NY Couple who fell in love with Britain and moved there to run a guest house told they have just one month to leave after their permanent visa was turned down

A deportation that Britian found worthy.

The Felbers

The Felbers

From Daily Mail: A couple from New York who fell in love with Britain and have run a guest house there for almost six years are facing deportation. Americans Russell and Ellen Felber, who run the popular Torridon Guest House in Inverness, have been told they have just one month to leave the UK.

Mr. Felber, 59, and his wife fell in love with Britain and visited every year before packing up their lives and moving to the Highlands on a three-year entrepreneur visa in 2011, which was later extended for another two years.

They have invested £400,000 in their house, which was previously used as student accommodation, and have adorned the walls with Scottish pictures and tartan – but their application for permanent residency was refused in September due to an employment issue.

They consulted solicitors, who are in the process of filing a legal case, but last Friday the Felbers received a letter from the Home Office telling them they have to leave in 30 days, despite legal action continuing.

Mrs. Felber, 53, says she spent days in hospital due to stress but is now recovering at home. ‘When we applied for our two-year extension we were told we had to have two full-time employees for 12 months or one employee for two years, so we had one for two years and our extension was accepted,’ Mr. Felber said.

‘Now they are saying we are supposed to have another two people for 12 months but we can’t find that anywhere in our paperwork. It says so in the application now, but there is nothing in the papers we filled out, we fit all the criteria for that. It was such a huge shock to us both and my wife collapsed, she hasn’t been able to cope.’

Solicitors told the Felbers they believe the deportation breaches their human rights and Inverness MP Drew Hendry has been lobbying the UK Home Office in their defence.

Mr. Felber pointed out that the couple contribute to the local tourism economy, as well as paying national insurance and taxes, and say they feel like part of the community.

Mr. Felber in front of their popular business

Mr. Felber in front of their popular business

Before taking ill Mrs. Felber was an active member of Inverness Cathedral’s bell-ringing club and had been taking Gaelic lessons but is worried they will now need to give up the life they love. ‘If you had asked me last week I would have had hope, but now it’s hard to say,’ said Mr. Felber. ‘I’m still clinging on to a bit of hope but my wife has lost it, she has given up.’

Mr. Hendry has requested an urgent meeting with immigration minister Robert Goodwill. ‘I wrote to the immigration minister on the issue and was promised a reply but without a word, a letter arrived on their doorstep, among a pile of Christmas cards,’ he said. ‘I have requested an urgent meeting to discuss this, even if it is over the festive break, and have asked if he can halt the process. It is outrageous, giving that kind of deadline, especially over Christmas, it is impossible.

‘This is yet another case where a couple, working hard, being successful and adding to our community and local economy are being forced out of the Highlands by a ruthlessly dogmatic Home Office.’

The Felbers now face a worrying festive period while accommodating guests due to arrive after Christmas. ‘I’m trying to put a smiley face on for the guests who are already coming but we don’t know what to do about people who want to book for next year,’ Mr Felber said.

‘We are already half booked for June, July and August next year, it is looking to be the busiest summer yet, but we don’t know if we will be here.’

A Home Office spokeswoman said: ‘We do not routinely comment on individual cases. All applications are carefully considered on their individual merits, in line with the UK immigration rules and based on evidence provided by the applicant.’

Dog eyeroll


19 responses to “NY Couple who fell in love with Britain and moved there to run a guest house told they have just one month to leave after their permanent visa was turned down

  1. Join a Mosque. Brits won’t dare do anything to them then.

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  2. Crazy governments!

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  3. how many mooseslimes are they kicking out. WTF.

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    • None. Not even the real criminal ones. So if they join a Mosque, study the Quran, and she wears a hijab in public, the Gubbermint BureauRats don’t dare say anything to them.
      Somebody probably turned them in as Trump Supporters. That would do it.


  4. It is an interesting side note . . . Americans seem to think they can land in any foreign country, and it is their right to be accommodated. Obviously, the British government is just as screwed up as the American one. I wish them luck in getting out of this mire, they are certainly heavily financially invested.


    • Auntie Lulu: Could you please explain where you got the idea that these Americans feel that “it is their right to be accommodated”? Perhaps you failed to read the article or to comprehend where it stated that they had first visited yearly, then moved there on a “three-year entrepreneur visa in 2011, which was later extended for another two years”. This couple has invested nearly $500,000 in their guesthouse which is a popular tourist attraction apparently and thus brings in travelers who spend money locally and contribute to the economy in general and not merely to this couple’s well-being. They not only have contributed to the community where they live but have made every effort to meet the stated requirements of full time employees that they were told were necessary to qualify for application as permanent resident status. However it seems that the qualifications have now changed from what they were when this couple filed their application and although the changes are nowhere to be found in the couple’s paperwork, the government is arbitrarily holding them to the new standards rather than to the standards in place when they filed their application.


  5. It would be MERRY, indeed, if England, which is oh-so-veddy-propuh with its protocols, would STOP parasiting off the rest of the world—and America—with its attitude that it is still RELEVANT.
    And the NEXT time you find yourself in a WAR, England, would you be good chaps—instead of the DIRTY ROTTEN CONNIVERS THAT YOU ARE—and fight the bloody thing YOURSELVES!!!

    Mr. & Mrs. Felber, I feel for you, but if you were expecting gratitude, you should have gone to IRELAND. (But that’s all right, England’s not done ruining that country yet).


  6. betcha their guest house becomes an outhouse for refugees

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  7. New Yorkers, huh? Likely liberals then so now they get a look at the REALITY of the world


  8. I feel for the couple that seemed to have filled out the paperwork correctly. They moved over before the big influx of inbreds that UK has turned over their country to.
    Perhaps they can get someone to manage the place for them. I know some countries just want you to leave for 30 days, then re enter and stay for 30 days only. What a mess.
    Their first error was being productive people and hiring locals and paying taxes. It seems the UK wants leeches only.
    I know some owners and business have been forced to turn over their life businesses to be used for the refugees.
    I believe, until the rich Arab nations start taking them in, no other country should have to.
    The Saudis have over 100,000 24×24 AC tents that could house 3-4 million they are standing empty except for five days a years when they are used for one of their holidays.
    I also believe we should send them all home ASAP when the sun settle down.

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  9. The ‘Brits’ are just making room for, yet, more Muzzies.

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  10. this is what gov’t is doing nowadays, they deport and ask questions later


  11. Without looking at the article, I’ll bet you 50 quid their not Muslim.

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  13. The Felders and their attorney need to find out how much of a bribe the so-called government is looking for in order to let them stay. I wonder who or what put these hard working business owners on the crooked radar? It’s always about money, nothing else.

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  14. They should just change their names to Achmed and Fatima, and their problems will be over.


  15. It’s sad to see how unfairly dose decent Americans are treated. I can’t believe how the British authorities can turn down the application for permanent residency in the UK from Americans, the nation with which the UK has such a special relationship.

    The readers of the newspaper this article is referenced to ‘The Daily Mail’, must be extremely disappointed from the fact that instead of these lovely Americans, there are thousands of Poles who come to live here.

    The good news is that some of those Poles run their own removal companies. Removals Inverness is one of them http://removalsinverness.com and apparently their removals from Scotland to the USA are not too expensive.


    • Hmmm,..

      I Got it !

      All they need to do, in order to be allowed to stay, in Britain, would be to convert to Islam, & then, if , maybe they set a car or two on fire, or attacked a cop with a knife they would be assured of, permanent, legal, residency & they could draw welfare benefits, to boot.


      Ya think,.?

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      • I guess, if they do this what you suggest, they would be taken care of by the HMP service. This would give them definite ‘leave to remain’ for the duration of their sentence!


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