Jackie Evancho’s album sales quadruple after it’s announced she will perform at Trump’s inauguration

Suck it, haters.


From NY Daily News: Jackie Evancho — the virtually unknown 16-year-old singer slated to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 20 — is laughing all the way to the bank as her recent album sales have skyrocketed since her performance was announced.

Trump detractors attacked the teenage classical singer earlier this month for agreeing to perform at the event, noting that it would ruin her career. However, it has done quite the opposite.

Evancho’s weekly album sales have quadrupled for both digital downloads and with retailers, according to TMZ. And her album “Someday at Christmas” reportedly had to be restocked twice in local stores, TMZ reported.

Even the soprano’s Billboard spot has jumped significantly. Evancho’s “Dream With Me” album and her “O Holy Night” EP are both at No. 2 on the Billboard chartswhich is the highest spot they’ve ever held. She’s also the youngest solo artist to ever go platinum.

The “America’s Got Talent” breakout star will be singing the “The Star Spangled Banner” at next month’s presidential ceremony. “I’m so excited,” Evancho said on “Today” about the event. “It’s going to be awesome.”




17 responses to “Jackie Evancho’s album sales quadruple after it’s announced she will perform at Trump’s inauguration

  1. So much for singers’ and other entertainers’ fear of being blackballed if they performed at Trump’s inauguration. A 16-year-old girl has more courage than all of them put together.

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  2. Thank you for this encouraging article, DCG.

    Jackie’s courage in the face of the bullies is “making America great again.” We will not likely see her going down the Madona/Lady Gaga road. She is not swayed by the advice of the handlers who perverted other young stars.

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  3. And, unlike the rabble who usually assault us with their musical diarrhea, Miss Evancho is actually talented and can sing beautifully without studio tricks. No satanic pyrotechnics and symbols. Just a beautiful voice from a lovely human being. What a refreshing change from the usual. Maybe Trump will be good for the arts as well as national boundaries and economics.

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  4. Who on earth are these brain dead “Trump detractors” who would condemn Jackie with her voice of an angel and who is the perfect role model for American teenage girls? Those slugs probably would prefer sluts like Madonna and Miley Cyrus. Good for you Jackie. Actually, my wife and I have all your CDs and we have listened to your first one more than any of your others by far.

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  5. I meant any of ALL our other CDs.


  6. This is really the way to star a new year. It has taken a gifted young performer, a woman, with a clear voice that will resonate all over DC telling the world that a new horizon awaits the United States -a bright future for both, Miss Evanko and President Trump. What a lesson in courage to show the money hungry cowards that honor and the love for the country is what America is made off.

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  7. Great Story and great comments! Feel-good story of the day. Thank you all.

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  8. PLEASE HELP this young girl is fighting bigotry and intolerance DEFIANTLY ALONE! Jackie Evancho is fighting vile pressure. NOT TO SING at the TRUMP inauguration. Will America let them BULLY a little girl? I don’t thing so!

    Jackie Evancho – Silent Night (feat. The Tenors) – HD
    Jackie on iTunes: https://goo.gl/XTpGfn Jackie on Amazon: http://goo.gl/gBJFD6 Connect With Jackie! Website..: http://www.jackieevancho.com Facebook:…

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  9. Her album sales increased because of Putin. He forced every Russian to buy one album.

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  10. I first encountered Jackie Evancho on an America’s Got Talent show as a 10 year old [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3d_XTvLalJk]. Her astonishing voice made me recall Judy Garland’s appearances as a child. Do you doubt this tiny angel isn’t real –as her detractors claim she lip synchs to a recording– here she is in a duet w/Sarah Brightman [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7-TF_4x-ME] and she certainly holds her own against Ms Brightman.

    More proof? How about a duet of the same song w/Andrea Boticelli? [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7-TF_4x-ME], whom I understand was also invited by Donald Trump, so we can hope they sing at least one duet.

    And finally, as a native-born US citizen living in Canada here’s the performance that really did me in this morning: her performance on Memorial Day 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QopSSVj9Pyg. It made me weep for several minutes. Here’s Jackie’s Official Website: http://www.jackieevancho.com

    As Toscanini remarked “God gives us a voice like this once in a generation.” Now that Luciano Pavarotti is gone I think she rightly inherits his cloak.

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    • I just watched some of Jackie’s presentations and was greatly moved. I have long enjoyed Irving Berlin’s great work, ‘God Bless America,” and her presentation was excellent, especially when joined in by the audience. Kate Smith, I still love you, but you have good company. Knowing your heart, I am sure you warmly welcome her presence.
      (Why do people waste time and money to listen to some of what is often played today?)

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  11. I too have been following Jackie since she first performed on America’s Got Talent and have all her albums and have downloaded her videos on youtube. Jackie exudes confidence, but with grace. She has a giving heart and her parents are raising her with Christian values. We won’t have to worry about Jackie heading down any disturbing paths. She gives God the praise for her talents.

    Jackie sings “The Lord’s Prayer” at most of her concerts. My favorite is when she had just turned 11 years and David Foster arranged and mentored her performance for a PBS event in Florida. You may still be able to find a copy of this PBS DVD on Amazon. If you weren’t looking at her and knew her to be a child, you’d think she was a grown woman singing. It’s truly heavenly. Even though Jackie’s voice continues to mature beautifully, this particular performance at this particular time in Jackie’s young life affects me more than any other. It brings chills and sometimes tears when I hear her sing it. I try to remember to play this video several times per week and never tire of it. See and listen for yourselves:

    It’s more than refreshing to know Jackie will be singing at Trump’s inauguration. The ugly people who put her down for performing should be ignored and shunned. My hope is to see Jackie perform in person when there is an event I can reasonably drive to. For those of you who have not heard Jackie sing, well, go to Amazon and buy her CD’s. Also, download her videos from youtube. You won’t be disappointed!!

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  12. I just played that prayer given us by Jesus for our calling on his Father. No more needs to be said when one prays for oneself and others in a group in agreement. Her singing it must move the heart of the Lord and his son.

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    • In the earlier video she said she’d only just now heard the music/lyrics and then sang it at what looks to be age 12. I don’t know about you folks, but this is nearly as great an achievement as when 14 yr old Mozart heard the ” ‘Miserere mei, Deus’, Latin for “Have mercy on me, O God”)… a setting of Psalm 51 (50) by Italian composer Gregorio Allegri. It was composed during the reign of Pope Urban VIII, probably during the 1630s, for use in the Sistine Chapel during matins, as part of the exclusive Tenebrae service on Holy Wednesday and Good Friday of Holy Week.”

      “…the fourteen-year-old Mozart was visiting Rome when he first heard the piece during the Wednesday service. Later that day, he wrote it down entirely from memory, returning to the Chapel that Friday to make minor corrections. Less than three months after hearing the song and transcribing it, Mozart had gained fame for the work and was summoned to Rome by Pope Clement XIV, only instead of excommunicating the boy, the Pope showered praise on him for his feat of musical genius and awarded him the Chivalric Order of the Golden Spur.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miserere_(Allegri)

      This choral was deemed too precious to be heard outside the Vatican, and I think it’s written in 12 parts, so its incredible complexity ensured that the outside world never heard it except by admittance.

      Aber der Wunderkind Mozart heard it ONCE and then returned to their hotel where he WROTE THE ENTIRE PIECE OUT FROM MEMORY, an unparalled feat that has never been matched to this day.

      People such as Mozart and Jackie Evancho are truly God’s revelation of what humans can be, BUT only if we pursue peace and good works, not greed and materialism.

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  13. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!

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  14. Trump detractors are foolish talking about careers especially when it comes to a 16 year old girl with a God given given talent. Amazing and moving story. Thank you! Of course our soon to be President noticed her too.

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