Actress Carrie Fisher dead at 60

Carrie Fisher, who, at age 19, shot to international stardom playing Princess Leia in the Star Wars trilogy, was declared dead this morning.


On Friday, Dec. 23, Fisher had a massive heart attack on board a London-to-L.A. commercial flight and was rushed to L. A. Medical Center. Reportedly, her heart had stopped for some 10 minutes before an EMT, who was on board in coach, managed to restore a pulse. We were told she was put on a ventilator and, after a stint in ER, was in Intensive Care in “stable condition”. She never regained consciousness.

In truth, she likely had died on December 23, and was artificially kept alive by a ventilator until she was formally declared dead this morning.

Fisher was only 18 months old when her adulterous father, singer Eddie Fisher, left her and her mom, Debbie Fisher, for Elizabeth Taylor.

Quite apart from Star Wars, Carrie Fisher was an accomplished and very witty author of biographical and fictional books, in which she was honest about her drug addiction (cocaine, alcohol, and prescription meds), bipolar disorder, and her weight gain and loss in a Hollywood fixated on looks.

I am an unabashed fan of Star Wars — and all stories, like Lord of the Rings, of brave people fighting the good fight against evil, which inspire us to be better people than we are and from which we draw encouragement when we lose hope. As J.R.R. Tolkien put it, speaking through Samwise Gamgee in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers:

“By rights we shouldn’t even be here. But we are. It’s like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo, the ones that really matter, full of darkness and danger they were. And sometimes you didn’t want to know the end, because how could the end be happy. How could the world go back to the way it was, when so much bad happened. But in the end, it’s only a passing thing–the shadow–even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines, it’ll shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you, that meant something, even if you were too small to understand why. But I think, Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Folk in those stories had lots of chances to turn back, only they didn’t.  They kept going, because they were holding onto something–that there’s some good in the world, Mr. Frodo, and that’s worth fighting for.”

Carrie Fisher’s gutsy Princess Leia did that — for generations of young girls. She once told the Los Angeles Times:

“I remember the first time it was weird to me was when someone wanted to thank me because they’d become a lawyer because of me. The main thing they said is that they identified with me. I felt like that [Princess Leia] was somebody that could be heroic without being a superhero and be relatable.”

Rest in peace, Carrie Fisher. To borrow a fan (and LA Times reader) mark00000352’s words:

“You are now in the stars where we first met you.”

UPDATE (Dec. 28, 2016):

Carrie Fisher reportedly had a drug relapse before death. (Page Six)


21 responses to “Actress Carrie Fisher dead at 60

  1. Ohhh, how terribly sad for her family. Her mother, Debbie Reynolds, is still living. It’s a very hard thing to bury a child, no matter what age. Bless her heart…too young.

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  2. Those with bi-polar disorder are often treated with lithium. Being a pure element, it has to be monitored closely, usually with monthly blood tests to measure the level. The combo of drug and alcohol abuse along with heavy duty pharmaceuticals to manage mental illness can be very hard on an individuals organs. Combine that with yo-yo dieting over the years to offset the weight gaining side effect of some of her drugs could also be a factor toward her heart attack. It’s so sad.

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  3. When I was living in the bush w/o hydro for seven years, I hadn’t seen a movie for six years before. So when my son was born we decided to celebrate by taking him with us to the first screening of Star Wars in Nelson, BC.

    It was Winter, which meant a 1.5 hrs drive each way over 35 miles of icy roads, and there were only two showings a day. After doing all the chores, banking the fires [wood stove, heater, etc.] and making our animals as safe as possible, we left as night came on at 4:30 pm.

    Well, our 13 yr wait to see a movie was sure worth it, although I think it cost $4.00 each, at a time when we only had Summer savings and our entire group budget was about $100/month, and $40 of that for gasoline. When Robbie nursed and slept through the entire movie, we knew for certain that he had severely impaired hearing, as the soundtrack shook the small theatre.

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  4. so sad…may she Rest In Peace…
    original Star Wars trilogy is the only version I like…

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  5. There was a Hollywood personality who we didn’t feel the need to cover our daughters’ eyes or ears during a performance.
    I commented that she was one of the few stars who didn’t have a trainwreck of a life, and my wife said that she actually did have lots of problems.
    I guess I do not spend much time in front of the magazines on the checkout line.

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  6. I pray she has finally found the peace she was in search of for so many years. She overcame many hurdles as well as losses. The last one was just too big.
    We did indeed lose a bright star today.
    RIP Carrie

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  7. I am older than Miss Fisher. I never saw any of the Star Wars movies. I am sorry that she died.
    That being said, death occurs when the soul leaves the body. I kind of knew, once I heard that she was on a ventilator, that it was only a matter of time: My paternal grandmother had cancer, and the intestinal tumor, the size of a grapefruit, had to be removed. The surgeon (renowned in the Northeast in that time), said she had to be put on a ventilator. We did not know what the outcome would be. She passed. A year later, when actor Peter Sellers suffered a massive heart attack, he was put on a ventilator. My father knew, right away, that his end was near.
    That was over 35 years ago. I would imagine much progress has been made since then. Regardless, once I heard that Miss Fisher was on a ventilator, that the outcome would, in all likelihood, not be good.
    I understand that Miss Fisher is survived by her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds. No parent should have to bury a child.

    This all being said, death occurs when the soul leaves the body. Whether the flesh can survive—albeit for a short time—on a ventilator, is an interesting question, best left to—whom?—the doctors? The moral theologian and Angelic Doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas, has answered the question. (As has St. Augustine). Let us assume that Miss Fisher passed on Tuesday morning, and not on the plane. Our own response matters: Terri Schiavo endured a horrible death, and despite her reported “vegetative state,” she may have known something about what was happening to her.
    Ditto the transplant donor: I drove an anaestheologist who was charged with retrieving the organs of a donor. He was just an intern, turned off to New York City. Turned off to medicine: He knew he was killing a living human being. (Organs can only be retrieved from a living donor.)

    Let us assume that Miss Fisher died this morning, kept alive on a ventilator, until her soul left her body: Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings have their place in literature and mythology; Literature and mythology are no substitute for moral theology and the Will of God.

    Otherwise, we are left to hang, twisting slowly, in the wind, on the vapid and empty hopes of a Benthamite utilitarian ethic, where the bodies of aborted fetuses are used to generate electricity for the hospitals that extinguished them.

    And let us pray for the soul of Miss Fisher: Regardless of what she shared about her own personal battles, I am confident she did not know everything about herself. I know I don’t.

    I do not want this woman’s soul to be lost. I have lived longer than hundreds of people I have known: A number of my former students have been dead for years, through no fault of their own.

    We must pray for Carrie Fisher.

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  8. R.I.P. Carrie Fisher. 😦

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  9. Very tragic for Ms. Fisher’s mother. One wonders if the ‘heart attack’ was ‘mechanical’ or ‘electrical’. I heard no mention of a defibrillator being used to restart her heart. On a less than reverent note, Ms. Fisher was third of 3 recent deaths who proclaimed they would rather be dead than support P.E. Trump. The other two were Janet Reno and George Michael. RIP Star Wars Princess.

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  10. FYI:


  11. Also:



  12. I have no idea who this biotch is or where on the Red Shield food chain she slobbers from but she is obviously not afraid to speak her [inbred] mind.


  13. Wed., Dec. 28, 2016, 9:31 p.m.:


  14. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this beautiful post about a very wonderful lady. May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

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  15. 6 months after Carrie Fisher passed away, we are finally told that autopsy results had heroin, cocaine, ethanol and other drugs in her system when she died. “The exposure to cocaine took place sometime approximately in the last 72 hours of the sample that was obtained,” said a Los Angeles County coroner’s report published by the Associated Press today.

    Despite all that, the report concluded that “the manner of death has been ruled undetermined.”

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    • Undetermined? Baloney!

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      • Yeah, they also got rid of Prince, but they wanted to shut him up because he was going on TV talking about chemtrails and them spraying manganese into inner cities to cause violence. This manganese to cause violent behavior is talked about by Mark Purdey in the book “Animal Pharm”, he seems to be the first to mention that. Prince talked about that, and a black minister was also telling his congregation about it as well (which was in a video that I saw when Prince was mentioning chemtrails).


    • She seemed like a nice person, even if she was a hollywood actress.

      That is so sad- another victim of Helllywood. I’m sure her using shock therapy a lot didn’t help her at all, it’s a brutal thing to do to the human brain. Psychiatry used to be denigrated within the medical community itself until they discovered mind-bending drugs to mess with neurotransmitting chemicals the brain produces. It is a real tragedy that she and others didn’t and don’t realize the reasons for mental illness, namely diet (bad diets full of sugar, especially with schizophrenics) and bad pharmaceuticals that make the problem even worse. I wonder if she was trying suicide.
      Schizophrenics and others that have depression are many times cured by changing to a good old-fashioned diet that was eaten by healthy primitives in the past, namely, ‘good’ fats like lard, tallow, coconut oil (in the tropics of course), grass fed and finished suet and bacon and eggs from chickens ranging on growing green grass and bugs. You can see the result of the ‘food pyramid’ and the ‘my plate’ government crap that they keep force feeding the gullible public. Another thing nobody ever looks into for depression especially is Rhodiola Rosea, there is even a book on it written by an MD. Weston A Price and his fellow researcher Royal Lee showed without a doubt that modern foods are the cause of almost all of modern society’s ills.


    • It took them 6 months to find this out?? Sounds suspicious to me. Of course, most everything does too, ha.


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