Funny cats!

I hope y’all had a peaceful and blessed Christmas.

If you had the misfortune of a quarrelsome family get together, this should bring you some stress-relief.

There are some really funny cats in this video, and a touching segment of a boy feeding milk to a kitten (beg. 5:58 mark).

H/t FOTM‘s josephbc69


7 responses to “Funny cats!

  1. That was wonderful. I did not know that cats would put up with being in water. I am going to have to try that with my little girl.

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    • You need to start them as small kittens. And short-haired varieties usually, but the Turkish Vann and even Turkish Angoras like water.
      Other than that, you night try playing with them in the tub with a ping-pong ball or similar. add water at body temp with the air temp warm. Once they get used to playing and splashing in very shallow water (1/2″), you can try adding more water, until they are swimming.
      The important thing is make it play – fun, if they get scared don’t force it with a cat older than about 3 months. If you can trick ’em into it OK, but if you force them, look out! Feline Sulk & ugly looks are the best you can hope for. I’ve had grown cats on boats that “kinda tolerated” water & swimming, but only seemed to enjoy it in very shallow water and playing with a toy or catching something.
      I’ve known friends with cats that would swim almost like dogs.

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  2. It’s BOXING DAY!! Cats’ favorite holiday!
    Unless it contains a small tasty rodent-type creature, cats usually prefer the box over whatever it contained.

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  3. I found some of these to be amongst the very best I’ve ever seen: the white cat who is furious with its image in the mirror; the ping pong player; the next one, who seems to be praying instead of preying; the well-pressed cat, freshly ironed, ready for a night on the prowl; the shy one who closes the bathroom door for privacy; the cat who visited the University for Peace for higher learning through the ceiling; which ones are your favourites?

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  4. This really made my day. Especially with the cats in the mirror!

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  5. This is such a fun compilation. I have never seen a cat want to get back into the water. The kitten with her bottle was so pushy, and I guess all cats love to climb into boxes… they don’t seem to equate the size of the box with their own mass…silly kitties.

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