KKK Members Claim They Were Paid To Fabricate Scenes For Now Cancelled A&E Show


I wonder what could have been the production company’s motivation (obvious sarc)…

From HuffPo: Members of the Ku Klux Klan who were participating in a now-canceled documentary series for A&E are claiming producers paid them to fabricate scenes for the show.

The show, “Escaping the KKK: A Documentary Series Exposing Hate in America,” was scheduled to premiere Jan. 10. A&E canceled the series after learning cash payments were made “to facilitate access” to the film’s subjects by the production company, This Is Just a Test (TIJAT).

The show was initially titled “Generation KKK,” but A&E changed it to make it clear the film is a work of documentary journalism rather than reality-TV entertainment.

However, KKK leaders tell Variety that they each were paid hundreds of dollars in cash a day during filming to participate in fabricated scenes designed to fit a predetermined narrative of tension between Klan members and relatives who wanted to get out.

KKK leaders also say they were presented with scripted scenarios, encouraged not to file taxes on the cash payments, instructed about what to say on camera and directed to re-enact camera shoots until the production team got what it needed. Multiple sources told Variety the production team even paid for material and equipment to make Nazi swastikas and to construct and burn wooden crosses.

One of the featured subjects, Richard Nichols, the grand dragon of a KKK cell known as the Tennessee White Knights of the Invisible Empire, said producers encouraged him to use the word “n****r” when being interviewed. “We were betrayed by the producers and A&E,” Nichols said. “It was all made up ― pretty much everything we said and did was fake and because that is what the film people told us to do and say.”

The Huffington Post reached out to TIJAT but has received no response. The company had issued a statement to TheWrap.com.

“We take these allegations very seriously and in partnership with A&E we will be looking into them fully,” the statement said. “We fully expected opposition from hate organizations who wish to disparage this series. We have been told that participants in the series have received threats and coerced into speaking out against the authenticity of the show.”

The company also addressed A&E’s decision to cancel the series before the airdate:

“We had many many long conversations about how to tackle this subject matter, and we are proud of the program we made. We feel the backlash over the announcement of this series has led to a shoot the messenger mentality.”



9 responses to “KKK Members Claim They Were Paid To Fabricate Scenes For Now Cancelled A&E Show

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  2. These KKK members are just as much to be blamed for participating in the fake “documentary” and for accepting “payments” to lie about themselves and their reprehensible organization.

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  3. I think maybe it’s time to ban watching A&E. It’s clear they had/have a motive/agenda to make such a series which I’m sure would have led up to Trump. Hate doesn’t just stem from organizations like the KKK (which btw was a democrat organization), but now new “Hate” organizations are sprouting up all over; one of them being this BLM (Black Lives Matters). They are clearly a Hate Organization and one can even say that the Democratic/Liberal Party is a very much HATE organization. There has been evidence splattered on media and social media videos. People who voted/supported Trump throughout his campaign and even still are victims of horrible hate crimes!

    I say BAN A&E!


  4. I can’t imagine how this show was to enlighten us, or why A&E would pick this group. Have we as a society become so jaded and cynical that television networks think we want KKK in our living rooms? Shame on A&E.


  5. You can’t BAN them!
    Lib/Progs got a right to show their dumbass Propaganda. They should be encouraged to be as stupid as they want to be.
    People with any brain at all just laugh. The Brainwashed idiots are going to believe anything Obama & Clinton say. The fence straddlers are starting to learn they are being intentionally lied to, and the more they got fooled before, the madder they will be later.
    The Dems and their Lap-dog Media are in a huge Self-Destruct Death Spiral. Don’t do anything to stop them. The more desperate they get, the more flagrant the lies get. And the more transparent.

    They lie so much, they are totally out of touch, so bad that some think that their outrageous lies are believed by the stupid Sheeple. Trump won because people believe him because they know in their guts that he is telling the truth.


  6. It is truly difficult for me to comprehend why it is that people still watch any te levi sion at all.


  7. Liberals claim we are living in a post-truth society because Trump won. The reality is, it’s because they’re done with truth, and they’ve realized that the only way for them to win again is to tell even bigger lies than before.

    Rest assured, they will create a fantasy world for their prog flock to live in. Their reality will not be compatible with survival.

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  8. Here, say the N-word and wave this Trump sign… big money in it for ya!

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