Woman beheaded in Afghanistan for entering a city to go shopping without her husband


The real war on women.

From Daily Mail: A woman has reportedly been beheaded by a group of armed men in Afghanistan after she entered a city without her husband.

The horrific act took place in the remote village of Latti in Sar-e-Pul province, which is under Taliban control. Provincial Governor spokesman Zabiullah Amani told the Nation that the 30-year-old woman was targeted because she went out alone without her husband, who is in Iran. The Middle East Press reported the woman had gone to the market to shop.

Under Taliban rule women are prohibited from leaving their homes unless accompanied by a close male relative. They are also banned from working or education and are forced to wear the burqa. The Taliban have rejected any involvement in this latest incident.

Earlier this month five female Afghan guards working in the airport in southern Kandahar were killed by unknown gunmen as they were on their way to work, the latest in a string of attacks against women in Afghanistan.

From bomb attacks to targeted or honour killings or domestic abuses, Afghan women have borne the brunt of the 15 years of conflicts during the Taliban-led insurgency as security has deteriorated and violence has increased in most parts of the country.

Samim Khpulwak, spokesman for the governor of Kandahar, said the five women were in charge of searching female travelers at the Kandahar airport, and had been hired by a private security company. ‘Two gunmen on motorbike followed their van and opened fire on them, killing the five and their driver this morning, said Samim.

Although Afghan women had made hard-fought rights gains in education and work since the collapse of austere Taliban regime in 2001, there are growing fears that these could reverse with the deterioration of security and increase in violence.

Despite years of pressure by women’s groups and foreign donors, Afghanistan remains one of the most difficult places to be a woman.

Restoring fundamental women’s rights was one of the main objectives of the international community in Afghanistan, where the hardline Taliban Islamist banned girls from school and women from work in their rule from 1996-2001.


8 responses to “Woman beheaded in Afghanistan for entering a city to go shopping without her husband

  1. What god would demand or sanction such unspeakable evil?
    Answer: Satan.

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  3. 15 years of blood and treasure wasted in trying to make this Islamo-fascist hellhole a “democracy”? Why? Neo-Cons and Obamunists wasting money and lives on a game called “Social Experiments”.
    Screw ’em! If they get obnoxious, just bomb them back to their favorite century – the 7th.
    They are too corrupt to even deal with. The people must decide that they don’t want to be a 7th century tribal Theocracy. Until they do that, it is a waste of time, money, and lives to try to teach them anything.
    They have been doing the same crap since before Alexander the Great, and now they have the Islamo-Insanity to reinforce their barbaric lifestyle. Why should they change? That’s “who they are”.


  4. The women should all band together and on the same night hit their man over the head with a very heavy iron skillet while he is sleeping. Should take care of the problem.
    Seriously it is sad that in this year, women and even young girls still have to live under frightful conditions. The whole ideology needs to be eradicated.
    This is why we have to eliminate this serious threat from our own country.

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  5. Well, I guess that “taught her” to go out shopping for the family meal ingredients while her husband was away in Iran & not available to accompany her. (I guess they should have starved instead????? A “death with the dignity of Sharia law???” ) And, the family is SO much better off now that she has been dispensed-with….well, just a thought…maybe SHE is in a better place now, at least?

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  6. Maybe these “men” should be locked, one at a time, in a room with 20 angry women for at least 24 hours.

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  7. Talibastards.

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