Destined for slaughter, old horse rescues himself

In a kill pen in north Texas was an old white horse with ears shortened from frostbite.

The handsome gelding had been sold at auction to the Kill Pen — a Mexico slaughter pipeline.


One day, the good folks of Becky’s Hope Horse Rescue, Frisco, Texas came to save 9 miniature donkeys from being shipped to slaughter. Becky’s Hope had not planned to save any other animals, having raised only enough funds to rescue the donkeys.

But the old white horse had other ideas.

As recounted by News of the Horse, the white horse saw the donkeys loading up into Becky’s Hope’s trailer, and was determined to be on that trailer.

The horse pushed his way through multiple gates, down alleyways, past kill pen workers yelling and trying to stop him. Nothing was going to stop him.

He reached the trailer, climbed aboard, and tried to melt into the herd of donkeys.

Sue Champman of Becky’s Hope told reporters:

“I firmly believe that he thought if he mixed in with the mini donkeys we wouldn’t notice. He’s like I’m just one of them. Got on the trailer with them, stood there like you don’t see me, and kept his head kind of down.”

So the kind-hearted Becky’s Hope paid $450 rather than turn the white horse out, and promptly named him Bubbles.

Becky’s Hope’s Facebook page says:

“The last two steps on the trailer that afternoon were those of Bubbles. Not knowing where he came from or what he has faced in his prior life, all we know now, is that he has frost bitten ears and a heart of gold. He will never have to wonder if he is loved, if he will have food or water because now, he has a safe haven. He has a place to call home and we are so thrilled he chose us.”


Bubbles now has his own Facebook page! Go here.

And please consider donating to Becky’s Hope Horse Rescue, a small 501(c)(3) non-profit that claimed a 2015 income of a modest $150,376.

To donate, click here.

Make your donated dollars count by giving to small charities like Becky’s Hope. They need your dollars more than huge national charities.




7 responses to “Destined for slaughter, old horse rescues himself

  1. What an amazingly smart horse! It breaks my heart for all of the donkeys, burros and horses who lose their lives everyday in such a horrific manner. I hate, hate this gruesome practice and wish there was a way to stop it! God bless Becky’s Hope Horse Rescue. I’m going to follow them on facebook and make a donation.

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  2. I love this story–thank you, Dr. Eowyn! !

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  3. This is a real heart-warmer. I hope Bubbles has a very long, healthy and peaceful life! This is a great story!

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  4. Tearful and wonderful ending to this (all too common) story here in the American So West. My husband I often see these “kill” trailers” loaded with beautiful (sometiimes very YOUNG and beautiful thoroughbreds) headed for the Mexican slaughter houses.

    Do you know how they are slaughtered? They chain them and then slit their throats and let them bleed out…..thrashing….struggling….They don’t even use a quick method (bullet throught the head, between the eyes) b/c it would “cost too much” against the bottom line. Mexican slaughter houses on this continent supply the erstwhile “European” horse meat tastes (Canadian restaurants)…..Europeans even eat MORE…& without reserve: Sweden slaughtered one of our Kentucky Derby winners for the restaurant trade…and Japan slaughtered Kentucy Derby Winner “Ferdinand” for the same (which resulted in the USA “Ferdinand Law” which states that, any stakes winner sold out of the USA to a foreign country that does not perform stud or broodmare duties to the degree expected, must be sent back to the USA and will never be sent to the slaughter house…..).

    How can we tell when these “suspect trailers” here in our area are not just headed to a Mexican race track? Well…what transporter with Mexican tags heading on the 5 interstate toward the San Diego border crossing would haul a load of valuable race horses in a rickety (tires too narrow, NO tandem wheels….single tread…) hauler? No air-conditioning…no single stalls…just a mass of juggled-around, jumbled horse heads and bodies trying to stand upright while being hauled….You can go figure for yourself.

    IMO…just as SICKO as eating DOGS like the Chinese, et al……

    Contribute to your local equine rescue groups…please…there are MORE than just dogs and cats out there who are abandoned or worse…..

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    • I agree w/all your comments in this horror show, but to the best of my knowledge ‘Canadian restaurants’ stopped serving this more than 25 years ago. The market was VERY small, limited to Dutch immigrants who came to BC after WW2, and who’d been forced to eat horse after their cattle were exterminated for German troops. Clearly this is a genocide for the ‘benefit’ of meat eaters.

      Having said that, mea culpa: 40+ years ago I did eat horse meat twice in Vancouver, and cannot recommend it in any way.


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