90,000 martyred make Christians the most persecuted group in 2016

According to a report by the Center for Study of Global Christianity which will be released this month, in 2016, some 90,000 Christians were killed for their faith, making Christians the most persecuted religious group in the world.


In an interview with Vatican Radio on Dec. 26, 2016, Professor Massimo Introvigne, director of the Centre for Studies on New Religions (CESNUR), while the 2016 figure of 90,000 martyrs was a decrease from the 105,000 Christians who were killed in 2015, still one Christian was killed every 6 minutes in 2016. Additionally, 500 to 600 million Christians cannot profess their Christian faith in complete freedom.

Of the 90,000 Christians who were killed in 2016:

  • 70% (or 63,000) were killed in tribal conflicts in Africa, often because Christians refused to take up arms.
  • The other 30% (or 27,000) were killed in terrorist attacks, destruction of Christian villages, or from governmental persecution, as in the case of North Korea.
  • Christians killed by ISIS in the territories of the Islamic State had consciously chosen to remain in these areas to bear witness to their faith. The Catholic Church is studying several of these martyrs in preparation for their possible beatification.

It is believed that the number of Christians who were martyred in 2016 likely exceeds 90,000 because the study was unable to include data from China and India — two east Asian countries with large Christian populations — because of the ‘underground’ nature of churches in those countries.

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16 responses to “90,000 martyred make Christians the most persecuted group in 2016

  1. How many infanticides in 2016?


    • It would be terrifying if a person was given the supernatural ability to hear the screams from the shed blood of all the aborted babies and murdered Christians. I couldn’t even imagine what Jesus is thinking.

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  2. This is so grim it’s close to despair on my part, as I KNOW this to be the work of the freaking neo-cons -posing as Christians– starting w/Bush 41, then Billy Bob-O Clinton, then Bush 43, then the Obamination, by far the worst Pres in history, and finally we nearly got the miserable Broom Hilda, had her men in black threaten my dear friend Dr Tom OBrien, then stole billions, and nearly had a wargasm as the first female Pres. And I thought Ronald Reagan made mistakes! He looks saintly compared to these monsters.

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  3. In the West persecution and the killing of Christians ranks at the bottom of the totem pole of issues worthy of our concern and help. Our governments would rather cater to Muslim refugees, even if they pose a threat to our existing population. How blind can our leaders be – or maybe this invasion is all part of the one world government’s agenda.

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    • Yes, Helen…..our leaders are not blind, just grossly corrupt and evil. This “planned” invasion into Europe and the US is to cause chaos, break down historical societies and condition them to accept it for a one world government to take control and rule over us all. This never was a “conspiracy theory” as it has been a goal for decades.

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  4. We were founded as one nation under God. We have strayed too far from a righteous path. Catholic charities and other so-called Christian groups are stepping all over themselves to reap financial rewards by smothering us with thousands of muslims.

    Muslims have infiltrated every branch of our government. We fund infanticide with taxpayer money. Left-leaning lunatics extol depraved lifestyles as being ‘inclusive’ and ‘progressive’. We need a rebirth of morality and return to the founding principles of our Republic. And it better come soon.

    To our Christian leaders, I humbly suggest you start focusing within our nation for your 2017 prayers and charity.

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  6. And that is not counting all the ‘Maybe Christians’ they kill in the once Christian Nations that the Lib/Progs have allowed, even encouraged, to be drowned in Muslim invaders pleading “Refugee!”

    Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

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  7. This will be something Megyn won’t be covering when she moves over to the Nothing But Communist nutwork.

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  9. And it seems to be just fine with the entire world, doesn’t it.

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  10. Christian persecution seen in more locations across the globe, new report shows


    I have alot to say about this….more than I can write here. Do not be discouraged….you never know….

    The toughest days are still ahead of us, and it is going to be an all-out war.

    The Democrats’ travel ban no one likes to talk about

    What I find very odd after talking with an African woman and her brother who have fled here to America is this….

    They said…the ‘holy spirit’ not only helped them get here but they were told that there brother and sisters in Christ have forgotten the fire and what it means to live a Christian life…..and the lord has spared them with others to come here to remind us….to wake us as a whole….before the end.

    I believe them because….

    I dreamed about them before I ever met them. I saw them in their homeland and it was terrifying….and met them in a odd way in real life many years later.

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  11. A 72 yr old lady christian is about to lose everything, sound familiar? Probably because it’s happened to cake bakers and so many more.

    ‘It’s Unbelievable’ — Washington State Supreme Court Says Florists Must Participate In Same-Sex Ceremonies

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2017/02/16/its-unbelievable-washington-state-supreme-court-says-florists-must-participate-in-same-sex-ceremonies/#ixzz4YwJzbMrY

    This is from her lawyer in pdf. file form


    Waggoner makes a very good point, so true!

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  12. In the past I have said many times, that Christians who have come to America and other places from the middle east came for safety from great persecution specifically from Islamist. I also believe there is not a church, denomination which has not been infiltrated by destroyers for the future purpose of what can plainly be seen as Marxist type motives. I have been watching closely this particular news in Michigan and other places. Here are two links as to why.

    Mega-mosque being forced on Christian refugee community

    The Christians who came from suffering now have a reminder being built in their once refuge….probably to being flooded with Islamist.

    Sterling Heights to allow new mosque to be built, settles lawsuits

    I don’t know what to say except Islam/Cair has alot of money, backing and will probably take over at this point in too many ways. All I have to do is look at history and what is going on in Europe and has a foothold right here.


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