PC Madness: Cologne police deny racial profiling after mass screening of North African men


Apparently, the PC police would rather their women be raped (or worse).

From The Independent UK: Cologne’s police chief has denied accusations of racial profiling after the force tweeted they had detained hundreds of North African men to prevent a repeat of last year’s mass sex attack.

The men had gathered late on Saturday near Cologne’s main train station and in the Deutz district, across the Rhine river. Police described them as being “Nafris” – a colloquial term for North Africans – which prompted furious online criticism as it suggested the men had been arrested on the basis of their appearance alone. 

Police Chief Juergen Mathies said: “I reject this negative criticism. The clear aim was to prevent similar events to previous year.” He said that of 650 people detained for identity checks, almost all were from North African countries and claimed: “Their characteristics were such that potential crimes could indeed be expected”.

The force had been instructed to intervene early to avoid a similar situation to last year where over 1,000 women in the city were mugged, harassed and sexual assaulted. 

In the weeks following the attacks, the city’s then police chief Wolfgang Albers was suspended from his post after the force was accused of initially trying to downplay the attacks.

The attacks provoked a furious backlash against German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open door policy towards refugees fleeing Iraq and Syria who made the perilous journey across the Mediterranean sea or crossed into Europe through Turkey. Many blamed refugees for the attacks – even though subsequent reports revealed only three out of the 58 men arrested were from Iraq and Syria.

The vote for anti-immigration party Alternative for Germany (AfD), whose leader Frauke Petry suggested police should be able to shoot refugees to prevent illegal border crossings, surged in several local and regional elections meaning they entered government in several areas – including Berlin – for the first time.

Around 100 people were arrested in Cologne overnight Saturday but it is unclear as to whether any of the 650 men detained were among them. Meanwhile authorities logged around 160 crimes that included almost a dozen assaults or insults of a sexual nature.

Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker said she was “happy and relieved” that the night had passed fairly uneventfully. About 50,000 people rang in the new year in front of Cologne Cathedral, officials said.


12 responses to “PC Madness: Cologne police deny racial profiling after mass screening of North African men

  1. The people making the accusations, assuming they’re Germans, really have a death-wish. But then liberalism really is a mental disorder. It’s just that we had not realized just how severe and apparently untreatable a disorder it is.

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    • I think it has gotten to the point that it illustrates the schism between “Lawful” and “Legal”.
      It is punishable under the “Legal System” to even criticize the bringing of these criminal psychopaths into their civilized society even when it has been repeatedly demonstrated that “Lawfully” these people can not be trusted to obey the laws, and under the ‘Law’ are criminals and mentally deficient in their self-control to the point of ‘lawful insanity’ in their behavior.

      Law and Lawful meaning within Common Law and Constitutional Law of the nation, and “Legal” is whatever the judges and “Political Correctness” lets them get away with. We have the same problem here, with domestic minorities, Criminal Invaders, and recently some Muslims, just not quite as bad…yet.


      • I think this should be honestly called a “break down in Civilization”. And it is a result of Liberal Progressive Political Correctness. They worship their “Theories” to the point of ignoring and denying observable FACTS.
        If that is not a form of “Insanity”, I don’t know what would be?

        “Craziness” in Politicians has become the “New Normal”, but worse, this “Insanity” has affected the Courts and Judges. And look at the Colleges and Universities – they are “Educating” (see: Indoctrinating) our youth into accepting this “New Normal”(Insanity) and even calling it “Social Justice”.


  2. glimpse of common sense…how amazing!
    there’s still hope for europe.

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  3. Progressives and jihadists are on the same side.

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  5. My belief is that these radical liberals want all these uncivilized immigrants to flood all the western countries and to eliminate our civilized cultures, in which, these radical liberals will then just step in, and eliminate these uncivilized and unsociable immigrants with their own private armies!!! These immigrants that are being brought over to our countries, clearly DO NOT want to adjust to a civilized world and these radical liberals know this! Thus, we have a human extermination being invoked and allowed to happen. It’s already happening in Chicago, which is plain to see when a Liberal Mayor allows black on black extermination to continue without any kind of retaliation.

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  6. If it takes profiling to keep my country safe, so be it. The airport in Isarel is one of the safest in the world for that very reason.
    These heathens have no intention of assimilating. So the next option is to protect yourselves, and if it takes profiling, go for it.
    The twisted left in Germany have guilted the rest into thinking their duty is to accept, even at the cost of death. Let us keep praying for those thinking outside the square.

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  7. those who claim racial profiling should go to the area where the detainees are, close themselves in a room, and sing “kumbaya” witht them.

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  8. Anyone that protests “Racial Profiling” or “Religious Profiling” after all the crap that has happened in Europe in the past few years either suicidal or willfully insane. I have no sympathy for them or anyone that tolerates their pushing their insanity on society.

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  9. “Police described them as being “Nafris” – a colloquial term for North Africans – which prompted furious online criticism as it suggested the men had been arrested on the basis of their appearance alone.”

    Wait a minute. So it’s not some protest on the streets, but only furious comments in the internet. And we all know there are internet squads wandering the internet with sole purpose to counter any news, article or comments that against liberal agenda.

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  10. “‘You could have prevented it’: Austrian politician to police chiefs on Innsbruck sex attacks”

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