Husband of Man Who Harassed Ivanka Trump Trolled on Amazon

Remember the gay man, Daniel Goldstein, who last week was kicked off a JetBlue flight for harassing (and causing a commotion) Ivanka Trump? Well now he and his “husband,” Matthew Lasner, are facing public the consequence for being such jerks.


From Yahoo: Two men and their child were kicked off a JetBlue flight from New York to San Francisco on Thursday after one of the men recognized Ivanka Trump and allegedly harassed her before takeoff. Daniel Goldstein, an attorney from Brooklyn, accosted Ms. Trump who was traveling with her husband Jared Kushner and their three children.

“Why is she on our flight? She should be flying private.” Goldstein reportedly said. It’s unclear whether the comment was made directly to Ivanka or simply said aloud.

The ordeal was captured in images published to Twitter by Goldstein’s husband, Matthew Lasner, and a backlash is costing him on Amazon.


Lasner, a professor at Hunter College’s department of urban policy and planning in New York City, is the author of “High Life: Condo Living In The Suburban Century” and his book is being flooded with 1-star reviews, most containing plane-related puns.

Amazon user Tom Wellborn writes: “An oddly written book. Seems to start in one direction, then flys over to another unrelated subject, then jets back to yet another area, left me feeling Blue….” user fmp4369 writes: “Book left me feeling like I was stuck at an airport. Story didn’t have any altitude. Hopefully it’s not made into an in flight movie.”

Some are less subtle with their critiques: “Should be called Low Life.” writes Anthony S. “Author Matthew Lasner is one of the two angry men (married) who publicly harassed Ivanka Trump and her family on a JetBlue flight in December 2016. Do not support or purchase anything this man touches.” says Terrance Wilson.

Only one review on the Amazon product page is from someone who made a registered purchase. Someone did fire back a review in Lasner’s defense, user Axisofevil said: “Well written and researched. A thorough examination of suburban v urban existence. Not recommended for white supremacists.”

The plane altercation set off a firestorm on social media and became national news thanks mostly to Lasner’s tweets. Lasner’s tweets, all of them, have since been deleted.

Lasner and Goldstein with their young son were removed from the flight and put on next one available. Jet Blue in a statement said: “The decision to remove a customer from a flight is not taken lightly. If the crew determines that a customer is causing a conflict on the aircraft, the customer will be asked to deplane, especially if the crew feels the situation runs the risk of escalation during flight.

When they did arrive in San Francisco the men were confronted by TMZ. They offered no comment. Since the controversy began Lasner’s page on the Hunter College faculty site has been removed, casting doubt over his continued employment with the school.



23 responses to “Husband of Man Who Harassed Ivanka Trump Trolled on Amazon

  1. Lasner’s piece of turd only has TWO positive reviews: one 5-stars, the other 4-stars.

    The 5-star reviewer “Gregory” wrote the review only 21 hours ago, and has written only one review. Betcha “Gregory” is either Matthew Lasner or his “husband” Daniel Goldstein.

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  2. After seeing Ivanka in person , he wishes he was a straight guy .

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  3. Ivanka is a beautiful white woman.
    Such unbelievable soft features, small nose, small lips, soft complextion.

    All what I see, as Beautiful and more.
    Even King Kong wanted the white one?
    Ivanka is one amazing white woman


  4. the poor son…I will pray for that child and all children in his “situation”.

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  5. except for their glasses, they look almost identical; a common trend I’ve noticed among homosexuals and lesbians…their world is all about themselves….narcissists and sexual narcissists, among other things.

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    • I’ve noticed the same, MomOfIV, but I felt I was alone in my thinking. It’s akin to people and their dogs have resemblances.


      • If you research family violence, you will find homosexual couples have significantly more episodes of violence in their relationships.

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        • True! Insurance Actuarial tables show this (or used to), also much higher on suicides, alcoholism, drug abuse, victims of property crimes, and die way early of almost everything.
          How “Gay” is that?
          One of the reasons ObamaCare is so high, is the regular people’s premiums are averaged in to cover all the perverts & dopers high risks. And all the expenses for the the “Transgenders”.
          Makes the Rip-off of The Taxpayers for PP seem small. It is all the Libs using the Govt Gun to shake down the taxpayers to pay for Free Stuff for their voters. Abortions, free drugs, free drugs for the Trannies, free surgery, as well as free medical for very high risk people who made very bad “Life Choices”.

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  7. The book’s whole premise is that declining real estate prices (cheaper land) is making people buy more expensive places with no land (condos)… which makes no sense. (I guess that’s what passes for progressive logic.)

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  8. No one who does the bone dance with Mr. Sphincter should be allowed near children.

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  9. These guys are from the synagogue of satan,
    Revelation 2:9
    Revelation 3:9


  10. “Husband of man”?
    No surprise. IT is gay and liberals (and moreso with LGBT) are mentally ill and also INTOLERANT HATERS (which they always complain that conservatives are)


  11. Where was the SS?

    The flamer should have been rudely arrested on the spot and dragged off the aircraft feet-first.

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  12. Lasner and Goldstein made fools of themselves, and they created a situation that THEY controlled. They made Mrs. Trump and others on the plane as if there could be a dangerous situation ahead, or if harm and injury could come upon Mrs. Trump and her son. This is called MENACING. I have been the victim of menacing on every single job I have ever had (except the one I’m on now). People instinctually know this, so let’s not excuse their behavior.
    The trolling they have received in return is peanuts to what they created. Their behavior is not protected by the First Amendment, in mine own humble opinion.


    • True Steven, actions have consequences and they created quite a lot of action. May they now reap all that they sowed.


    • Steven: I have long thought that LGBT’s, coming out of the closet, is from their false sense of security. During a New World Order, those who’ve marked themselves as such, will be destroyed, They are serving a purpose and aren’t smart enough to figure it out. A NWO situation isn’t going to tolerate their nasty behavior. They are playing right into their own demise. What is your thoughts on this? Leeann

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      • “A NWO situation isn’t going to tolerate their nasty behavior. They are playing right into their own demise. What is your thoughts on this? Leeann”

        The NWO isn’t going to tolerate their nasty behavior? I’m confused how you come up with that. The NWO is all about nasty i.e., Satanism. NWO wants no biological families, androgynous, sexually confused people, and test tube babies created by the state with no connection to another human, and the nasty mouthpieces that promote and live that all it out will be lauded and protected just as they are now.


        • Look into the Night of the Long Knives as an example. Those who’ve been useful idiots and/or know where the ‘bodies are buried’ are the first to be eliminated when their usefulness has passed.


  13. Stating the obvious: 2 men does not a marriage make. Two dudes cannot make a child. So it isn’t a family. It’s two twisted adult males. Nothing else.

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