Happy New Year, Deplorables!!!


2016 was a hard, hard year, but . . .

with the help of God, we the Deplorables defeated a truly evil woman and her evil minions and supporters, against seemingly insurmountable odds of her having the MSM and Hollywood behind her, the rigged debates, the rigged polls, 3300% greater campaign spending, and the covert collusion of the Republican Establishment. See:

Hillary Clinton will never ever be POTUS.

Thank you, Triune Godhead.

Thank you for sending Your Heavenly Army led by St. Michael the Archangel to help us.

Thank you for giving America another chance.

We will do our utmost to earn that chance.


17 responses to “Happy New Year, Deplorables!!!

  1. And a Very Happy New Year to you and yours. And thank you for your hard work and intense search for the truth.
    It was indeed a good day for me when I found this blog.

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  2. Have a great new year Dr.E, may God continue to bless you and your family.

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  3. Happy New Year to all FOTM members. We the Deplorables certainly saw our prayers answered in the fact that Killary was defeated.

    Thank you Dr Eowyn for the tireless efforts you put in to bringing us such beautiful spiritual messages, and messages pertaining to things going on in our society that we need to be aware of. May God Bless you for your efforts!

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  4. Happy New. Year ! Peace, love, and grooviness to all! Its going to be a wonderful year and beyond!

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  7. Trump!

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  8. Amen! May God bless all of you and your loved ones too.

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  9. Happy New Year everyone. Now, We, the United States of America, get to defend our God-given 2nd. chance to restore the foundation of our house, by returning to the values upon which we were founded.

    I’m with you, Anonymous, keep all guns blazing against all who would betray us.

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  10. Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year to everyone at FOTM!

    On today’s HenryMakow.com (Sun., Jan. 1st), in his tweet column on the left, YOU can give Donald Trump a piece of your mind by checking out his tweet on apply.com. It’s free and it takes only seconds!

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  11. And, going forward, let us NOT forget how we got here!

    Happy New Year to all~!

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  12. We need to hold Mr. Trump’s feet to the fire so that he KEEPS those promises. We also need to study our founding documents (Declaration of Independence and US Constitution) so that we can show how the principles underlying them can bring TRUE peace, justice, and opportunity to all our citizens.

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  13. another year of fighting real evil in a virtual world with the help of our Lord and Savior has come and gone…
    I pray 2017 continues to bless us with truth, prosperity, divine inspiration, love, and protection for our Christian brothers and sisters as long as we stay true to Him.
    Happy New Year to all!

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  15. We’re all in a countdown mode for our new POTUS. Love the mouse, and the post was great as well.


  16. Happy New Year to All…and, my 2016 prayers were answered, for which I am still in awe. Now, we must all join hands and pray together that the Obama and Sorous “SHADOW GOVERNMENT,” which they will almost certainly set up in the D.C. area while Obama remains in residence in order to “see his youngest daughter graduate from HS,” will be rebuffed and dead in the water when it comes up against Trump. And I personally, every day, pray for the health and well-being of our 45th President Trump. He has so much “clean-up” to contend with…and so much bad press….and so much world MESS, etc….that, we expect so much of him. Pray for continued strength for us…and for him!


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