Demonstrators waving white flags and demanding peace in Syria begin 1,800-mile march from Berlin to Aleppo

What could possibly go wrong?


From Daily Mail: Demonstrators demanding peace in Syria have begun a 1,800-mile march from Berlin to Aleppo. The group of activists, who will walk all the way to the war torn city, set off from a refugee camp yesterday morning.

With backpacks fully stocked and sleeping mats at the ready, they held banners reading ‘we are all human’ and white flags symbolising peace. The group are demanding peace in Syria and international help for civilians in Aleppo after Bashar al-Assad’s forces won control of the city from rebels earlier this month.

On their Facebook page, the organisers of the Civil March for Aleppo, wrote: ‘On Dec 26th we left Berlin and march for Aleppo. We demand help for civilians, protecting human rights and working out a peaceful solution for the people of Aleppo and other besieged cities in Syria and beyond. Join us.’


It is not known how long it will take to get to Aleppo, but the initial stage to the Czech border will take 15 days. The route then goes through eastern Europe and Turkey, into Syria.

Anna Alboth, a Polish traveller, blogger and journalist based in Berlin, organised the march. She was determined to do something more than just watch the horrifying news coming out of Aleppo on a daily basis.

The group’s GoFundMe page reads: ‘We are an international group of determined civilians starting the #CivilMarchForAleppo as a way of showing our support to the Syrian people, demanding peace talks in the region, saying #StopTheBombs and proving that we aren’t powerless in the face of human-inflicted crisis. The March will take us from our homes to the streets, towards what has been the center stage of our social media activity: Syria. And to make this work, to make our voices heard out there, in the real world, we need you too.



9 responses to “Demonstrators waving white flags and demanding peace in Syria begin 1,800-mile march from Berlin to Aleppo

  1. I have encountered holy great spirit , time to love fully, rise.


  2. And they think this will bring World Peace?
    Yeah, right! Hopers and dopers.
    More Proof that Liberalism is a mental disease and untreated can be fatal. At least this time the fatalities will be among the ‘carriers’, not the innocent bystanders and the Sheeple.

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  3. Those useful idiots are making themselves walking targets.

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  4. I guess these “activists” missed the part about the “rebels” being Sunni jihadists who have murdered thousands and thousands of Jews, Christians and Shi’ites in Aleppo, before finally being defeated.
    Pesky facts

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  5. I can already see there is going to be a lot of examples made of here of “infidels”! Not to be hateful, but they will have it coming to them and I won’t feel sorry for them!


  6. Another massacre waiting to happen………

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  7. Rather like the Children’s Crusade, to my mind, so it will come to an equally terrible end. So very sad all the way around.

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  8. good luck they are going to need it…..

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  9. Surrendering females, with their white flag, may end up as sex-slaves under Islamic law. With their Muslim owners allowed to do with them as they wish. Their families can use them as slave labor and all the male members of the family can rape them at will.


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