I predict Ken Jennings is going to have major butt hurt for the next four years


By reading Jennings’ tweets, you can see he has a serious case of TARD. He’s going to be crying a lot of liberal tears over the next four years.

Take a look at some of his most recent tweets:

  • “Weird that this will be the last December ever due to the upcoming adoption of the Trump Revolutionary Calendar. See you all in Ivankuary!”
  • “Retweeted Donald J. Trump: If I had the Trump sex tape the Russians do, I’d make him tweet “K. Jennings is so smart & has good tweets” 3x a day https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/814919370711461890 …
  • “When Trump starts a war, I’m just hoping the other side understands the deal and only bombs, like, the Midwest and the South.”
  • “Looks like I picked the wrong four years to quit sniffing glue.”
  • “If America is still here in 2 years, at least we got off easier than the USFL.”
  • “This is all going to end with Ivanka wearing a Queen of Diamonds costume, isn’t it”
  • I want to move to the UK, where their biggest constitutional crisis was a king who wanted to marry a divorced lady.”

Don’t hold your breath that Jennings will be moving any time soon. We all know the celebrities who said they’d move if Trump was elected didn’t keep their promises. Liars. And Cowards.


11 responses to “I predict Ken Jennings is going to have major butt hurt for the next four years

  1. Who is Ken Jennings and who cares?

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    • Thank was the first question I asked myself . . . Who in the heck is this joker, and why would we want to listen to his sorry bloviating. He definitely should go back to glue sniffin’


      • I just had to actually look this joker up . . . his distinction in life is that he had the longest winning streak while appearing on “Jeopardy” and he is an author. How can it possibly be that he would think that this claim to fame qualifies him to spout his opinion on anything to the rest of us!

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  2. Earth to Ken Jennings:

    Your 15 minutes of fame had long expired. Your winning a TV game show means squat. Nobody cares what you think.

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  3. I’ve never heard of this guy, but….oh well…who cares what he thinks!


  4. It’s official:

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  5. Absolutely! Perfect comments! Before I finished reading it my questions were:
    “Who is this ‘doorknob’? and “Why would anyone care about anything this fool says?”


  6. In Italian he’d be referred to as a ‘stronzo’.

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  7. Just because he had one of the longest winning streaks on Jeopardy, does not make him smart on everyday life. I loved it when he was dethroned.
    Am I the only one that thinks his tweets are just downright stupid? He is prejudging a man without cause.

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  8. I wonder if Watson the IBM supercomputer that kicked his ass on jeopardy is a Trump supporter.

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  9. knowledge is not intelligence. this guy proves it. needs to stitch his lips shut.
    and he looks funny too.

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