Brave dog stays with injured mate on railway for 2 days

A very brave male dog named Panda risked his own life to stay with Lucy, a female dog who was injured and couldn’t move from a railway track near  the village of Tseglovka in Ukraine.


The UK’s Mirror reports on Dec. 27, 2016, that Panda risked death by staying with Lucy for two days. When a train approached, both dogs pressed their heads and bodies to the ground so that the train passed over them.


It is unclear how Lucy got injured. If villagers came too close, Panda would bark to scare them away.

Here’s the heart-stopping video taken by Denis Malafeyev, showing how perilous it was for the dogs:

Malafeyev said:

“It’s such a touching story. I got a phone call from a friend who said that there were two dogs lying on the railway track near Tseglovka village for two days. When we arrived, it turned out that one of the dogs, the female, was injured and couldn’t move. But the male dog was protecting her from us. I saw a train approaching – and felt sick. The male dog heard the sound of the approaching train, came close to the female dog and laid down next to her. Both of them pushed their heads towards the ground, and let the train pass. The male dog was doing this for two days in a row. I don’t know what to call this: instinct, love, friendship, loyalty? One thing I know for sure, not all the people would do the same as this.”

Happily, Malafeyev reported later that the dogs had been removed from the track: “Just to relieve the stress, the dogs are safe and sound. They have had medical assistance.”


Lucy had severe bruises but no fractures. The owners of the dogs were found and the dogs returned to them.

No human would have done what Panda the dog did.


22 responses to “Brave dog stays with injured mate on railway for 2 days

  1. We human beings should feel humbled by such heroism & sacrificial love. Truly some animals have the spark of God in them.

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  2. I hope the stupid humans checked out Panda and Lucy’s owner before returning them. What if they were running away? A dog with no broken bones would never lie on a train track…

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  3. You NEED to start issuing “Tissue Warnings”, ok… Think I’ll go and curl up with my dog now. Any objections…?

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  4. muslims hate dogs thats why they should be exterminated


    • And the Chinese (and other Asians) eat them. Extermination warning for them, too? Seems to me that these peoples “take the low road” in order to collect food/protein: they kill and eat the mammal that, through thousands of years of breeding/associations with humans….do not fear humans….and thus, sign their own death warrants the moment they are born into these barbaric Asian cultures.

      I was sooooo sickened by the sight (pictures) of caged-raised St. Bernards in China ( for the Chinese meat-eaters) that I’ve NEVER EVER FORGOTTEN seeing these pictures in the past–maybe a decade ago. I wouldn’t visit China or EAT anything eminating out of there (for both me OR my pets—remember the plastic/poison cat and dog food and the cardboard “beef” in the Chinese-exported dog food that caused so many pet deaths here in the USA a few years back?——) for “all the tea in China.” 🙂 AND…then…how about the Japanese who killed & ate a Kentucky Derby winner, Ferdinand….or the Swedes who did the same thing with another Kentucky Derby winner (horse meat is a delicacy in Europe…but really…a champion….are they THAT HARD UP FOR HORSE MEAT?)

      What we are coming to know in this new world is that beings….like our pet dogs and even swine….have the adult intelligence of approximately a 3-4-year- old human child. This is why I mostly eat eggs, milk, cheese, fish, and occasional chicken meat. I am NOT a vegan or a fanatic, or opposed to killing for meat, for instance, wild deer, moose, other elk, or rabbits or turkeys—even rattlesnake— or other….like fish…..but having grown up on a dairy farm….I think I can get my protein in humane and handy ways without killing the animals that give me a many-years’ supply of other protein products….eggs, milk, cheese…..(along w/garden beans, corn, rice combo) and that it has always been….for hundreds of years of my farmer-family history….most cost-effective, humane, eco-friendly and long-lasting. For instance…I keep chickens. I can either eat my chicken at a year or so old for ONE protein meal, or keep my chicken alive and reap an egg (protein) a day for many years from a hen that I allow to live….dig grubs from my garden…eat the weeds in my garden/backyard/hen yard….eat the weeds/dandelion greens I dig up from my front “grass” yard….eat all my kitchen scraps…..etc…..As I speak, I have at least ONE chicken who is 10 years old…and 3 who are maybe 8 years old….the others are younger….like 3-5 years old. I will add some new chicks in the spring, as these are “slowing down” and are-well-deserved to do so for the many years of “service” they have given my family for such a minimal investment of my time or service to them…..

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      • CalGirl, you are one very wise person to ‘get it’ about animal husbandry. When I was struggling to learn enough ancient Hebrew to read the Old Testament nearly 30 years ago, I got some parts right, esp. the word that was formerly mistakenly translated as ‘dominion’ over the Creation. What it really means in its various shades of meaning is that we were placed ‘in a bondage relationship’ with the Creation. That meant we were to take CARE of it and it would reward us with everything we need to live well. It does NOT mean we were ‘Masters of the Universe’ as some idiots still think. If we break that relationship then we lose those benefits. Nuff said.

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        • Joseph,

          I wish more people have this correct understanding. So many Christians twist God’s injunction into “mastery” and domination over His creatures. They will have to answer for that before the Creator one day.

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          • Coming from you that is very high praise, for which I thank you. I don’t want these creeps & their ilk to be forgiven: NO, you filth go straight to the 9th circle of Dante’s Inferno forever and a day! Sorry, but animal abusers are the same as child abusers in my personal Bible.


  5. Thanx for a beautiful story, in the midst of so many evil things in this world

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  6. Thank God someone finally came to the rescue of these dogs!

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  7. Then there is Arlo the puppy who also has more than one life.

    “The very best of care was provided by Vergi 24/7 and Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital to help ARLO in his time of need.”

    “He’s doing great,” said Barbosa. “Arlo is a phenomenal dog, he never gave up. It was two months of 24-hour care. Now, his bandages are coming off and he just has a few left. He’s very happy and healthy.”Hall is charged with felony animal cruelty and torture.

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  11. Beautiful story , Dr. Eowyn–thank you so much! :0)

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  12. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most touching and precious post. Panda is a true hero and Lucy is alive because of him. What an example these animals set for all of us!


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