Libtard actor is sued for allegedly hitting private driver after inhaling laughing gas and complaining about spending money on donations to Clinton campaign

Premiere Of Paramount Pictures' "Office Christmas Party" - Red Carpet

Jennifer Aniston and fellow actor T.J. Miller

I’ve never heard of this crazy actor before. The only thing I know is he is full of butthurt, possibly high, and has a severe case of TARD.

From Daily Mail: Silicon Valley star TJ Miller allegedly attacked his private driver during a heated argument about Donald Trump after inhaling ‘laughing gas’. 

Wilson Deon Thomas III said he was hired to drive the comedian around for the day and claims Miller was inhaling nitrous oxide out of small metal canisters better known as Whip-Its, a party drug said to give users a quick and euphoric high.  Thomas claims Miller finished his entire stash and then called on his assistant to bring him more that day, according to TMZ.

He said Miller, who recently starred in Office Christmas Party, repeatedly complained about how much money he spent supporting Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Wilson picked Miller up from the GQ Men of the Year party in Hollywood and said the comedian accused him of being a Trump supporter.  As Wilson pulled up to the star’s home, he said Miller suddenly struck him on the right side of his head and shoulder as he continued to drive. The driver claims he suffered violent whiplash after slamming on the breaks. He is now suing Miller for medical expenses and other damages.  Miller was arrested for alleged assault around 1am that morning.

The actor was released on his recognizance and was given a citation that didn’t require him to have to pay a $20,000 bail, police said, adding that he will appear in court at a later date. Miller’s attorney has called Wilson’s lawsuit a ‘pure money grab’ and said the driver is no stranger to filing ‘bogus lawsuits to extort people’.

Although details surrounding the Trump argument are still unclear, Miller made it very clear last month about who he didn’t support in the presidential election when he burned a Trump tie. 

The actor appeared on the Conan Show on November 1 to talk about his upcoming gig as the host of the 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards on Sunday. ‘So I almost forgot. In the early 2000s, ironically, I bought this tie back when Donald Trump was funny,’ Miller said.  ‘He’s not very funny anymore,’ Miller said as he set the tie on fire in front of a cheering audience.  He then threw the tie on the stage and tap-danced on it before kicking it on the floor.

Miller has also been vocal about his political views on social media. On Election Day, he tweeted: ‘Please prevent @realDonaldTrump from putting his name on the White House in cheap gold.’ Below the tweet was a message from Hillary Clinton encouraging voters to chose her over Trump.

Before the altercation, the 35-year-old actor made a chilling red carpet appearance with his actress and model wife, Kate Gorney, as he displayed a grisly gash in his left year with a safety pin sticking in it.  

His appearance attracted much attention as the blood had seeped down his neck and onto his lapel and trousers while he posed with his wife in photos at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. But it was made clear shortly after, that the star’s blood and wound was actually fake. 

He had enlisted the help of a make-up artist to help promote his new movie the Office Christmas Party, which was released in theaters on Friday.

Gorney and Miller arrived at the GQ party together, but it’s unclear if Gorney was present at the time of the scuffle between Miller and the Uber driver.


18 responses to “Libtard actor is sued for allegedly hitting private driver after inhaling laughing gas and complaining about spending money on donations to Clinton campaign

  1. Just another mentally ill Hollyweird lowlife. I hope the driver prevails, and gets a load of cash. If this loser is so stupid that he inhales drugs and then is prompted to assault another person–he needs to be tied up in the legal system in addition to being sued

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  2. I am reluctant to write this, but, I presently hope that Hillary has the votes and love of all the deranged, not Donald. Why am I reluctant? The day may come, and sooner than we would like, when they will be the majority in electoral and popular vote counts. When they approach, hide all sharp implements. And yourselves.

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  3. LOL! Laughing gas= Hippy crack.What a loon.

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  4. I’ve boycotted so-called “popular culture ” for many years and it pleases me that I have no idea who this selfimportant and possibly syphilitic moron is. I didn’t even know the name of the movie. Pop culture is like any drug, you must ween yourself from it if you want to remain sane. Also…..who wants to pay current ticket prices to be preached at by amoral drug addicts and perverts?

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    • Ed K . . . You hit it right on this account . . . “who wants to pay current ticket prices to be preached at by amoral drug addicts and perverts?” That is the very crux of the situation–all the Hollyweird folks really think that because they draw down the big bucks all the while pretending to be folks that they are not, and then “self medicating” because they are obviously confused by their very lives. Most of us out here in the real world have to avoid mind-altering agents, so that we can earn a living and proceed with our somewhat dreary “real” lives.

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  5. Another bad case of nincompoopia.

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  6. Exacerbated by cranial nuroapthy. (Numbskull)

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  7. DUMB DORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  8. TJ Miller. Who’s dat?
    Betcha this will be as well-known as he’d ever be.

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  9. Miller Low Life is the Rule and not the Exception! I have found liberals and leftists to be the most venal, petty, anal retentive and vicious people on Earth. Especially with the rating ability on their rideshare app.
    I have never caused a collision, I have never made anyone sick with my driving, and I have had many compliments on my abilities as a driver. But once they discover whom I voted for, or why I dislike Hillary Clinton, or that I listen to Alex Jones, those people have the ability to give me a low rating—and they usually do. My rating has most definitely suffered.
    Fortunately, I have not been physically attacked. But I did pick up one “precious snowflake” who was so upset and triggered by my listening to Alex Jones on my app, she e-mailed the office and told them she was going to hire an attorney!
    These GOONS have out-McCarthyied Joe McCarthy. And they have a strange hatred for God and Country.

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    • Steven . . . you truly are a Saint for having to put up with this kind of abuse. I am wondering . . . do “liberal leaning drivers” get turned in by conservative passengers? I’ll just bet not, because just go about their lives with a “live and let live” attitude. We try not to infringe on others, but unfortunately, liberals just cannot seem to do that. I had my sister and two brothers over for dinner yesterday . . . conservativism was so thick you could cut it with a knife. My sister offered up her idea of why liberals “have to control everyone else around them” . . . according to her thinking, since these people feel that they are not able to control themselves, and their particular mental aberrations–they feel they have to control everyone else, and what other people are doing.

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  10. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Are we dealing with a growing force of violent Trumpaphobic jihadists? The Qur’an tells believers to conduct jihad with their goods and their persons. Believers such as Miller should not complain about loss of goods because of their loss of war and then continue war with their persons against a defenseless driver.

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    • marblenecltr .. . Amen! It is rather chicken s _ _ t, to wage a war against a person who is out there trying to earn a living, not infringing in any manner on the liberal rider!

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  11. Laughing Gas Is No Laughing Matter!
    Dangers of laughing gas party craze – YouTube

    Sep 5, 2015 – Uploaded by eanna koltes
    Gas used by dentists is being inhaled at Melbourne parties in a dangerous new craze. Party-goers are .


  12. A marginally talented D-lister.

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  13. Miller’s attorney said, this driver was just making “a grab for money.” Well, if said actor is so stupid that he would assault another person, then obviously he needs a “wake-up call.” Nothing will do that quite as well as having to shell out money to make up for one’s own stupidity! Thank goodness the police arrested Miller, which gives validity to the legal action. It is very sad to realize that driver’s are at peril on any given day . . . this certainly makes me think of our own Steven. I hope that he is protected from day to day by the angels.

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  14. Interesting life of a comedian today? Uppers to wake-up, Downers to get to sleep…And Laughing Gas for everything in-between, what a life!
    —Sounds like the Cabdriver got off easy…I hope he collects a bundle!

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