Shocking video of homeless in Orange County, CA

We are shocked by videos of Muslim refugees encamped on the streets of Paris, France, but we have the same thing in America — of homeless people.

Here’s a shocking video showing homeless make-shift tents and their belongings stretching a mile in the heart of Orange County, between Disneyland and Angel Stadium, Anaheim. (Source: Tweeter )


Orange County in southern California is in the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim metropolitan area. 34 incorporated cities are in the county, the four largest being Anaheim, Santa Ana, Irvine, and Huntington Beach. With a population of 3,010,232, it is the 6th most populous county in the U.S.

Though long known as a Republican stronghold, the Republican margin began to narrow in the 1990s and 2000s as the state trended Democratic, and in 2016, Hillary Clinton won the county with a majority — the first time Orange County voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1936 landslide re-election for a second term.


16 responses to “Shocking video of homeless in Orange County, CA

  1. They spend billions on welfare and services for Criminal Invaders (illegal aliens), but Americans, including many military veterans are homeless and live like this.

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    • I could not agree with you more. Why is it that WE (as a nation) are so concerned in bringing in foreign national (who hate us) yet we are ignoring our own citizens?? Here in Portland, Oregon, we have homeless camps galore. I just do not understand why foreign citizens should live better than citizens of the USA. It is a travesty.

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      • Auntie, you couldn’t be more correct. Why should money earmarked for vets, be taken and used for people from other countries that hate us?
        Why should we take in one more until the Saudis start using those 100,000 amazing empty tents and help out? At least they would be with like minded people.
        Why should we take in people that are impossible to vet, but they manage to leave behind the Christians?

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      • Auntie….same here in my formerly semi-rural inland valley CA area….I’ve been here almost 30 years & the FIRST thing I saw upon moving into my new home was an anonymous DEAD body in the empty fields leading up to my new home site…probably a homeless person, b/c there was never a big stink or murder charge connected to this event. We are in an unicoporated area, & have never been able to use our nearby small town’s “city park” b/c it is inhabited by the homeless. There is NO help for these people outside of whatever local civic concerns come forth. Our neighbors RABIDLY turned out to vote down a homeless/education/ outreach center to be built abt a half mile from our home sites. As for me and my husband…..we argued that we’d much RATHER know where these people were…give them help to get OUT of here (& as a teacher and a psychologist, we’d volunteer our time, too) rather than have them “secretly” sleeping on the back of our properties, stealing petty things out of our yards, or breaking into our cars for clothing or such….. AND YET , with my OWN EYES, I saw OBAMA (& as publicly documented via major news stations) DUMP thousands of undocumented just past the “Border Patrol Station” at the 15 interstate near Temecula, CA…..and absorbed them immediately into our welfare system, our voting system (for all we know) and our school systems….NO QUESTIONS asked…..NO health screenings (which is WHY I…as a public school teacher in So. CA am REQUIRED to take a TB test every 2 years in order to KEEP my job….)…and….IF I DO NOT “pass” this test, through no fault of my own….I do NOT HAVE A JOB anymore.

        This will put hair on your chest: in the beginning of one of my teaching years…I was FINALLY informed that, a child that I had taught for a half day every day in the year PRIOR ( Art, English, and History….3 periods a day)….had active Tuburculosis. She was Hispanic, and had spent some months at her grandmother’s home in Mexico in the year prior….she was “undocumented.” Since I had been exposed to her for a half day for an entire year before being informed….I was sweating bullets before my TB test came back (negative). I can NOT imagine the sorrow and poor prognosis this would have meant for YEARS and forever in my family had my test been “positive.” I don’t mean just MY HEALTH…I mean, the financial well-being of my family forever after……devastating…almost to the point of total destruction/bandruptcy if I could no longer work at my job due to this……

        And yet… you said, Auntie….we are way more concerned with the “fate” of foreign nationals than we are with the health and welfare and safety of our own hard-working day-to-day citizens……

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  2. This is a huge problem, and it’s even worse in Los Angeles. I don’t know where all these homeless are coming from. My son works on a sleazy strip of Beach Boulevard (Orange County) where there’s homeless, drug dealers, and hookers. It’s downright third-world.

    This needs national attention. I live in a predominantly white (whatever that means anymore), middle-class neighborhood (average 40-year old house sells for over $600,000), and we’re seeing homeless on our streets. It’s appalling, but no one knows what the hell to do.

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  4. Thanks for sharing! It appears that someone has stopped this video! I got the message that it was unavailable! It doesn’t change the tragedy of the situation! THANK GOD, We won this Election! We now have an AMERICAN Christian team who will fix these things! I am certain! I have faith in God and that TRUMP & PENCE are Skilled, Caring Americans who will, with God’s Help and our Prayers Restore our Beloved Republic to our Constitution and Christian Foundation! GOD HAS BLESSED US MIGHTILY! Praise the Lord!

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  5. Gee this sort of thing disappeared during the Obama years and now we have a homeless problem?

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    • Angus, I know you’re being sarcastic, so I gave you a ‘thumb up’ and a ‘Like’, but two readers think you’re serious. You may want to post a 2nd comment to the effect that you were being facetious, although there really isn’t anything humorous about the tragedy of Obamination.

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      • God Bless you Joseph for acknowledging this seemingly sarcastic blurb. I have NO DOUBT that things got much worse during the Obama years than it was before. I would suspect that it will take some time to turn things around, but it cannot be soon enough to please me.


  6. Another Obamaville.

    Sadly, they are all over.

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  7. I know many areas in warmer climates are drowning in homeless. When we lived in San Diego, you could go to the bus station and watch them unload off of busses. Chicago was buying oneway tickets to rid themselves of the problem.
    Now, living in another warm area and the problem is horrible here. A few years ago, the people of the county went into these camps to interview the people and find out where they were from. Almost half were from cold areas on the mainland,
    Then you can add that many don’t want help, they refuse to abide by the rules of no drinking or drugs. Others are in hiding, either from the law or maybe even child support. Many just don’t want to be found and want to live off the grid.
    Some are mentally challenged or have mental problems and their families have disowned them.
    Many are illegals and are willing to take help that could be used for legal citizens.
    Whatever the reasons and there are plenty, we need to help those with young children and those in temporary dire straits. Those that want a hand up not a hand out.
    It is just no one wants to grab the bull by the horns and clear out these areas for fear of being labeled. Many politicians find it leaves a bad taste in their mouth and many just posture.

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  8. The County Seat in Santa Ana is infestated with over 500 homeless lining the exterior perimeter and back walkways are lined exactly as you see in the video. If you’re called for Jury Duty you can now refuse due to the homeless that accost you on the way to the Courthouse. And the filth, drug paraphernalia, public sex, outdoor bathing in the fountain is beyond disgusting. The City has opened up a 30 bed Facility to alleviate the problem. Tolittle, to late.

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  9. I live in Anaheim and this breaks my heart. My husband and I buy a bunch of food for them from time to time but it’s not enough. My prayers go out to them all the time.


    • Leean Springer

      I hope your love and prayers also include the tax paying citizens who are forced to tolerate “mostly illegals” turning our country into a third-world rat hole. I believe in being charitable too, but “our citizens” should be the #1 priority. As long as we have homeless veterans, this country should not take in hordes of illegals. All the homeless are not legal American citizens and that is a fact. We will be in a civil war, again, once the plaque of illegals start cropping up in every city and town across America. We do not want them or their diseases in this country. If anything, America should provide relief efforts and humane outreaches, but do it in their countries and not in ours. This is why many people are leaving California and will not return. Once the tax base leaves, California, like other sanctuary states, will rot and turn into a third world dung heap. Leeann

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