Alec Baldwin Offers to Perform ‘Highway to Hell’ at Trump Inauguration

Because it’s always got to be about Alec.


From Yahoo: Alec Baldwin plays a exaggeratedly stiff-jawed version of President-elect Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” a portrayal that’s ruffled the future leader of the free world’s feathers.

But while Baldwin’s been extremely critical of Trump outside of character as well, he’s apparently willing to be one of the very few professional entertainers willing to perform at his inauguration, according to a Friday tweet. However, that offer comes with one condition: Baldwin wants to bang his head to AC/DC’s hard-rock anthem “Highway to Hell.”

Baldwin’s Friday gesture came after a series of Thursday night tweets where he slammed the president-elect as “the most reviled candidate in our history.”

Read the rest of the story here.

Speaking of reviled…



23 responses to “Alec Baldwin Offers to Perform ‘Highway to Hell’ at Trump Inauguration

  1. The fact that there’s a song about a ‘Highway to Hell’ and a song about the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ gives one an idea about the anticipated traffic patterns.

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  2. I guess he has forgotten about how all the dopers, parasites, and hippie hedonists hated Reagan, as well as the Hard Left Socialists and the Commies. But Jimmie Peanut wasn’t very popular either.
    Now there are a lot more Criminal Invaders, parasites, perverts as well as the Marxist/Alinskyites, Globalists, Elitists, and the same old Fabian Socialist and hard-core Commies to hate any real Pro-American President.
    I really don’t understand why the LBGTQxyzs hate him, he is very open on that, just doesn’t care. But they have become a Politically Militant “Minority”, no longer satisfied with “Equality before the Law”, but constantly demanding Special Treatment that they claim as “Rights”.

    Next thing you know, they will want “Reparations” for all the fags that got their asses kicked for trying to grope straight guys. Back when straight guys could and would kick some butt for being groped.

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  3. Big question comes to mind . . . in the second video where Baldwin insists on “pressing charges against the FOX news reporter for ALMOST KNOCKING his wife’s teeth out . . . . . why wasn’t he arrested for knocking the cell phone out of the guys hand, as mentioned in the clip? Since when does “almost” doing something trump “actually” doing something? This guy is a smuck from the word “GO.” Believe me I did not watch him on SLN, just seeing his sorry A$$ on the news is more than enough for me.

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  4. The man is obviously emotionally incontinent and cannot control himself. He emotes like a surly teenager who’s yelling at the Dean in the high school office. (Apropos, given that his father was a teacher).
    Well, Smart Alec, I don’t give a damn how upset you are. You are a boor who wouldn’t know an intellectual idea if it hit you over the head with a BAT! Or a LEAD PIPE!!

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  5. White people still watch talmudvision?


  6. when I saw “Alec Baldwin Offers to Perform” as a starter sentence, my guess was that it would finish with “a BJ on o’bama as a going away president”


  7. Please stop beating your wife children Alec! You are a embecile –look it up


  8. Not a guy I have ever liked. His ex wife was chastised for warning the world about him.
    He seems to hate Trump, but loves the $1450,I believe, he makes to go on the TV to mock him. Hypocrite.
    He has no idea what kind of a President he will make, and not a word of criticism was said about Trump until he decided to run against a democrat.
    They have destroyed they party that used to at least accept honest debates and half way honest elections.
    Not so very long ago, Hollywood was drooling over Trump wanting to be on his show. Our list is growing to people we no longer support.
    Thank goodness for TCM on TV.

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  9. I think Trump should invite Ted Nugent and Kid Rock.

    It would be a much better show. 😀

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  10. Highway to Hell? Only a deeply malevolent person would say something that vile. What has Trump EVER done to Alec Baldwin and other hate-spewing Hollyweirdos to warrant such malice?

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  11. Alec Baldwin can sing in his shower and “Highway to Hell” is appropriate for him since that’s where he’ll be going eventually.

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  12. I say to disgusting Alec Baldwin “hit the road to hell yourself and stay there, you are not funny and you are obnoxious, not a dam thing comes out of your mouth but barf”. Shame on you dirty old man.

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  13. Alec Baldwin sucks bilge water!

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  15. Baldwin is a joke nature is playing on us. We’re still waiting for the punchline.

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  16. Let Alec sing it to himself, or show some wisdom and get off that highway.

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  17. Just one more Hollyweird hypocrite…. arrogant, emotional vicious,, projecting it all outwords.

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  18. Re AB meltdown, good material for SNL bit … if only we could find one for the role of the flesh turning into liquid.

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