Rapper Azealia Banks conducts satanic blood sacrifices in closet

Countless pop “entertainers” have hinted or, as in the case of pop singer Katy Perry, outright admit they’re satanists.

Add rapper-actress Azealia Banks, 25, to the list.


Vicki Newman reports for the UK Mirror, Dec. 30, 2016, that Banks posted a sickening video to Instagram of herself wearing safety goggles and carrying a sandblaster inside a room-sized closet with walls and floor caked with blood and feathers.


Speaking to the camera, Banks said:

“The amount of crap that’s about to come off my floor right now, guys, oh my god. Three years’ worth of brujeria. Yeah, you know I gotta scrape all this shit up. I got my sandblaster, my goggles, it’s about to go down. Real witches do real things.”

Brujeria is a Spanish word for witchcraft.

Banks subsequently deleted the video, but not before a fan posted it to Twitter.

Raised in Harlem, New York, Azealia Banks identifies as a bisexual. In 2014, she called for over $100 trillion to be paid to “African Americans” as reparations for slavery because “We are the children of the people who perished in the name of modern capitalism and we deserve a piece of that fucking pie.”

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16 responses to “Rapper Azealia Banks conducts satanic blood sacrifices in closet

  1. Ya know what, shit for brains Azealia, if you hadn’t killed those defenseless animals you wouldn’t have that stinking mess to deal with, same as your life. Oh, but I forgot: you don’t have one, as you’re souless scum.

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  2. That’s one messed up womyn.

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  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. Her witch activities are horrific and shameful, cruel and demonic. Dear St. Michael, please protect humanity and innocent creatures from such evil.

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  4. Freaky evil progressive weirdness, but I repeat myself…

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  5. Where is the ASPCA or even PETA?????

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  6. She is typical of the uneducated blacks who fail to realize that muslims and other black sold her race into slavery and in fact for every 100 blacks enslaved, only 5 went to the Americas, 95 went to the Arabic countries where
    they suffered terribly (Slavery, Terror & Islam by Dr. Peter Hammond)
    Ask the Saudis for reparations for all the blacks that their slavers killed.

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    • Very true, most slaves did go to other countries, including South America.
      Most slaves brought to the US were able to buy their freedom, many stayed with their owners. They also had the opportunity to earn land with their freedom. The nastiest slave owner in the US was a black man, Mr. Johnson. He treated his slaves horribly and refused to allow them to earn their freedom.
      An excellent book to get a hold of written by a French Explorer in the 1800s is a true story, The Unveiling of Timbuctoo. France had heard of this place called Timbuctoo and offered a reward of 25,000 for anyone that could return with evidence. The Muslims were no nicer back then.

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      • Good on you, Glenn, for revealing the historical roots of the problem. 75% of the white slave-traders were Jews, and it’s always been a mystery to me why US ‘blacks’ –especially Democrats– were faithful to the same party that was supported by the majority of US Jews, not that the two groups were necessarily related. I for one would not want anything to do with people who were even distantly related to my opressor unless they exhibited contrary behaviours.


  7. The extent some people will go to, to gain attention.
    She is one sick human, and I use the term lightly.

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  8. Is Banks disgusting and evil? Yes. But I want the FULL AND COMPLETE RECORD of George H.W. Bush made public. I want the FULL AND COMPLETE RECORD of Bill and Hillary Clinton made public.
    We have to wake up and understand that Satanism is on the rise in America, and it has been emboldened as of late. These people leave moral cretins like Timothy Leary and John Lennon in the dust! We need to know why hundreds of thousands of children disappear in America every year, what happens to them and who does it. Tall Order.
    And we have to understand that the Evangelical churches in this Country (as well as the Catholic Church) have been infiltrated and co-opted so that they have lost their moral force against evil.

    Evil is ON THE MARCH across the entire world. We are headed toward what John Paul II correctly called a “moral apocalypse.” And we cannot blame all of this on pornography alone; We have to know the history of Aleister Crowley and how it has been disseminated on down the line, because his influence is still out there, and it’s in the churches and it’s in our government.


  9. I wonder what she has perhaps done to people, maybe children.People like this don’t tend to stop with animals.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0-QGu8lOO4

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  10. More evidence that mental illness is o.k. and should be embraced, according to liberals.


  11. oh, and by the way. Satanism is worship of false gods. And since false gods don’t exist they have no power. And since they have no power the only ones they can have an effect on are the ones that worship them. To their detriment. Look to the one true God. And you’ll do fine. Give these satanists a toe hold and they will remain a stain on society.


    • I disagree: Your arguments are wrong. The Devil believes he IS God; Whatever he believes, he is wicked and he is wrong.
      Evil is a deprivation of a good, and wickedness is the destruction of the good. Your phemonenology is wrong: Satan is possessed of an intellect superior to ours, and he has thousands of years of experience. He may have lost his happiness upon being thrown out of Heaven, but not his power. We cannot defeat him without Grace. We will not beat him by ignoring him.
      And we in the middle are right to rule over each other in order to defeat those in league with Satan. Men have the right to rule over other men! Your “philosophy” is a suicide pact!



    Ms. Banks,
    Your witchcraft will only reserve you a front row seat in the lake of fire. Why do people like her, oprah, Katy perry, Marilyn Manson and the list hangs to the floor from the top of trump towers, why do people think this life is all we have? Your naivety will cost your soul an INFINITY of SADNESS, LOSS, TORTURE, SADISTIC TORTURE AT THAT… I cannot fathom what hell will be like and I sincerely do not want to know. But your money and your fame and your materials and your rituals will NOT spare you!
    These are the same people who DENY JESUS CHRIST YET THEY HONOR DARK FORCES?! can you not go up without coming down? No sweet without sour? No heat without cool? No land without sky? There is a HELL, THERE IS A HEAVEN! THERE IS LUCIFER AND CERTAINLY JESUS CHRIST. ….. I promise each one of you reading this the very last and final thought will be on my KING… PLEASE GET YOUR SOULS IN THE RIGHT SPOT, THE LORD IS ON THE HORIZON. I PRAY FOR HER, YOU, THEM AND MYSELF THAT WE ALL BOW DOWN AND ASK FORGIVENESS AND ASK FOR SALVATION … IN THE NAME OF THE MOST HIGH I PRAY. AMEN


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