This ‘Nasty’ t-shirt has raised over $100,000 for Planned Parenthood

I guess that means less tax payer dollars we have to fork over to the baby killers.


From HuffPo:  Nasty women look damn good when we start the revolution. 

After Donald Trump muttered “nasty woman” at Hillary Clinton during the third presidential debate, the phrase quickly became a rallying cry for feminists and Clinton supporters across the country. A website titled was created that redirected to Hillary Clinton’s official website; Etsy stores created “nasty woman” merchandise; people proudly tweeted why they, too, are nasty women.

Within hours of that final debate, clothing store Google Ghost created a simple white t-shirt emblazoned with the words “NASTY WOMAN” in a pink heart, with 50 percent of the profits going directly to Planned Parenthood.

Two months later, Google Ghost has raised over $100,000 for Planned Parenthood. “I didn’t think I’d sell very many, maybe four or five,” Amanda, the shirt’s creator, told The Cut. “But then five turned into 500, and that turned into thousands, almost overnight. What better way to say ‘fuck Trump,’ right?!?!”

Google Ghost celebrated the charitable milestone with a post on their Instagram page, writing: “We’re still taking orders and the donations will continue! THANK YOU to everyone who’s been a part of this crazy whirlwind.”

Banner Hi Res-02

Google Ghost offers the “nasty woman” design on all types of swag, including a mug, a tote bag, a sweatshirt and a planner. The shirt also has some celebrity fans including Will Ferrell, Katy Perry and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Nasty Woman fan Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Nasty Woman fan Julia Louis-Dreyfus


20 responses to “This ‘Nasty’ t-shirt has raised over $100,000 for Planned Parenthood

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  2. Ugly Julia Louis-Dreyfus and declared satanist Katy Perry must be so proud of promoting the raising of $100K toward murdering babies. The day will come when they will have to answer before the Creator.

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  3. Hey….Dr. Josef Mengele was also proud of his…why not them?

    Scripture wasn’t down-playing it when it said “a great war” was coming.

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  4. “Truth in advertising” anyway, so it’s not all bad. This is just a last, and mostly futile attempt to rally support for a losing cause.
    And at least they aren’t lying, this time, like most of the Lib/Progs.

    Practically everyone, even Pro-Lifers, admit that it is IMMORAL to tax moral people that believe abortion is murder to give money to PP! They are the worst, pushing for barbaric partial-birth abortions, abortions for school girls with out parental permission, and teaching sexual perversions to children as “sex education”. All are CRIMES in any civilized Society! And the Lib/Prog Gubbermint is ‘robbing’ us, literally at gun-point, to pay them.

    It is totally UnConstitutional, a gross and criminal Usurpation of Power, and needs to addressed as such!!

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  5. Why are there abortions today with all those contraceptives out there? They even can get girls in high school to get a pill, and condoms are passed out like candy. Why, oh why, need abortion clinics? For the labs. Some of those fetus cells from the male liver are used for flavor enhancement in foods and beverages, look it up.

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    • Using the body parts of human beings, at any stage of their existence, is an abomination . . . to think that we would need this to enhance the flavor of foods and beverages, seems rather cannibalistic to me. It turns my stomach.

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    • Unfortunately, you are right. Pepsi is one of the companies that use BABY PARTS to enhance flavor. It is hard to believe that human beings could stoop so low. Is this why these creatures are so NASTY? Hey bitches…wanna know where all the good men are? They are with the GOOD WOMEN.

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  6. Julia Louis-Dreyfus portrayed a severely disturbed person so realistically on Seinfeld.
    She wasn’t acting, she is in real life.

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  7. I wish I could be there when they come before GOD to explain how their pleasure was more important than the life of a child, I don’t think he’ll be smiling. These people are the Satanic Scum of the earth. Semper Fi.

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  8. The Looney Left has lost level-headedness and is leaning toward madness a long time ago. Well, they’re not getting any of my money.

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  9. I do not understand why Planned Parenthood can raise money with t-shirts while Eric Trump cannot raise money for St. Jude’s.
    I do not know why Obummer and the Clinton Syndicate can ‘fund raise’ for their personal enrichment and and that of the communists but Eric Trump cannot.
    I guess there is a law somewhere, but really, most of these politicians retire millionaires after coming in with little money and then being civil servants.
    Everyone knows all this to be the case.
    Trump’s motto will be
    “The impossible we do immediately, the ridiculous takes a little longer”

    Apologies to wherever that was plagiarized from.

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  10. You have to hit them in the pockets. Research who is making cooperate donations and the boycott these products. You must notify these agencies and let them know he’ll will freeze over before you purchase their products.

    Here are the 38 companies that have directly funded Planned Parenthood.

    American Cancer Society
    American Express
    Bank of America
    Bath & Body Works
    Ben & Jerry’s
    Deutsche Bank
    Fannie Mae
    Johnson & Johnson
    La Senza
    Levi Strauss
    Liberty Mutual
    March of Dimes
    Morgan Stanley
    Susan G. Komen
    United Way
    Wells Fargo

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    • Thank you for this list, RJJohnson.
      Why is American Cancer Society on this list? It’s not a business, but a charity that solicits donations, spending as much as 34.2% of its total expenses on fund-raising (according to Charity Navigator). And yet ACS has the excess funds to give to Planned Parenthood? Yet another reason not to donate your money to American Cancer Society.


      • Holy Cats! The March of Dimes is a donor to PP!
        Great list of people I don’t much trust or like anyway, but another good reason to pass them by.


        • I’ve never donated to any “charity” because of not knowing where the money went. Instead, I prefer to pay a bill (anonymously) or buy groceries for folks that need it.

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        • Thanks for spotting that!

          22.4% of March of Dimes’ total expenditures go to fundraising; 11% for administration.
          Another reason not to donate to March of Dimes.

          In fiscal year 2015, March of Dimes had total revenue of a whopping $186.724 million. They sure don’t need my or your donation, not that I would donate to them anyway. Rule of thumb in charity donations: Give to small local charities —
          – Small, because the big ones like March of Dimes, are flush with money.
          – Local, because you can find out for yourself how it operates.

          It goes without saying that whatever the charity, it has to be HONEST by actually spending most if not all of its revenue on its supposed charitable cause.

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  11. St. Judes, Shriners Hospitals for Children – unusually high percentage of donations go toward the kids. Not fundraising. Mostly volunteer administration. There’s lots of good charities out there. You just have to be careful.


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