Boy Scouts ban 8-year-old transgender boy


Joe Maldonado/CBS Photo

From CBS News: The Boy Scouts of America is facing tough questions after banning a child over his gender identity. Joe Maldonado, 8, who was born a girl and now identifies as a boy, was removed from his New Jersey Cub Scout troop. Joe’s family says parents of other children had complained.

Joe’s mother, Kristie Maldonado, says the organization already knew her son was transgender when she signed him up for the Cub Scouts, reports CBS News correspondent Errol Barnett. But now, the Boy Scouts of America, which is no stranger to controversy when it comes to membership rights, is telling them he’s not welcome.

“As a parent, how do you know that you don’t just have a girl who is a tomboy, and that it’s a transgender issue?” Barnett asked his mother. “I took a couple years; I didn’t realize it,” Maldonado said. Joe was born Jodi, but has been identifying as a boy for over a year. 

“Why did you want to join the Boy Scouts?” Barnett asked Joe. “Because all of my favorite friends were there,” Joe responded.  Joe was part of Cub Scout Pack 87 in New Jersey, but was recently removed over his legal gender, which is female.  “They knew full well he was not born a boy?” Barnett asked. “They all know Joe as when he was Jodi,” Maldonado said.

In a statement, the Boy Scouts of America defended its actions, saying in part, “No youth may be removed from any of our programs on the basis of his or her sexual orientation,” but adding, “Gender identity isn’t related to sexual orientation.”  In recent years, the Boy Scouts have reversed bans on gay scouts and scout leaders. But this incident could spark a new debate.  Joe’s mom says the messages of support she’s received from the around the world have been overwhelming.  “I’m a scout leader here in the U.K., and would love him to be a member of our troop,” one mother wrote to her.

“How does it feel to receive that kind of support from another scout group in another country?” Barnett asked Maldonado. “It’s beautiful, it’s beautiful,” Maldonado said.

The Boy Scouts of America says its programs are for those who are identified as boys on their birth certificates. The organization told CBS News it offered the family alternative, co-ed programs for Joe, but Maldonado told us she’s not interested and instead wants an apology for her son. 



28 responses to “Boy Scouts ban 8-year-old transgender boy

  1. God, please help the Boy Scouts.

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    • I second that….I pray the BSA will get their act together to how they used to be or they will lose everything…..there is no way we would put or keep our children in that mess.

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  2. What I’d like to know is where is this child’s father? How come these so-called transgender issues involving children seem to occur under the mother’s supervision and/or support?

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  3. We bailed on the Boy Scouts when it became obvious some of the supervising adults were pushing the gender identity/sexual orientation agendas.
    There are other youth groups. some are not gender specific and some are.
    Boys Club? great. Girls Club great. Boys & Girls Club? not a problem.
    Forcing gender ambivalence on an organization with a gender in its title and mission statement, Big Problem.
    This is commies trying to dismantle our society and they’re doing it very effectively. Ironically, I’m certain they do not entertain this idiocy in Russia, China or Northe Korea. Common sense is not repressive or anti-free speech.
    The BSA will be faced with endless legal actions, then cave and say they either coalesce or face bankruptcy.
    Including terms like Tomboy just obfuscates the real end game.
    That’s a problem, putting these individuals in classrooms, churches, and organizations where they can impose a new ‘normal’.
    Sharing foxholes, showers, and dressing rooms is no good, unless everyone is an adult and consents to it.
    That’s the other part of this story is the age of consent where they want to dis empower parents so they can impose their own rules on them.

    This kids mother is a nut. Is there a father?

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  4. I wonder why the parent/parents in cases like this don’t just move to a new school district where the child will be henceforth known under the new identity. Problem solved and no one has to know. Of course, then the parent doesn’t get the attention they seek or $ from any lawsuits. All these similar gender identity cases of late appear to me to be some sort of weird syndrome like Munchausen where it is the parent actively promoting the change, not the child. SMH

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  5. This is one of those “change”(s) that the Obama legacy promised to the American people! But….tricked us into thinking it was going to be a change for the economy and so forth. The changes Obama made was class, race and sex (changes). Our country made a huge mistake (and I for one in his first term) electing this person into the most powerful seat in the world! And thus, we have now is a county running a muck! And a deep and disturbing one at that!

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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    One can only wonder why a parent will not make the appropriate effort to inculcate their child on the facts of life?

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  7. Parents who endorse or encourage these childish explorations have conscious or unconscious issues with gender.
    the media is all about erasing gender, race, God and country.
    They like to exploit the class thing, have vs havenots is a great divider. Somehow the class thing does not apply to the elites or unions

    For us Trail Life has been a viable alternative to BSA.

    But they’re themes are not anti-male, there is no race issues, and they are affiliated with Christianity and U.S.A. nationalism.

    They do stuff like camp out, learn about guns, do crafts, play (like boys)

    I know, I know, it sounds pretty strange, but the boys love it.

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  8. Poor, poor little girl.

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  9. SHE needs to join the Girl scouts and get HER mental health badge.


  10. the Boy Scouts will fold to the pressure. Drop the scouts and join a christian alternative.

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  11. Here’s an apology: I’m sorry your kid is being raised by a completely, self-engrossed imbecile who’s only going to confuse an innocent GIRL into thinking she’s a boy and, possibly, result in a future of mental depression, or worse, a suicide.
    How’s THAT for an apology, dipshit?

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  12. The fact that they use the term transgender for an eight year old makes my stomach turn. It is sad, dangerous and immoral to label an undeveloped child. The child doesn’t even have active hormones, parts or a fully developed adult brain yet.

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  13. My stomach turns when articles like this refer to this little girl as ,..’he’;

    What theses ,..’gender confused’,..children need is for their parent(s) & society, to firmly remind the child that their ,..’gender’,.. is determined by their biology, & that they need to ,just, get used to that fact.

    This ,..GIRL’,.. is NOT a boy & she will never be a boy, & her parent(s) & society should NOT worsen HER mental issues by pandering to HER delusions.

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  14. I am way beyond angry with the continual abuse of children. There is no such thing as a transgender 8 year old. This Maldonado woman is guilty of child abuse. It is she who needs a psych. eval. Just recently, National Geographic made en entire issue of ‘transgender children’. Sick degenerates, I will NEVER buy or look at that publication again. Thanks O’B, you have infected our Republic in more ways than meet the eye. I trust and pray that your queer, crack smoking, spineless, lying rear-end is dealt the harshest punishment prescribed for Treason. You disgust me.

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  15. So we have an eight year old child that supposedly started this rethinking at the age 6/7. I have asked this before. How in the heck does a child that age even come up with any term or feelings like that unless the mother is enabling that child?
    At that age, kids are busy being kids.
    And anyone that plays along with this is just as guilty. The kids hasn’t even come into her hormones yet. It is a little early for such a heavy decision.

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  16. We can blame Rex Tillerson for this, who made the decision to allow gay men to be scout leaders. And we can also blame Hillary Clinton who, for over 20 years, kept at it against the Scouts to change their policy.
    And we can blame the parents for their malfeasance and dereliction of duty.


  17. I do not intentionally intend to support or make statements against anyone or anything with my next—( I have my own resolute opinions/feelings about this…but trying not to allow these to interfere with my observations)–will try to tell you my observations/experiences as a teacher in a middle school classroom with my transgender kids:

    For 2 years in a row now, I’ve had transgender children (3 happened to be females who “transgendered” to boys, like the subject of this post). THey proved to me over time (one for 2 years, two for 3 years) that NONE was happy in EITHER gender identity. They all have had severe depressions in BOTH gender roles that required me to call in couseling or admin interventions in order to either start my class or continue my class instruction—and it wasn’t always “just” art–last year it was history. They all have disrupted the learning day and their classmates, teachers, with their severe emotional responses to their 24-7 constant pre-occupation with sexual identity, sexual feelings (which have NO PLACE no matter what gender you are or what identity you choose/operate under…in a PUBLIC MIDDLE SCHOOL). It did not “just” disrupt my class…but all day long, every class, depending upon the “feelings” of the day. This is at a time when most of my other students…at least at 6th or even 7th grade kids….have NO CLUE about sex, sexual feelings, sexual identification….or at LEAST any that they dared openly display while in the school day. I don’t KNOW what the difference is in response to maturing sexual feelings and their expression…but it exists in the behavior/expression that separates the transgender children from the NOT transgender. And, I just have to add an aside here—almost 99% of my OTHER students are soooo patient and tolerant of these transgender kids, going out of their ways to include them, accept them, validate them….but this doesn’t seem to comfort them on a day-to-day basis at school or in my classroom….in fact, it was often the genisis of the class disruption, as the transgender student might go off and sit,balled up, in a corner in emotional pain in the middle of a classroom instruction, and everyone and his brother in the room rushed to console him/her…..EVERY DAY could potentially descend into a mass pity party instead of the standards I am evaluated on in my job for delivering to my students. AND yet—what am I to do—-abandon the child in pain, or the state standards?

    As an art teacher…I end up w/these transgender kids sometimes TWICE a day, b/c their parents ask for them to be excused from PE (don’t want to change clothing in EITHER locker room) so, they have art as an elective…and then I have them for an additional period a day in lieu of PE. SOME I had 3x daily b/c last year I also taught a section of history—believe me when I say I’ve had some very LONG TERM observations of these kids over 3 yrs…sometimes half a day, every day for that time–which is unusual past elementary school for teachers/students. MY sadness over all this–as a teacher of children…as a mother myself….as a lover of life & its bounty & wonders…… is that what I am observing now with these children….might NEVER EVER change for them, and indeed, as their counselors and I have observed when I have to call counselors in due to emotional displays….it’s going to escalate and get worse as time goes on and their bodies mature according to their “XX, or XY” chromosomes…. when they have to choose , for instance, whether or not to mutilate their bodies permanently….and ingest hormones for life, and so on. No decisions are going to be “easy” for them from now on…..I see that this struggle they are entering into with puberty will NEVER “go away,” never be resolved satisfactorily either emotionally or physically for them—OR their families, no matter WHAT path they choose or what their families do for them.

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    • Your experiences with these children illustrate they need counseling, not coddling. This is why these transgenders have such a higher suicide rate than most.

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    • CalGirl, I certainly appreciate your first hand insight on these children. Thank you so much.
      I have to wonder by stepping outside the box and consider the fact these children aren’t confused about sex, but have for whatever reason, a reaction to life from something in their environment, and are just very depressed.
      It is like a few decades ago, we never heard about this or children that are autistic. Are we doing this to ourselves, what is causing this? The chemicals in the air, our food and even our soaps might be playing weird tricks.
      We have men becoming feminized for whatever reason.
      Before anything radical is done. I think some unbiased scientist need to consider and study this.
      You spoke about children that were not happy with either sex. Leads me to believe that wasn’t the problem to begin with.
      And enabling liberals parents are not helping with these situations I am sure.

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  18. CalGirl.. what has caused this in them… if you can even answer this. Is it media manipulation, nutrition, lack of some kind of support at home, or something even more complex, like a combo of environmental (the above) and lack of spiritual guidance? Just wondering. Why would a youngster even have to worry, or feel so lost, about their sexual adult life and gender choices especially before their time? I mean since when does an unripe fruit or vegetable worry about whether it is going to grow up and be a fruit, a vegetable, a condiment, a jam, a pie, or something in between? Perhaps media and lack of spiritual values at home play a big role with this issue.

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  19. The parents should be arrested and tried for child abuse.

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    • Ummm,..

      Hey Dave you didn’t make it clear as to WHICH parents should be arrested for,.. ‘child abuse’,.
      So,..did you mean that the parents of the confused girl with a bad case of ,..’penis envy, should be arrested, or did you mean that the parents of the boys who did not want their sons to go on, overnight, sleepover, trips with a girl, should be arrested,.?

      So, Dave,.. please clarify,..



  20. Alexa and Glenn—wish I knew WHY this is happening more and more, ( as well as the recent avalanche of ADD, ADHD, and “autism” tags).

    I can tell you that I had an AWFULLY behaved “autistic” child in my class one time…to the point that, he had a one-on-one aid, & up to 5 specifically certificated adults …besides ME…were in the room w/him to evaluate, figure out what to do abt his behavior. He ran all over the room…assaulted my personal classroom computer in a FLASH if I was not looking….changing settings…etc…so I could not even record the roll without having a technician come in to fix it….yelled, threw materials all over the room ( the “experts” said that I should have a packed suitcase of “activities” for him in case he didn’t want to “do” the art room activity—which was every day, etc.—and my reply was——-OK….but this room is NOT equipped for a PE lesson….if he is going to run all over the room….a danger to himself and others…then you have to put him into an environment that accomodates that (this is what the Federal Law says), as I can NOT remove my art room equipment so that he can participate in art WITHOUT THAT equipment for all the other children.)

    Mom always showed up with a thick binder of her “rights” in the public schools….and she made a HUGE mistake one time….she CLAIMED he could NOT sit still in his seat b/c his “bum” hurt and we should dismiss his running around the classroom & inviting chaos & we should, instead of trying to redirect—provide one of those big, air-filled balls to sit on instead of a chair….& his special ed. teacher (we are mandated reporters, legally) said, well, if his ‘bum” hurts to sit upon….then we have to find out WHY. And, we called in Social Services….AS WE ARE MANDATED TO DO OR–we would face being prosecuted OURSELVES once being told this information. MOM and kid ran away from our district the next day. GONE.

    Another example….had a “do-nothing” kid who had a doctor’s diagnosis of “ADHD” Not too unusual these days. But, parents objected to his failing grades, blaming them NOT on the kids…but on his teachers..for NOT “accomodating his disabililty.” Now…I’d had this kid for 3 years in either art class (sometimes 2X daily b/c he’d had a broken leg one year…so…art elective…and then art again to be placed out of PE)…and then, in 8th grade, had him again 2x daily in art, & then again in US History. Never had a problem with him in art b/c I made a contract w/him that, I graded him on his academic reading (we have a graded computer reading program on site). I Knew he was assigned to my class not due to an art elective…but due to a physical thing…so I assessed the situation & we agreed to “grade” him on his recreational reading. NOW—here was a diagnosed “ADHD” kid who would READ silently without moving a muscle for an hour every day in this art class…BUT…as soon as he came into my US History Class…2 periods later….HE LET ALL HELL LOOSE. All over the room…no work done….drew obscene graffiti all over books, tables ….
    Long story short….father…with huge binder of “rights” came into a whole-subject teacher meeting and demanded that we ALL “alter” our grading systems for this kid (this is NOT a part of ANY alternative grading/evaluation system for even our special ed kids: ADHD or ADD are NOT disabilities…..) This parent was SO aggressive and disagreeable to deal with that I finally researched the high school standards, etc for graduation, & IF we’d consider and adjust for his ADHD as a “disabilty” & assigned him altered grades due to “disabiltiy” then—-he would not be eligible for an academic HS diploma….just a “certificate of completion” & NOT eligible for college application….not EVEN to CA community college (which requires a minimum of a HS academic degree.). When we agreed to that…FATHER went away with his binder of “rights” &never came back—pretty much assuming that, if he wanted his kid to go to college, he applied pressure to the KID…instead of his teachers 🙂

    I tell these 2 situations I’ve dealt with only to illustrate that so many parents do not accept responsibility for their child’s behavior and performance ….whether a learning disability or not… rather, demanding teachers/school systems perform ESPECIALLY and AROUND their own child’s special “needs” even if those needs are just pure neglect/refusal to participate /behavior-based. or so on…..& NOT connected to brain-based cognitive abiltiy or the modifications that can alleviate such in the classroom. BOOM!

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  21. This is the usual war on tomboys (think about it folks, when was the last time you heard the term “tomboy”?) and the male equiv., trying to force people to conform to the distorted, prejudiced, grossly stereotypical, and flatly wrong models of gender (and sexuality) as promoted by the mentally & spiritually ill/*sexual and *gender movements. The girl has lots of friends that are boys from the sound of it, clearly likes being active, there is no transgender there, there is just a girl being a tomboy, perfectly feminine, and perfectly straight (much to the chagrin of the bigots pushing the trans propaganda.) with a mom that is committing child abuse and clearly not with enough sense to try to understand the truth of the matter, or worse, is purposefully using her child as leverage to force the agenda on the scouts organization, as disturbing as it is, I don’t doubt it’d be beyond these sorts of people to do this to their own kids, if it means they can further their sickness into public acceptance.


  22. God made man and woman to be together and to reproduce, it’s wrong for a man to lay with man and same for women. Parents allow children to do this and that’s wrong. As parents we are to guide our children the right way not the wrong


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