The End of an Error: Moving trucks have arrived at White House!

uninstalling-obamaIt’s started!

They’re beginning to move out of the White House.

The Obamas really are leaving!

Michelle Kosinski, CNN’s White House correspondent, tweeted this an hour ago:


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23 responses to “The End of an Error: Moving trucks have arrived at White House!

  1. check what’s on the trucks since they’ll likely try to STEAL stuff as the clintons did

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    • Beat me too it!
      And probably several hundred others that had the same thought as soon as they saw the picture. Or sooner.
      Shades of the Clintons.
      Maybe worse.

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    • You’re right , a full inventory of everything needs to happen . The Arkansas Hillbillies did a number when they left …….Can you imagine what a couple of S.S. Chicagoans can do ?


  2. Remember the song, “Thank God and Grey Hound they’re gone?” Well, yeah, good riddance to bad rubbish. I know Trump will have to fumigate the cigarette smell, the Islamic garbage, and the evil that has permeated the people’s house for 8 long and ugly years. GO TRUMP…DO IT TO IT DONALD!

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  3. GOOD RIDDANCE! Hope the door hits you in the butt so hard it will take you another 8 years of penance before you can sit down, Mr. and Mrs. Communist Clown!

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  4. Would you want to be the one that had to pat down moochelle and the long legged mack daddy for stolen goods? I hope they have secret service surrounding them 24/7/365 …. facing in ….. so they can’t escape.

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  6. Too bad it’s not a paddy wagon.

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  7. Of Course I am ELATED that the alleged human beings called the Obamas are leaving. But I look upon these past eight years as Bush-41’s sixth and seventh terms: None of the men who followed Poppy into the White House could have gotten there had the Old Drug Peddler/Satanist/Pedophile/Bonesman not been there first. How can this be said and taken seriously? It’s a NO-BRAINER: George H.W. Bush—the most CUNNING, BAFFLING AND INSIDIOUS President/Mole America has ever seen—opened doors for both Clinton and Obama.
    So, yes, I am glad to see the little Alinskyite and his, ahem, wife, leave. But the damage has been DONE. WELL DONE. AS IN BURNT TO CARBON DONE!

    Donald Trump does not know all things. But I believe he is a WARRIOR, albeit a business type of warrior. No Problem: I’ll settle. I am hoping that Mr. Trump can buy America the time it needs.
    I hope all the former “living” Presidents DON’T attend Mr. Trump’s inauguration: Who needs ’em?!

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  8. I would change AMF to ‘a diablo MF.’ God has no place with the Obamas.

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  9. Just wait people if he becomes the new Secretary General of the United Nations.

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    • Why not? Then he can wreak his destruction on other nations, leave us alone for a while and, with luck, piss someone off so much that he’s assassinated. One can hope….


    • Another excellent reason to GTFO of the UN, and get them out of the US!
      Make Obozo SecGeneral AND throw out the UN!?! Major Two-fer!
      A Constitutional-Patriot’s wet dream!


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  12. Weeee I don’t have to look at “jaws” any more . I’ll buy her a cape to cover her arms. He won’t be taking little jumps as he embarks from Airforce 1.


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  14. Can’t wait until that clown is out of the White House. Counting down the days until President Trump takes over.

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