Bernie Sanders supporter boasts on Facebook about refusing to help stranded motorist because she had a Trump bumper sticker

The party of “No H8TE.”


From Daily Mail: A motorist boasted that he had refused to help a woman whose car was stuck in the snow after he spotted her Trump bumper sticker.

Troy Brown took a picture of a stranded vehicle in the snow and posted it on Facebook with the caption: ‘I was going to help her but she has a #Trump sticker on her car #CallYoPresident’. He also posted a video of himself purportedly driving on by.

The post, which has been liked and shared more than 4,000 times, sparked major debate among the hundreds of comments.

Many attacked Brown for leaving the woman stranded in the snow based solely on her political stance. Others defended Brown, saying they would have done the same.


Brown, who posts extensively about political issues, doubled down on his decision, adding ‘a list of people Trump voters can call for help:1. Yo president 2. Exxon Mobil CEO 3. General Flynn’s son 4. The gunman at Comet pizza in D.C.’

The motorist wrote that he does not support ‘Trump supporters, rapists, trafficking, or murderers. ‘I believe in peace and harmony. Trump didn’t display that.’

Brown revealed that he had been a Bernie Sanders supporter before Donald Trump won the election.

He had posted the picture of the stranded motorist on December 13 – when Ohio was suffering heavy snowstorms and freezing temperatures hitting as low as 13 degrees.


23 responses to “Bernie Sanders supporter boasts on Facebook about refusing to help stranded motorist because she had a Trump bumper sticker

  1. Hey Troy , did you ever hear of the saying ; ” What goes around , comes around ” ? Or ” Do unto others ………………………” ?
    Paybacks are a bitch , keep that thought in the back of your pea sized mind when you are in the same position !!!

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  2. Oblivious to the self-indicting irony, Troy Brown, who takes pride in not helping a stranded driver, wrote “I believe in peace and harmony”.
    Just goes to show Brown not only is vicious, he’s also stupid.

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  3. Is helping traffic victims a part of the conditions for obtaining a driving license ?


  4. Well Troy, I will say a couple of things to you and hope you get to read this. First of all take that cross off your neck as you dishonor what and who it stands for. Secondly maybe someone will return the favor to you and leave your momma or sister stranded in the snow. I pray not but if happens remember what your Bible says.” You reap what you sow!

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  5. Typical “everything is political” left/libtard– they just hate everybody else, especially folk who disagree with them.

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  6. yobro i’da pop a cap in yo a** mofo. Just keep rollin by

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  7. Two things: I agree with David that this idiot needs to remove the cross from his neck. Secondly, this fool is prob all about BLM, did he ever think that by posting about his pathetic behavior and boasting about it, he is reinforcing negative stereotypes about black people?

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    • Any person who would conscientiously make the decision to leave another person stranded in such weather is definitely to stupid for words. Let’s hope that he does not donate to the gene pool. His whole attitude just leaves me sick and angry.

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  8. I agree with David, too. And by the way, Troy, can you define the word “prejudice”? There are many different forms of it you know. And you’re guilty of it.

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  9. This guy is not gonna have a healthy relationship with Karma. That cross could be a lightening rod. His buds better not stand too close!

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  10. No one has ever accused Bernie Sandanista of being a Christian. I would imagine that would apply to many of his followers, also.
    I don’t think I’d want this CRETIN’S “help”!

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  11. Scum bag, my wish for you for 2017 is that you run out of gas in a snow covered DIRT road, Happy New Year, hahaha🐍

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  12. They always say stop hate, but they always hate anyone who is not on their side.

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  13. I wonder if he would have that cocky attitude if he found out his lack of action cost someone their life.
    I wold love to be there on his judgement day or when karma comes knocking.

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    • What if he found out at some point in time that his Mama was left at the side of the road, and she expired . . . that would be a whole ‘nother matter I am sure. This guy is a toad, I can only wish that “what goes around–comes around” jumps up and bites him in the butt during this next year. I know of no one who is more deserving! Let’s just see how long that ugly, smug look remains on his face.

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  14. Always do your best, with all your might, to always do the right thing!
    About 40 years ago I was driving a scaffold truck on the freeway. And some of the scaffold on this truck broke lose and fell onto the pavement behind me. As I pulled on my emergency flashers and started to stop. The two older men with me yelled at me “don’t stop, keep going, lets get out of here! I yelled at them Bull S–t, jumped out of the truck and ran back to pick-up the scaffold. By the time I started picking it up, other motorists also stopped to help me. A very brave act, as the traffic was rushing by us. We finished, I thanked them sincerely and we all got back into traffic. I immediately gave my passengers, who didn’t lift a finger to help, a piece of my mind…”Are you crazy, what if that scaffold killed someone, I could never live with myself!”…I told my boss that night, get me a new crew I won’t work with them under any circumstances!
    —What ever that thing is that refused to help that woman, it is not a human being, not yet! Doc Blake


  15. Just another example of Dems behaving badly, (AGAIN and AGAIN—-and it’s beginning to cover almost EVERY area of our daily lives. What next—are they going to start banning Trump supporters from the marketplace, or beat them up in public…or develop public school curriculum to teach kids, k-college, how to “cope” with a Trump admininstration……crazy!…….OH WAIT……..)

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  16. I wonder if a Trump voter calls 911 when they pass this low-life future inmate (if he lives that long) on the sidewalk bleeding out due to several bullet holes?

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