Chicago records 762 homicides in 2016, up 57 percent from previous year

rahm emanuel ap photo

Take a bow, Murder Mayor Rahm Emanuel/AP Photo

But, but, how can this be with the city’s very strict gun control laws? What a distaster that city has become.

From Fox News: The city of Chicago recorded 762 homicides in 2016 — an average of two murders per day, the most killings in the city for two decades and more than New York and Los Angeles combined.

The nation’s third largest city also saw 1,100 more shooting incidents than it did in 2015, according to statistics released by the Chicago Police Department that underlined a story of bloodshed that has put Chicago at the center of a national dialogue about gun violence.

The numbers released Sunday are staggering, even for those following the steady news accounts of weekends ending with dozens of shootings and monthly death tolls that hadn’t been seen in years. The increase in 2016 homicides compared to 2015, when 485 were reported, is the largest spike in 60 years.

Police and city officials have lamented the flood of illegal guns into the city, and the crime statistics appeared to support their claims: Police recovered 8,300 illegal guns in 2015, a 20 percent from the previous year.

The bulk of the deaths and shooting incidents, which jumped from 2,426 in 2015 to 3,550 last year, occurred in only five neighborhoods on the city’s South and West sides, all poor and predominantly black areas where gangs are most active. Police said the shootings in those areas generally wasn’t random, with more than 80 percent of the victims having previously been identified by police as more susceptible because of their gang ties or past arrests.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson was expected to discuss the newly released statistics Sunday afternoon.

The city has scrambled to address the violence. Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced last year that 1,000 officers would be added to the police department. At the same time, police officials have been trying to figure out why homicides and shootings — which began climbing the year before — suddenly surged.

Johnson has said several factors contributed to the increased violence. He noted 2016 was the first full year since the city was forced in November 2015 to release video of the fatal police shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, who was black and shot 16 times by a white police officer. The video cost former Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy his job, sparked major protests around the city, and led to federal and state investigations of the department.

It also left Johnson with the task of trying to restore public trust in what appeared to be a weakened police force, a perception that was only buttressed by a dramatic drop in the number of arrests in 2016.

While the police department has cited several factors for the declining numbers, including a concerted effort not to make minor drug arrests and focus on gun violence, Johnson acknowledged in a recent interview with The Associated Press that officers have become more cautious — in part out of fear of becoming the next “viral video.”

That, he said, has “emboldened” criminals. “Criminals watch TV, pay attention to the media,” he said. “They see an opportunity to commit nefarious activity.”


15 responses to “Chicago records 762 homicides in 2016, up 57 percent from previous year

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  2. But no one seems to care, especially the Soros- and other white elites-funded, hypocritical #BlackLivesMatter movement.

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    • As you spot on mentioned, the operative word here is surely ‘hypocritical’, just as Jeshua raised His voice against the Pharisees and elites of His day: “Oh you hypocrites! Whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

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  4. Gosh! I am pinning all my hopes on a resolution to this wholesale slaughter on the “silent march” that Jesse Jackson participated in. They marched down the main commercial street, Jackson indicated that “everyone was responsible for stopping these deaths.” I am wondering how many white folks have been arrested for going into the predominately black neighborhoods to shoot up their communities??? I certainly do agree with Dr Eowyn regarding the involvement of Soros and his ilk who have with deliberate intent done everything they could to destabilize these very communities, where things are at there worst to begin with.

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    • DCG . . . Thank you for continuing to remind us of this tragic genocidal nightmare that continues to happen in Chicago . . . with no end in sight! (That is unless the silent march miraculously ends the violence.)

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  5. I like Chicago in my rear-view mirror.

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  6. Well, my family left the Windy City in 1958, but it seems the plot has thickened considerably since then. According to, “The Chicago population density is 11,586.70 people per square mile, which is much higher than the state average density of 222.21 people per square mile and is much higher than the national average density of 82.73 people per square mile.”

    The same authority puts NYC at 17,833.87/sq mi, rank #6, There are about 43,500 sq ft in an acre, and 640 acres in a square mile. So if we put Chicago’s 11,500 people [a few were killed since I started writing!] into that acre, each person will have about 3.78 sq ft of standing room. Now that I’ve achieved my full growth of 255 lbs, that would be a small shower stall for me!

    I think what we’re seeing here is a simple case of an urban environment that’s surpassed its carrying capacity [and I’m nor referring to firearms] a very long time ago, and now is in terminal decline. It’s exactly the same as the classic rat behaviour experiments: even when they had access to adequate food and water, when a rat population breeds to the point they are overcrowded [the floor space remains the same], their behaviours rapidly decline into violence, ending in cannibalism of the newly born [they don’t abort]. There’s a good overview at

    However, the most curious aspect of this for me is that NYC has a higher density BUT a lower crime rate, and its schools are deemed among the best in the nation! Clearly, it’s a very complicated situation, though I feel crowding is the major contributor to our fatal inability to deal with ‘in your face’ stressors. Yet as the Wikipedia article on overpopulation points out, “Greater Tokyo already has 35 million, more than the entire population of Canada (at 34.1 million).[70]” Yet we do not see the mayhem & murder that we do in Chicago.

    Curious and curiouser, indeed….


  7. Animals killing animals…so what. The truth is that every one of these murders actually make Chicago safer as sooner or later the breeding class will kill themselves off. Problem solved.

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    • OK, I’ll ‘fess up. I was going to comment much as you have, but I didn’t want to offend some readers w/my crass attitude of seeing it as a self-liquidating problem. In a limited, material way Darwin was correct, but low brain-power fools filled w/killing lust simply don’t terminate soon enough, as they often kill an entire family or more before they’re taken down by police or by one of the boys in the ‘hood.

      When I was there Chicago was composed of neighbourhoods that were segregated by skin colours, religion, & ethnicity; these were understood to be limits not trespassed lightly, especially at night. So we simply didn’t see one another enough to be aware of ‘problems’ beyond our neighbourhood, nor enough to start a killing grudge. And in the Fifties, all drugs were ‘hard’ drugs, as marijuana was confirmed mostly to musicians.

      Finally, as our parents were mostly Old Country Roman Catholics, we had, as W C Fields so perfectly put it, “the loving care of a father’s boot” to make sure we walked a narrow path. And that was NOT considered ‘child abuse’!


  8. Let’s hope they top 10,000 next year.

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  9. Can’t blame this on the Republican/Conservatives. There aren’t any around. A majority of demonrats elected to office. Gee, I wonder what else could possible go wrong? No wonder odumbo plans to stay in Washington. Hitliary is also from the Chicago area . Don’t see her moving back there either. Wonder which one can’t stand the other?

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  10. This is what you get with a strictly Lib Dumbercrap Administration and Court System over a long period of time.
    Even the Minorities that have chained themselves to the Democrat Plantation for generations are starting to see it.
    If the Dems don’t change the 2018 & 2020 elections are going to be bloodbaths. And they won’t change, probably get crazier.

    Chitcago? Build an electrified chain-link fence around the bad parts with a Free Fire Zone outside, and turn the lights off to everything else.


  11. It’s too bad the liberal elites and their prog flock can’t also destroy themselves as quickly as chi-town hoodlums can.


  12. Easy access to illegal firearms, number 1 country for Mexican cartels to sell heroin, booming overall drug market, high levels of deep poverty, no opportunity, high level of uneducated youth, PTSD, self-hatred, boredom and lacklustre police. Mixed with Worldstar/Youtube and the fact that everyone wants to be a self snitching rapper. People no longer see poor black Chicagoans as human beings and they don’t see themselves as human either. They can themselves Savages as a term of endearment.


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