First Family’s latest Hawaii vacation pushes cost of first family’s travel past $96 million

jan-20-2017From Daily Mail: President Barack Obama dined out with his family and friends at hip Honolulu Asian fusion restaurant Nobu on Wednesday night. Obama received a round of applause from other guests as he walked through the restaurant, a video posted to Instagram shows.

Earlier in the day Obama hit the gym and played a round of golf with his childhood companions. He spent the afternoon at the Shangri La Islamic arts center built by tobacco heiress and socialite Doris Duke.

The first family has been in Hawaii, enjoying their last taxpayer subsidized vacation, for nearly two weeks. They’re parked there until after the New Year holiday.

A report published yesterday afternoon puts the price tag of their travel over the last eight years at $96 million. It excluded most government business but included a trip to Cuba and Argentina the first family accompanied the president on in March.

In Argentina, the first family took a side trip to Bariloche go sightseeing after the president finished his White House meetings in Buenos Aires. They went on a walk of Old Havana in Cuba. Flights and security cost $7,146,015.18, the watchdog organization that obtained the records, Judicial Watch, said.

The Obamas pay for their food and lodging out of pocket when they’re on personal travel and ate out last night at celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s Honolulu location. Nobu was co-founded by Hollywood favorite Robert Dinero and has locations around the world in Los Angeles, London, New York, Malibu, Hong Kong, Milan and Bejing.

The restaurant boasts on its website that Titanic actress Kate Winslet rated its food ‘heaven on earth and sex on a plate.’ Dishes on the menu include a ‘Monkfish Pate with Caviar and Karashi Su-Miso Sauce,’ ‘Shaved Ice Ceviche’ and ‘Lobster Inaniwa Pasta.’ Sushi at Nobu sells for $5.75 a piece on average, not including the fish the restaurant lists at market price.

A crowd of more than 100 people gathered outside while the Obamas were eating last night, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Hawaiian-born president, who spent his afternoon on the green with high school buddies Greg Orme, Bobby Titcomb and Mike Ramos.

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13 responses to “First Family’s latest Hawaii vacation pushes cost of first family’s travel past $96 million

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  2. This must be the “Hope & Change” Obama’s millions of useful idiots voted for, along with the $trillions the POS has added to our already crushing national debt.

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  3. The Obamas should be asked to pay back the American people all the money they stole so far, be it on vacations or their inane subsidies to this and that. Better yet, throw them in prison! Just take your pick: treason comes at the top of the list.

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    • Absolutely! We need to be “keeping a tab” and also the entire leadership of the Dem Party are also responsible for “Certifying his Eligibility”, so if he is found ineligible there is a very good case to sue the Democrat Party for all the money Obama wasted and embezzled. Pelosi and the Clintons were definitely in on it, and most probably hundreds of others including major donors. All are liable for “damages” caused by the “Conspiracy” to defraud the American People.
      Go after the money first. Then prison. Some of the RINO Repubs may provably be in collusion also – John McCain, for one, but there are probably many others.
      It is more important to ruin their power, destroy their credibility, and take back all their money than putting them in prison.

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      • Longknife 21 . . . I have been thinking for some time now that we must be closely related somehow, since our thinking seems to be mirror images. I certainly agree that John McCain has proven himself to be nothing but a POS. I could not agree more when you write, “It is more important to ruin their power, destroy their credibility, and take back all the money than putting them in prison.” For all these lowlifes to have to do without “power, prestige, credibility, and the onset of poverty” from relieving them of all the money they have stolen from the American people will cause them greater anguish than any amount of time they could possibly be sentenced to prison for.

        Bod Bless you, Longknife, you are just such a strait talkin’ individual; it is always an extreme pleasure to read your offerings!

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  4. Oppressed people of privilege celebrating freedom away from that house built by slaves.

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  5. Wow!

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  6. Thank God we will not have to suffer with the pilfering of the American people’s treasury any longer. The Trump’s are used to extremely great wealth, so they will not feel the need to splurge on all these expensive vacations, as they have always had such. The fact that $ 96 millions of dollars has been sucked up by people who we could justifiably consider to be “from the hood,” is beyond reasonable. I hope that the stress of having to readjust to living like a real person causes them severe physical and emotional problems.

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  7. The last vacation accounting I saw came to over $2 BILLION .. This undoubtedly covers the high cost of AF1, extra secret service, and on many occasions AF2, since Moochy wants to feel special. Moochy always takes with her an entourage of 22 beauticians to keep her looking like a female (to no avail), and don’t forget Granny Robinson, Bo and whatever the other dog’s name is. They also take vehicles, helicopters and their chauffeurs and pilots, and chefs. Must be nice being King and Queen, eh?

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  8. Remember, they are “entitled.”

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  9. Well, gosh, I have to disagree with the figures the WH is peddling around.
    As for eating out at that particular restaurant. I believe the local paper quoted an average of $195 per person. They always eat at expensive places usually shutting down large portions of the city and sometimes even the restaurants.
    And for his vacations, they refuse to even mention many of them now. Multiple trips to Europe, Africa, Martha’s Vineyard, Florida, Colorado, Aspen and Vail. Neither cheap places. Maine, Grand Canyon, Denmark, Spain, Mexico for the daughter, Bahamas for the wife and kids, southern Ca., Chicago, China, Japan and other asks countries, where the mother in law was labeled a real bit… New York City Mulitple times,,etc etc.
    Then you have the trip to Denver one night because MO wanted bar b que and the trip to San Fran cause the daughters wanted to walk their dog in the park there. And the trips go on.
    Coming with each trip is a pre trip of several days to weeks for the secret service. The leasing of Mulitple homes as well and the crews staying in very expensive hotels on the beach. The planes start arriving days ahead of time carrying the autocade, helicopter and extra jet and helicopter parked in another island. Then you have AF1 and AF2 and new jets and decoys. Then the return trips.
    Many trips with MO and the girls aren’t even reported now.
    The average person could never begin to absorbed the amount of cost that goes into the trips. On a salary of 400,000 a year with a travel allowance of 100,000. You can imagine who really picks up these tabs.
    We still haven’t gotten an explanation of where money for the purchase of these houses he supposedly is buying and the cost for the one being rented when they leave.
    We have no idea to this day where all the green companies money went. The companies failed and we got zip. Where half the stimulus money went and the six billion that Clinton lost. And that list keeps going on.
    Let us not forget he shut the people out of the White House tours and veterans out of their own memorials. And the expensive Wednesday night parties they were giving every week.
    And the guy wants a 18% raise when he leaves while giving seniors a paltry .3 % this year, and after denying seniors any COLA 3 out of five years by lyng and telling us there was no inflation while leaving food and fuel out of the equation.
    I can only see America’s coffers refilling after this group of miscreants leave.

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  10. An update on the President’s dinner tonight. Another expensive restaurant with family and friends, including Mark Zuckerberg.
    People standing outside waiting to drool all over him and take pics.they clap and then go into the restaurant to sit in the same chair he used and take more pics.
    I think I want to puke, excuse me.

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  11. Gag me with a spoon.


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