How Trump can undo what Obama did in past 8 years

As his days in the White House dwindle to a few, Obama is in a frenzy to do as much damage as possible.

Even while he is on vacation in Hawaii, he designated vast swaths of the Arctic and Atlantic oceans as off limits to future oil leases, and planned more detainee transfers out of Guantanamo Bay.

Today, Obama made good on his threats to punish Russia for alleged hacks into Democrat emails and interfering in the Nov. 8 presidential election. The U.S. expelled 35 Russian diplomats and closed two Russian compounds in New York and Maryland, in retaliation against a campaign of harassment by Russia against American diplomats in Moscow, according to a senior U.S. official who told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

But that doesn’t mean America is stuck with what Obama has done.


On Christmas Day, Dec. 25, 2016, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said on Fox News that Obama’s final spree of policy changes and initiatives is part of a “desperate frenzy” to leave a legacy that will largely be reversed:

“His legacy is like one of those dolls that, as the air comes out of it, shrinks and shrink and shrinks. The things he’s done this week will be turned around … He’s in this desperate frenzy.”

Gingrich said the bulk of Obama’s legacy stems from executive actions, “almost all of which will be repudiated by Trump.”

A blogger named Stryker for The Last Line of Defense claims, without either naming or citing his source, that Trump already “has written his first executive order, dated it for the day he is inaugurated and placed it in a folder he carries with him ready to sign as soon as he’s finished taking the oath of office.” That executive order will erase “Obama’s entire eight years” by simply declaring “All orders from the executive office dated from January 20th, 2009 through January 19th, 2017 are hereby null and void.”

A more credible voice on this matter is Andy Koenig, the vice president of policy at Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce.

Writing for National Review, Keonig lays out the first phase of what a Trump administration can do:

  • As President, Trump has the authority to simply erase Obama’s executive orders and memoranda on Day 1, without congressional approval or action. An example is the Paris Climate Agreement, which is estimated to cost each American family $20,000 of lost income by 2035.
  • The Congressional Review Act enables Congress, via resolutions of disapproval, to simply undo rules issued by Obama in the last 60 legislative days — an estimated 199 proposed “major” rules that will cost the U.S. economy over $100 million each. Included among those major rules are some aspects of Obamacare’s implementation and overtime regulations that could reduce workers’ hours. The House and Senate, both now dominated by Republicans, need only a simple majority to pass a resolution of disapproval and send it to the president’s desk — a threshold that’s easily achieved following November’s elections. The Republicans simply have to do it. Let your Republican representatives in D.C. know that you want them to deploy the Congressional Review Act! Go here to contact your reps.

The second phase to undo what Obama had wrought in 8 years will be more laborious and take more time. But it can be done. Go to Koenig’s article, “A How-to Guide for Rolling Back Obama’s Regulatory State,” to find out how.


26 responses to “How Trump can undo what Obama did in past 8 years

  1. It is much easier than that: Simply declare Obama as ineligible to be President until he proves, without a doubt, that he is a Natural Born Citizen. If he can’t do that, then every single thing he signed is trash.
    As to Congress, charge every single one with violating their Oath of Office with jail and a fine. Do the same to State and local public servants as well.
    In the meantime, don’t believe one single word from anyone, about what Trump will do or won’t do. He has already said he is not going to broadcast his plans.
    Wait until it comes from his lips. That will be soon enough for us, and much too late for our enemies to prepare.

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    • Mark . . . I am in 100% agreement with what you have written. We all need to wait until we hear this or that directly from the mouth of Donald Trump. There is little need to give the Democrats ANY time to prepare for what may or may not be coming.

      God Bless America! God Bless Donald J Trump, soon to be POTUS!

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    • I like your plan, but there is no Legal or Lawful basis for such an action. He can’t do it as President and there is no way he could get any Federal Court to go along with it….yet.
      He should designate a Prosecutor in the Dept of Justice to investigate and determine the Legality of the Birth Certificate the Democrats offered. We know it is false. In fact, Obama never said it WAS his Birth Certificate only that it was “proof” to shut up those that questioned his ‘birth story’.
      The DoJ can get a court to authorize them subpoena power to get every one of his records. And they will probably find:
      No Hawaiian Birth Certificate and if there is it is a “Registered by Family”, not a hospital birth.
      Obama got into Occidental College as a Foreign Student, trading on his Kenyan citizenship from BHO Sr., or as an Indonesian by his adoptive father Lolo Soetoro.
      He had a Student ID card at Columbia that said he was a CUKC – Citizen of United Kingdom and Colonies.(Kenyan)
      Probably the same at Harvard.
      When his first book was published he was claiming to be a Kenyan.
      There is a huge question of his Social Security Number and his Draft Registration.

      Also they need to get a Court Ruling on what “natural born Citizen” means in the Constitution. Real scholars can prove the “Law of Nations” definition of ‘born in the country to citizen parents’ is correct. If Obama was not born a citizen, and apparently never did anything to legally become a citizen, he may not be any kind of US citizen..

      Not only will this prove his ineligibility for a Court Ruling, but prove to the Dumbass Dems they were lied to from the beginning and prove the Dem leadership knew it and are liable for “Damages”.

      If proven “Constitutionally Ineligible”, all his acts as President are NULL and VOID! Regulations, Laws, Treaties, appointments, pardons, everything.

      Obama and the Dems will have to defend it out of their own pocket because they will not have the power of their corrupt DoJ like the last 8 years. If the question gets to SCOTUS, Kagan and Sotomayor must be Recused because they were Unlawfully Appointed!
      I think it is a ‘slam dunk’ if Trump has the balls to do it. The Repub Establishment certainly doesn’t, and will fight him, or at least pretend to fight him all the way. Partly because their treasonous cowardice is responsible for 8 years of unnecessary misery, They could have done it 2009 and wimped out.

      That will “Drain the Swamp” big time!


  2. I am thrilled that we are on a quick count-down of the days we have left to have Obama as the POTUS. My New Year’s resolution is to show ever greater thanks to my Creator for this new chapter in our nation’s history.

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  3. I will contact my GOP representatives. Everyone who voted to #MAGA should do likewise. The degree of the outgoing Administration’s spiteful rampage knows no bounds. May God keep us safe for the next 3 weeks. The impostor is cornered and a danger to the whole world. He must be impeached and silenced; he is culturally incapable of a gentlemanly retreat.

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  4. This week, the usurper also declared millions more acres of Utah and Nevada lands as “national monuments” against the will of the people in those states. Why? Because that is where CLEAN COAL comes from. Where in the Constitution does it say the feds can own in perpetuity billions of acres that lie within states? These so-called federal lands should be returned to and managed by the states and then abolish the incompetent BLM.

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    • I believe Trump will undo that as well. The people in Utah are NOT happy with this at all.

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    • EXACTLY Gold…..most people who never lived in Utah, or who don’t know too much about the geography of the region don’t KNOW about the COAL that comes out of that area—(or could come out of that area….much of it has NOT been mined to any degree). Perhaps this will go to the Supreme Court (hopefully after a Trump appointment that has been accepted) b/c the “Antiquities Act” under which Obama ordained this massive land grab….does NOT provide for anything like the 1.5 million acres he declared as preserved, protected and as a “National Monument.” The Antiquities Act provides for “SMALL” sites to be preserved and protected as a “National Monument.” I don’t see how 1.5 million acres fits into this designation. This will go to the courts, and meanwhile, Congress will have to make a new law that will prevent future presidents from EVER doing something like this again.


  5. Redefine Natural Born Citizen to mean:
    Kenyan father and
    Nutty commie mother,
    and the problem is solved.


    • There also is a Legal & Lawful Problem for the “nutty mother” to transfer US Citizenship.
      Under the law in effect at the time, a US citizen had to have lived 5 years in the US after age 14 to transfer her US citizen to a child born anywhere outside of the USA. It is known that Stanley Ann was in the Seattle and Vancouver, Canada area shortly before the claimed birth date. It was very easy for an Hawaii resident to register a birth at that time, even if the child is born elsewhere.
      It may seen strange that she would go to Canada to have the child, but since the father was Kenyan (Citizen of United Kingdom and Colonies) she could get free medical care.
      Researchers have found no evidence that Stanley Ann and BHOSr ever actually lived together after they were married. The address claimed was owned and occupied by another family at the time.
      Very curious relationship. I suspect BHOSr was paid to marry her, also was a short-cut to American Citizenship if he had wanted it. I don’t think that any of them knew that Stanley Ann was not old enough to transfer US citizenship to the child, or even thought about it. If Barry was born in Canada, she would have had to file a Consular Report of Child Born Overseas to legally get him US citizenship even if she had been of age. I think it was done to get free hospital care.


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  7. “All orders from the executive office dated from January 20th, 2009 through January 19th, 2017 are hereby null and void.” EVERYONE here surely loves the sound of those words, as they offer at least one way out of the Bizarro New World Disorder we are now enduring.

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  8. I am not sure what he is, but BO is no President. He is giving the term petulant child a bad name. A true President would not work so hard to destroy this country. It is like he knows he screwed up and can’t save his legacy, so he goes into doing more damage mode.
    You can almost see Jarrett in the background looking like the wicked witch and rubbing her hands together as she comes up with all this crap.
    I pray Trump will follow through and do what he needs to do to return this country to its original glory.

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  9. I agree with Mark S. McGrew’s intentions: To make Obama’s Executive Orders null and void would reverse a number of things, but to force a vetting of Obama would put a large chunk of Obama’s actions null and void—BUT NOT NECESSARILY ALL: His Supreme Court appointees could, in good faith, claim ignorance and rule in their own favor.
    At any rate, President Trump needs to do the following: First, ORDER THE ARREST of Barack H. Obama for attempting to create war in the Middle East and with Russia; Second, REVOKE THE PASSPORTS of Barack H. Obama and his wife; Third, DECLARE Barack H. Obama and his wife to be ENEMY COMBATANTS of the United States, as provided for by both the Patriot Act and the NDAA; and, Fourth, FREEZE ALL FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC ASSETS of the Obamas until the resolution of their cases (if such resolution happens in their favor).
    Then the NEXT THING President Trump needs to do is the EXACT SAME with George Soros.
    President Trump needs to send the RIGHT SIGNAL to the Beltway and the World that he is NOT taking ANY crap, and that he means business.

    And then once this is resolved—in America’s favor—President Trump needs to command Mr. Netanyahu of Israel to STEP DOWN.

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    • It is a point of US Law that a Judge that has any personal interest or profit in a court decision can not try it. Since Sotomayor and Kagan were both appointed by an UnConstitutional President, they can NOT be allowed to sit in judgement of the case. Kagan and Ginsberg should have been forced to recuse themselves from the Homosexual Marriage case, but the gelded and gutless RINOs would not demand it. Both had already performed “Same Sex Marriages” that could have been found unlawful if there was an honest ruling on the definition of “Marriage”. And if they had been forced to recuse themselves, the Court would have decided differently, I think.

      As for immediately ordering the arrest of Obama or anyone, that would play right into the Lib/Prog Myth that Trump is a “Hitler”! First there must be an investigation under Court-ordered subpoena power, the evidence presented to Grand Jury, and arrest warrants issued by the court.

      In a case like this, everything must be strictly correct by law and court procedure or they will surely walk away free.

      I like what you are saying but you are backwards procedurally. Trump needs to stay out of it as much as possible. Later he can say nice things about the investigators and prosecutors, but he must strictly keep his hands, comments and Tweets OFF the CASE!

      The Lib/Progs and their “Media” will try to blame Trump regardless of the real evidence and the truth. The Repukes will be scared of it like it is radioactive. The courts will be looking for any excuse to shut it down for any reason. They will not want to try it, and will throw out every bit of evidence they can claim is “Tainted”. Any “Executive Influence” would be a perfect excuse to throw out the whole case. And the Media and a million Democrat lawyers will have everything under a “microscope” as far as everything related to procedure. It is the easiest and probably the only way the Dems can win. Also the American People must be confident that the case is conducted completely fair. The Lib/Progs already have about 1/3 of Americans convinced, or at least saying they expect, Trump to be some kind of a “Dictator”. Many only parrot that because they want “Free Stuff”, but it is real and the Lib/Progs would rather have a revolution than lose.

      Why risk it? Do it right.


  10. Dr. E, I do hope that that folder mentioned with the first executive order of the new administration is legit and that it is signed shortly after the swearing in ceremony. All of the new “Rules and regulations” being issued, ostensibly to “burnish his image” on his the way out the door, are nothing more than additional progressive sanctions on the hard working people of the US.

    I would dare say that not a one will add to the freedom or liberty for those impacted by them.


  11. Heck yeah!

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  12. The stolen SSN is the smoking gun, not the fake birth certificate. With the birth certificate, Obama can say “I never held that in my hand” (true, if you watch the video of the conference, he never held it). He’ll just shift responsibility to others, after all, who remembers being born? The 2008 tax return posted to the web site in pdf format without flattening and the draft registration are another matter because Obama provided that information and SIGNED the documents UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY. QED..


    • I think you are right, but there is more to it. Obama can claim that he believes that is his SS# and the burden of proof is on the Prosecution. There has been some discussion that at other times Obama has used other SS#s, but we must have proof. The State of Illinois revoked his Law License, but the evidence is sealed. The scuttlebutt is that he had given “false information” on his application, but no specific info was released. They may have known all along that Obama’s citizenship was questionable, but being Dems refused to release the facts.

      That’s why all those records need to exposed by Federal Court subpoena. And Dem Lawyers will fight the subpoenas up to SCOTUS I think. And then argue in court that they were unsealed by “political influence”. They will attempt to “try the case in the Media”, it is the only venue they can win.


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  14. The Kenyan communist mooooooooooslim fraud of a POS is now out-of-control – more than ever.

    I am counting down the seconds until 12:01 pm, January 20, 2017.
    The only question is, how much more damage can this bogus Kenyan of a POTUS do between now and then?


  15. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this wonderful post. Accordingly, an exorcism will occur on January 20th, 2017. Tremendous!

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  16. He is an American citizen, b/c no matter where he was born, his mother was and is undisputably an American Citizen….I JUST WANT TO SEE all those records that Barak Hussein Obama turned around from his first inaugural oath and parade, walked into the White House, and, as his FIRST offical act, sealed with his signature. These were his own personal records. For some reason, they were of premier importance to him to bury into secrecy.

    They contain, I BET—the proof that, no matter what you think his citizenship was, he accepted college funding for his tuition as a “foreign born” student, and that he was accepted to Occidental, and later colleges/universities on the basis of being “Black” and foreign born….& so, accepted/invited/sought those “extra points” from “affirmative action” because he could never have earned entry to almost ANY college or university on his own merit. He was a slacker. He also is only “Black” by virture of one sperm donor. On it’s face, without any scholarly research at all…50% of his genetics are White. And, ONLY Whites raised him…..I also want to see his passport information from his college days when he traveled to Pakistan …..on his Indonesian passport….a place where no Americans were allowed to travel back then. I want to see if he claimed to be a citizen of Indonesia…b/c Indonesia does NOT allow dual citizenship…You either ARE or you are NOT. And why, if he was NOT…would he have this passport as a college-aged kid (we go back to the funding again). AND if you have a passport as a citizen of another country…then HOW can you become the president of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA if you have claimed to be a citizen of another country at some point?

    My problem with Barak Hussein Obama is NOT that he was or was not born a natural born citizen of the USA…his mother was…and she was THERE when he was born… is the subterfuge and dishonesty with which Barak Obama “played” the systems available to his advantage…so outlandishly that he was both White and Black…both a US citizen, and a foreign-born Black ……..both a “Contitutional” professor, and a dunderhead “community organizer…..and some would say…goes both ways, “female or male.” Just sayin’.



    nothing will be done. a lot of hot air, a lot of bluster, and a shitload of wishing in one hand and defecating into the other going on here.

    the putz Soetoro should NEVER have been allowed to squat for 8 long years in an office he was never eligible to hold. having said that, both parties, and I do mean BOTH OF THEM, enabled the son of a bitch, and truly, few of the moron subhuman scum known as Americuntz had the balls to object to the drone murdering either by Bush or this a$$hole CIA puppet named Soetoro, either. they just acquiesced and went on with their shitty insignificant failure lives.

    so, really, let’s get real for a minute, okay? to undo all of the damage, we have to go back decades before monkey boy and his tranny spouse squatted. this means we go back to Dealey Plaza, or more adroitly, to the Murchison Mansion in Dallas, and look at how powerful men and the C.I.A. technically ended the republic the following day around noon.

    Soetoro is the least of it. Yeah, he sucked, but so did Bush’s, so did RayGun who was really Bush Bastard UNO’s first puppetancy as VICE puppet…emphasis on VICE, after his starring role in Dealey years before.

    this is a banana republic. it’s been one for decades. Erasure of the Soetoro wrongs is like pissing into a very large ocean full of scum.

    this toilet doesn’t have time to atone for all of the wrong done since it’s sorry inception and subsequent hijacking by the friggin C.I.A. on Nov. 22nd., 1963.

    it may make some of us feel better, but the country is too far gone for any one man to resurrect it into some semblance of other than a BANANA REPUBLIC inhabited by gullible brain dead morons.

    it’s over. best we can do is eulogize it and get on with the continued slide further into the friggin Twilight Zone. A fitting ending for a populace who could care fucking less about civil liberties or freedom.


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