Elementary school teacher and his husband sexually abused 8 young boys

WND reports that according to St. Paul Pioneer Press on Dec. 27, 2016, two homosexual men — elementary-school teacher Aric Babbitt and his husband, Matthew Deyo — sexually abused eight underage boys since at least 2013.


Babbitt, 40, a teacher at Lincoln Center Elementary in South St. Paul, Minnesota since 2002, and Deyo, 36, came to the attention of local authorities on Aug. 14 after a 16-year-old former student of Babbitt’s revealed to his parents his “ongoing sexual relationship” with the two men.

The boy said Babbitt was his volunteer-work supervisor and had become his mentor when he came out to his parents as homosexual. Babbit gave him gifts of underwear and yoga shorts and requested images of the boy before he turned 16. The men asked to take him to a jazz concert but instead took him to a Minneapolis hotel where they provided him with alcohol, marijuana and had unprotected sex with the teen. He was told to “keep this our little secret.”

On August 16, in a search of the two men’s home, police collected a large amount of evidence of their crimes and clues that led to seven other victims, including photos and videos on phones, computers, media devices, and secret video from a camera hidden in a bathroom clock. Videos show Babbitt filming himself masturbating in a school bathroom, and in his empty classroom near a student’s desk.

On August 17, Babbitt was put on paid leave after news of the allegations became public.

The young victims described being plied with alcohol and marijuana at Babbitt’s and Deyo’s home, Babbitt’s family cabin and Deyo’s parents’ farm before “it got weird.” Text messages between the two men revealed the planning that went into their abuse of the boys:

  • Referencing a boy staying overnight, Babbitt texted Deyo: “Make sure the alarm clock [containing the hidden camera] ends up somewhere good. I was going to surprise (boy victim) with hot tub … in case it improves chances of skinny dip.”
  • In another text message, Deyo asked Babbitt, “Should I be expecting a scantily clad 40 yo and (victim) to give me some hugs and kisses this weekend? I just want to be able to hug and snuggle (victim) for a couple mins without (victim) feeling awkward.” Babbitt responded by texting, “You just need to grab him and make (victim) sit on your lap every once in awhile.”

Even as police were searching the pair’s home, Babbitt and Deyo were planning to flee the St. Paul area. On Aug. 16, the men drained their bank accounts, purchased $860 in camping gear on a credit card, and went on the run.

The two were found dead on Aug. 25 on a beach on Lopez Island in northwest Washington state, having died the previous day in a shotgun murder-suicide wherein Deyo killed Babbitt before turning the weapon on himself.

The two men left a note on the dashboard of their car describing their time on the run as the “vacation of a lifetime” which “brought great peace to end it on Lopez.”

In a suicide note mailed to Deyo’s parents, Babbitt and Deyo said that they were not the monsters characterized by some. Portraying themselves as victims of society’s intolerance, the two pedophiles said because the accusations against them were “too great to overcome,” they decided to “choose our own destinies rather than experience the embarrassment, ridicule, hatred and inevitable loss of freedom that the justice system would give.”

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28 responses to “Elementary school teacher and his husband sexually abused 8 young boys

  1. Apparently this ‘devoted married couple’ were unable to fulfill themselves within the bounds of their ‘marital relationship’.

    I’m pleased to see they did the right thing & removed themselves from the planet. Perhaps their parents can have some comfort knowing they will never see their sons in prison.

    Am I hard-hearted? Readers here know I came out after more than 50 years to tell of how I was drugged at 20 by a 30-something guy who tried to force himself on me, but I was far stronger, and even in a stupor I kept the creep off until I could get away.

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    • I salute your courage to come forward with such a harrowing experience. I’m so happy to hear you could fend the monster off, sadly not everyone is physically stronger.

      YOU are brave

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      • Dear Lady D;
        I thank you for your kind comment in re my being ‘brave,’ however in my life taking a stand in an event made me so; one becomes stronger by overcoming challenges, and with luck, we all do so when the time comes.

        My life would make one and a half or more movies, however, I see people far more disadvantaged than I, so I KNOW that but for the grace of God, recently Eo, and many people in my past life I would be far worse off than I am today, in a state that I share w/our beloved Steven B.

        Friends, all our lives are what they are for reasons we must come to understand & accept, lest our burden crush the life-gift we have. I feel small when I regard our joandarc’s life, but I’d instantly defend her in any way needful if the moment required, ditto for Eo and all of you. We do not need to know one another to be the brother & sister in Christ that our humanity requires of every one of us.

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  2. “Babbitt and Deyo said that they were not the monsters characterized by some.” Yes they were. And cowards to boot.

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  3. Is anyone surprised by this?
    If the schools are forced to hire openly homosexual teachers this is going to be the result in some cases.
    At least these two took themselves off the board and didn’t make the kids go through a trial.
    The real militants don’t care about anyone or anything but “their sexuality” and being prosecuted just makes them heroes in their own minds. It is going to get worse.

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  4. This line caught my attention: “On August 17, Babbitt was put on paid leave after news of the allegations became public.? Paid leave? He should have been put in handcuffs!

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  5. The minute I read the title of this article, my stomach turned. I am very grateful that these two depraved individuals saved the rest of society the problem of dealing with them for the rest of their natural lives. Unfortunately, as Joseph has so eloquently brought out . . . these two were unable to “find satisfying love and affection” within the confines of their marital union! So what good was a marriage to them? They still proceeded to prey on vulnerable young men . . . I am sickened by their behavior. This frankly goes to show that all of us need to be aware of what is going on around us, who is asking to take a son, or nephew, or neighbor boy to a concern–only to end up at a hotel! In this day and age NO TEACHER should be taking a young student to a concert on a one on one outing, or one and teacher & teacher’s husband outing, be it male or female teacher. We have so many perverts who are just waiting to pray on children whose parent’s or guardian’s have slacked off in guarding them.

    Dr Eowyn, unfortunately, as sad and depraved as the people cited in this article may be–thank you for reminding us that we have beasts who roam among us . . . we all need to be wary!

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  6. And, how many loving couples, like these guys, do you suppose, actually have, foster or adopted, children, actually, living with them,.?

    I shudder to think,.

    But, just think about it,..Had these guys just stuck around a little bit longer, their actions would have been legal, & any condemnation of such actions will soon be ,..’hate speech’,…

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  7. I have to wonder if this was a suicide-were they part of something bigger? Only time will tell


  8. Keep homos away from our children – no matter what.

    And yes, I said H-O-M-O-S.

    Should that term offend you, I’ll be more than happy to resort to flaming faggots.

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    • Yes Dave, children shouldn’t be exposed to homosexuality, or any sexuality for that matter. Let them be innocent. Let them be children.
      Born a boy IS a boy. A girl will always be A girl. I wish people would stop putting these outrageous ideas into our children’s mind that you can change your gender and that it’s okay to be lay with the same sex, and to even decile the holy sacrament of marriage with their homosexual filth.

      Keeps homos away from all children

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    • I use S-O-D-O-M-I-T-E-S. It’s even more accurate than homos. How can anyone be offended by accuracy?

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      • Ummm,..
        It’s just a thought, but I’m wondering, if, when the autopsies were performed, ,did they check their bodies for any possible STDs , like, perhaps, herpes or AIDS.

        And, as to the ,..’normality’,. of male homosexuality, I fail to see how men messing around in each other’s rectums, can be considered,..’normal,..,..

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  9. it’s just a “lifestyle” to “grow” the next crop of mentally ill LGBT bipeds. You know, all are okay and everything is okay in the insane world of mentally ill liberals (who call others intolerant haters but are hypocrites as they are showing as they plan to destroy trump’s inauguration)

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    • stevor . . . I cannot agree with you more . . . “it’s just a ‘lifestyle’ to ‘grow’ the next crop of mentally ill LGBT bipeds.” There will always need to be more young men sucked into this deviant lifestyle–to appease the “hunger” homosexual men have for same sex experiences, also there is the need to replace those who have died of AIDS due to their participation in homosexual activities. It is the saddest of all things that innocent young boys {and young girls for that matter] are preyed upon by unscrupulous deviants. I hope the deviants who have seduced children enjoy the Eternities in Hell, with the burning bright memories of their deeds here on the earth.

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  10. Pretty soon this will be legal, since the psychiatric organizations came out and declared sodomizing of children a normal biological function and an acceptable sexual orientation for men. That’s how they got the homosexual agenda pushed down our throats and to use elementary schools to indoctrinate children into being homosexual and transgender. Now they are trying to get the age of consent for a child to agree to sex down to 11 or 12. They will be teaching them that it is good to consent to sodomy with old men, which should be easy, after promoting sodomy and teaching them how to do it, in schools. Pedophiles must be drooling over that.

    Of course these sick pedophiles don’t think they did anything wrong and it is society’s fault for wanting to protect children from sexual predators. Them killing themselves is mostly their fault for giving into their perverted desires to do sexual harm to children and lacking in having any morals to know that it is wrong.

    The others at fault are the psychiatrist psychos, who should be charged for promoting sick people to become sexual predators of children and be held accountable for any children who are abused, due to them giving pedophiles the go ahead.

    Good people can’t sit by and need to go after these psychiatrists who are promoting pedophelia and trying to make it legal so pedophiles can terrorize children at will. We have to stop the legalization of it and stop them lowering the age of consent.

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    • I don’t give a rats ass what psychos and psychiatrists say or do; libturds and evil people will never, ever, rest. Can’t control them, unless you eliminate them. I don’t let my kids out of my sight and radar. No nights out until they are adults. No contacts with these kind of people. They have freedom, but are educated about all the evil stuff out there and know how to avoid it and defend themselves. Let any sick f*ck touch one of my kids and she or he won’t have a chance to even think about committing suicide, although they might have wished they did before they had done something like this! They can “marry” whoever they want, and do whatever they want, as far as they keep it to themselves. There is a price to pay for every choice we make, and they will pay the price. The day of reckoning will come Till then, stay away from kids, or pay the price! Lock and load brethren! It is each mother and father’s responsibility to provide a safe home and haven for the children entrusted to them. What I wonder is how these children ended up in these sickos’ apartment, farm, etc. What kind of parenting were these children receiving?

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      • Pat Riot . . . your last two sentences, really says it all . . . “What I wonder is how these children ended up in these sickos’ apartment, farm, etc. What kind of parenting were these children receiving?” There can be no doubt that in instances like this–the parent(s) were asleep at the switch!

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    • Dear tas….Obama’s Secretary of Education wrote the book “Man-Boy Love” ( he is homosexual and was in the classroom and then in educational administration….). His book is about how it IS NORMAL for grown men and young boys to exchange sexual pleasures. He did it. He defended it within his staff/students. No one raised a STINK about this then…or then in the Obama Admin.

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      • Sorry…I meant Kevin Jennings, an ASst. SEc. in the Ed. Dept;;;;but very public…a “gay activist” who was very defensive about the “rights” of pedophiles…..etc etc….my point is…yes…it is on its way to being “legal.”

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  11. Sometimes when I read something like this, I am unable to respond right away.
    How did this happen, and for so long? Did no one notice strange behavior?
    For the last eight years, these kind of people were led to think this kind of behavior was acceptable.
    We now have a Christian President coming into office. Was this part of his Drain the Swamp, he spoke of?
    From now, we have to find these people, expose them and let them know very bad thing will happen to them if they continue this behavior.
    That our children are gifts from God and will be protected.
    I think we all have a new goal to achieve from now on.

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  12. At least court costs were saved. Too bad they were not surrendered to the victims parents for disposition (termination with extreme prejudice). They most assuredly will find themselves in a most undesireable place for eternity.

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  13. Babbit & Deyo “chose their own destinies,” all right. Evil is a mystery—the Mystery of Iniquity. And I’m confident that they both believed that THEY were the victims: After all, they decried society’s “intolerance” in their suicide note.
    I am also confident that most of the boys knew, somehow, to some degree, that they, too, were wrong. But these predators were MORE wrong.

    Where do we draw the line? I am against menacing and harassing gay people; Let them live their own lives. But as a movement, they are NOT demanding mere “tolerance”: The movement demands the superior and dominant position. And these two teachers ruined young lives and then chose to kill themselves. Cowards these predators were!

    Evil is a mystery. I am glad that Alfred Hitchcock is not here to do a replay on his Leopold & Loeb movie “Rope.” But let us always remember that the “Playboy philosophy” or permissive hedonism of both the Clintons and the Obamas culminates in precisely this outcome, if carried to its logical—and demonic—conclusion.

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  14. Parents beware. Homosexuals are not normal. Teach your children that males who are sexually attracted to other males, including boys are degenerate, deviant beings. There are no half measures or ‘inclusive’, ‘compassionate’ considerations. Leave your children with no doubt about what is normal. Re-think your own perceptions in light of this report, if necessary.

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  15. We, as Americans, need to start connecting with others who are working against the large amount pedophilia activity that has been surfacing in America. We are strong together, and if we can find other citizens with the same concerns in our communities, we can keep one another informed, and load up our Representatives with letters.

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