://bit.ly/2jeDrtD


  6. in Marxism, you help your friends “rise above” the slaves

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